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A Pleasure to Meet you

Nat Westwood

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Hope this finds you happy and healthy.

My name is Nathaniel Westwood, people call me Nat for short. On Twitter and Warhammer Forum I'm NateSatan. Been on the periphery of the community for a few years, never been to a warhammer tournament. Supporter of Podcasts. Black Sun mentioned this so checked it out. Better than TWF already.

my gaming community is my brother and his four friends (I don't have any friends). And we don't live in the same city so getting over to play him when we both have a day off is troublesome. I'm in the purgatory of Stoke on Trent my brother and his mates live in the Black Country. I paint more than I play, and I read more than I paint. So I'm quite immersed in the background.

i decided to recreate my first Warhammer collection with the Age of Sigmar to recapture that little boy excitement of 26 years ago. Back then I got a Skelton Legion boxed set and an Arkhan the Black on winged Manticore Chariot and an old Nagash and a unit of Mummy's. Today I have 10 Grave Guard, 10 Skeletons, 2 X 5 Black Knights, Arkhan Mortach, 1 Vampire Queen, 1 Necromancer, 1 Wight with sword, 1 Wight with Banner.

away from the hobby I mostly listen to radio 4 comedies, watch wrestling, love Cricket, Football, F1. If it's a comedy on TV I've probably watched it. GoT, Walking Dead are the big series I'm watching

I read the Site Rules Mr Ben Curry put up, but I think I already the fail the First One

"the number 1 Rule is be cool"

I can't think of a living soul who considers me cool, or even acceptable, maybe that's why I play Death Alliance.

I hope we have a flourishing and great community here, can't wait to help with your hobby if I can and you to reinforce mine.

Thank you.

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Welcome to the TGA community! Be sure to share your photos in the gallery, and you automatically qualify as being cool because you're in to AoS :D

Try and make it down for the TGA Alliance tournament, a load of us will be attending Warhammer World on the Saturday and staying the night before heading to the tournament on Sunday.

To find players and clubs in your area, check out the following post, here

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