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  1. Crackin good show, so nice to hear a really fresh take on things! Really took off for me with the line "They cross at crosswalks but drink blood!" Perfect DoK description!!!
  2. Couple of thoughts here. If the secondary missions have no chance of affecting the outcome, what is the point of having them? I personally feel that this is done to penalize the all spam-all the time list bringers who just bring skyfires and let the dice roll on. Having impactful secondaries in the mix means everyone will have to think a little harder about how they play the games. The top players will still be top players, but net-listers will have a slightly harder time of it. Armies that are not 'top tier' will have a path to victory that does not automatically exclude them, as most of the vanilla GHB17 scenarios do. This pack just takes a little more effort and thought, and is that not the point of a tournament? The actual mechanics of the secret objectives can be dealt with easily enough. it's really not that big of a deal. And, since I feel the need to snark, do you have an example of your major event player pack we could peruse? Reasonably easy to nit-pick early versions of a document that took a lot of time and effort to develop. I'd be interested to see your meaningful addition to the community. There is still 6 weeks to fix spelling errors...
  3. Really glad to see this before it got oppressive. Well thought out points are one thing, but moaning and whining to see your opinions in print is too much. Well said, Ben, Thank you!
  4. I think part of the problem with "soft scoring" and its effect on tourney scoring comes from people's view of 'subjectivity'. If we could all just accept the fact that any system that involves painting or sportsmanship is going to be subjective, we could all move on. There is no way to objectively judge painting in any form. What is stunning to me, might be junk to you. There can be rubrics, of course, to cover minimum standards, basing etc. I think anyone in the hobby long enough can achieve the 'bare minimums', so any rubric should cover that as a minimum. I do not think there is any way to judge beyond that, other than the 'judges' personal opinions. I for one, do not like OSL, I think very few people achieve it well and it tends to look gaudy. Another TO might think it's the thing that separates a model from the pack... We would score that model very differently, no getting around that ever. As for sportsmanship, any system is inherently flawed since you have a human judging another human, with all our petty biases. The best a sportsmanship scoring system can do is weed out a truly obnoxious person, and perhaps reward someone who is very good at making friends. I got 4 best game votes at LVO, pretty proud of that, but was it because I was handing out podcast dice to everyone? I like to think I made fun games for everyone (except for Elric, on the stream, where I slow played like a grade-schooler. I was nervous as hell knowing you were all judging me... ) I cannot think of a system that would eliminate bias. The esteemed Mr. Pike ( @Terry Pike ) hit it on the head, too many people are non-confrontational and will not judge someone low, even if they deserve it. Some people are very outward, engaging and social and will get a high score, even if they play 'not so nice'. With all that being said, I am still very much in favor of a soft scoring system and agree that it should not be differentiated in any way from the rest of the scoring. What I feel the soft scores should do; -- Never penalize anyone in terms of points for the tourney, you should only gain from it. (but if you are so bad that everyone hates playing you, the TO should be handling that!) -- Reward the total hobby commitment. Painting, converting, being a good person to play against should all count towards an award (of some kind). -- Reward the person who excels in one area over the others (Terrible player, but a great painter, or super-fun-person, lousy painter.) -- Scoring for these 'intangibles' should never amount to more than a single game victory. We go to tournaments for many different reasons, but I think deep down, most folks want to test their mettle against others in a fight to win. I know, I don't go to a tourney to win it, I know I don't have the time to paint and play enough games to reach that lofty status. I go to have a great time and rank myself against others in my 'class'. Hopefully not the bottom, but not the top. I would hate to see a system that rewarded the intangibles over the playing of the game to the best of ability. Yes, that means 'filthy' lists and hard-core game play will never be penalized by me. I will mark someone down who is a jack-wagon during the game, though. (I haven't had that game yet, though, AoS players are an awesome lot!) So, to summarize this overlong rant, I think we need to leave the idea that "subjectivity in a scoring system is bad" behind. There will always be subjectivity as long as two humans are involved. What we need is systems, meditated on by TOs, that achieve the goal they want for their tournament. We, the players will decide, over time, what is most suitable and a standard will emerge. I like the GW approach of needing a best opponent vote. It's simple and can be done without exposing yourself, if you're shy' to an awkward situation. It may not be the best, though...
  5. Ok, I'll jump in with both feet. I have to get the Realm of Battle board done before the Narrative event in April, so for March I will finish all 6 pieces of the RoB board. In the Duncan way :). Thanks!
  6. From the Badger troubleshooting document... 3) Spray will not shut off and/or occurs without sliding the trigger back. This concern can have several causes; the most common are improper seating of the needle in the paint tip, a “flared” pain tip, or partial tip dry. -If the needle is not seated properly in the paint tip, it is necessary to re-seat it. To do so access and loosen the needle chuck, slide the needle forward until it stops and seats in the paint tip, and re- tighten the needle chuck. DO NOT USE FORCE when seating the needle in the paint tip, when it stops it should be seated properly. -If the spray will not shut off due to a flared tip, it is necessary to replace the paint tip. -If the spray will not shut off because of partial tip dry/clogging remove the dried paint from the needle/nozzle tip by either picking it off with your finger tips/nails or spraying cleaner through the airbrush. Attaching the whole document for you as well, in case you need it top10airbrushtroubleshootingtips.pdf
  7. As someone who played in the narrative and Championship event, I have to say it was the best experience I have had at a GT in a LONG time. All 8 of my games were great, great opponents and fun games against beautifully painted armies, even when I had my teeth kicked in (4 out of 6, only won 2 in the champs...lol). My list was not optimized for tournament play, so I knew I would be getting free dental work. The point is, I had great fun. Even my wife, who played her first 5 games of AoS at the event, had fun. The event sorted itself pretty quickly with the competitive folks getting matched up after round 2 and the rest of us settled into the middle and rear pretty well. I didn't really see any army that was 'filth', even though I don't believe in that terminology. Some folks go to events to win, tune a list and beat face with it. That is their fun. After a round or two they're paired up with people who did the same. Sure, they might draw a cupcake game early on (like me against Ben Mohlie who finished 3rd in the ITC ranking), but they get to their caliber of opponent pretty quickly. I'm pretty sure, at any event, US or UK or anywhere, there are folks that play for any number of reasons. The pack and the favorite opponent vote requirements had a lot to do with list building. The best part of AoS, to me, is that all these different types of players can go to one event and end up having a good time. That feeling was lost for me years ago in WH40K and I'm damn glad to see it back in AoS. We surely don't need any of that 40k WAAC mentality filtering into here. Play to have fun, your own way, with the lists that you enjoy and the events will (hopefully) sort themselves out well. v/r Bill
  8. Well, Christmas has come and gone. I did not get nearly as much done as I had hoped. I reorganized the paint station though, and that’s good, since it was a horrid mess. I did get some models built, We have a VLoZD (Vamp lord on Zombie Dragon), 20 Skeletons, a Vamp Lord on Nightmare, 5 Hexwraiths, 2 Vamp Lords and 2 Necromancers. Not a bad start, but then the Christmas haul came in... <sigh> More work... Hopefully, the New Years Weekend gives a lot more time to work.
  9. Thanks, I will surely try. and try to have pictures as well!!
  10. Hello folks. A quick introduction is in order. I'm Bill Castello, 1/3 of the hosts of the Rolling Bad Podcast, and I have started this blog in the back, dark corner of TGA to allow you to have a good laugh at my expense. I have been into AoS since it first came out (day 1 adopter) but I never played a single game of WHFB in my life. I have played GW games since Rogue Trader came to my FLGS when I lived in Germany. It has been a hell of a ride, and I have loved every minute of it. I did take the obligatory 10-15 year break from the hobby as I explored model railroading and scale modeling. As to modern times, after AoS came out I joined up with 2 friends from the Albuquerque, New Mexico area, Elric Edge and James Tapia, and started a podcast called "the Rolling Bad Podcast". (you can find it here on TGA in the podcast area). We decided that we all had to go to a big tournament, and we chose the Las Vegas open in February of 2017. At the time of the decision, I had plenty of time to make my army and get it painted. I was going all Seraphon, all the time. Why Seraphon? Well, I blame Luke at the Phoenix Arizona games workshop store. I was there on a business trip and he forced me to buy a Seraphon Getting started box and the big Thunderhost box set as well. (and by forced, I mean he showed them to me and I impulse bought them.) I liked the fluff and the background and they seemed very fun, compared to the no-magic-having Stormcast I was playing. So, in for a dime, in for a dollar. I bought it all. I got a lot of it built and some of it painted as well. Then it hit me like a ton of dread saurian. Not only did they not perform well in matched play, but I was not enjoying the painting either. It was becoming a chore, and it was certainly not fun. I hemmed and hawed, and hemmed... then hawed. I cogitated. I slept on it. (literally, I had the Seraphon battle-tome under my pillow one evening.) Then it hit me. I did not like the Seraphon army. I'm not knocking them, but they weren't firing me up to play or paint. They were not my cup of tea, as it were. What to do? I have always played some version of undead or death in every game system I play (Cryx in warmachine etc.) I like the look and feel of Death, and they got a little love with flesh eaters, right? But, It was too late to change armies, wasn’t it? Nope. I dashed off to the FLGS and bought the Skeleton horde Getting started box. I already had a Zombie Regiment box and some Skellie boxes scattered about the nerd ranch. (FYI - I call my house and all things in it, the nerd ranch). The rest of the army is coming by way of the FLGS and Santa Claus's benevolence. So, that's how this little blog starts. An idiot, inexperienced player with buyers remorse decided to change armies with 44 days before a Games Workshop sponsored major event and has dreams of doing well (like going 1-4 would be awesome!) Feel free to lambaste me and call me names, I am retired military and have a thick hide, you'll not hurt my feelings. Call me anything, just not late for dinner! And if you feel like being encouraging and supportive... well that's great too First night's progress? One box of 10 Skellies is assembled... From those Skeletons will issue forth the forces of death and destruction, laying wasted to all that stands between me and my destiny!!! I can't say I will blog every night, but I will try to keep it updated, so you can all laugh and enjoy the ride with me. Thanks for coming!!! Bill
  11. Thanks guys, I kind of thought along these same lines. The Troggy forces the other guy to either deal with extended magic ranges, or commit to killing it. Either way, he forces the other guy to make choices he may not want to make! v/r Bill
  12. Hey guys, I need a little help here. I'm building my Seraphon list and painting it up, and I have included a Troglodon. Now everyone (including The Heelanhammer guys) tells me they are just rubbish. Here is why I like it, and want it in my list; 1 - I'm running a Slann and the extra 15 inches of range seems very handy 2 - It adds one more unbind roll, and that one will be in range of a lot of things, since the trog is a combat unit. I know it lacks the combat power of the Oldblood on Carni, but his command trait is a flaming dumpster fire anyhow, so I would still need a different general. So, am I missing something big here? (Not claiming to be all that bright or skillful, but I think I thought it out...) Thanks for the help!! v/r Bill Castello
  13. Just a pic of the hardware being given out for the Rolling Bad Rumble Winners! v/r PhantomPhixer (Bill)
  14. Wow, that is really nice. I love the face, it's spot on. Really great work!!
  15. I have my tickets, me and the wife! We'll see ya there!
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