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  1. Stormcast Ballista: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Stormcast-eternals-celestar-Ballista/254361505252 Stormcast Castigators (crossbow rocket propelled grenades): https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/stormcast-eternals-castigators/254361512136 Necrosphinx: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tomb-kings-Necrosphinx-Warhammer-Fantasy-Age-of-Sigmar/254361659105 Photos on the ebay post. take a look if you want, thank you for your time.
  2. I have some i can sell, if youre still looking?
  3. All models now assembled it was time to put splash a little colour all over them. I had some idea of what I wanted but I asked around, as I am very unsure when it comes to colour choice and colour scheme, and this can cause pauses in painting that last years or the thread never gets picked up again, because i can't decide what colour the sash should be or how to highlight from the base colour I've sploshed on. If I can cut out this indecision and consternation before I even pick up a brush perhaps it will help me finish a project, which is a mission statement of this blog. To get me over the finishing line. So I had some options I put out there for opinions, and finally went for a Dark, British Racing Green with White accent and Gold spot color. I would do all weapon hafts purple, extra robes, belts etc black. Weapons Leadbelcher to Stormhost silver. The Soul Grenades I haven't decided whether to do Blue glass or Fiery red to show they are explosives, so I will do a mixture of the two and see which I prefer. The model I had converted most heavily was were I would test my scheme because I had invested the most ambition into this model my motivation was at its highest. The model is a Sequitor (Sequitor Prime?) that I swapped a Blood Angel head onto, chopped the hand off, replacing it with the Darkoath Chieftan's Silver Tower, trophy Tzaangor hand, doing a rough green stuff fur/hair to hand but I'm not very good with green stuff, hopefully you can't see the join. I'm not sure the black with blue sash, works, I went for an Ash Blond hair on this model, but think I'll do Black, grey on others. Made a wash from Fenris grey for the white robes but think I went too blue so tried to rescue it later. This after trying to plan my paints before starting model to prevent exactly this happening, but I guess I minimized these sorts of hurdles for myself by planning in advance. Not great photography, sorry. I attemped to go Blue Lightning tribal tattoos on his check bones, but I think he looked better without them. I do not know how to paint the Soul Grenade vails, I used the technique for space marine lenses but i think I'll have try something else and perhaps Blue on the next model. And I'm ****** at horns.
  4. If the people of the Old World thought like me they'd never get out of bed in the morning. Let alone flagellate their backs and eviscerate an innocent neighbour's cow for being a vile chaos worshipping beastman. My comments are bad for productivity. I will take the Slayer Oath and depart to the Chaos Wastes to seek my Doom for having said such things.
  5. I think the First Cause and Prime Mover was the Warp Gate Failure and then Taking up the Sword of Aenarion. From that point on all the heroics of all the races was just delaying the End. There was no way to win. It was just buying time. Teclis could have pulled a rabbit out the hat, Sigmar defeated all comers, Mannfred been loyal, Arkhan chosen a different path, Grimgor could decapitated everyone, Chaos would still eventually win. The cycle of decline was long set in. Even if this particular plan had failed so much damage had been done to the civilization world's they would not have been able to rebuild to defend against the next, and the next, and tge next incursions. It was Lost the Day the Old Ones lost. It had always been lost.
  6. "Witness now Sigmar's Power and reflect on your deeds". It was what he told the survivors and the foes, the rescued and the persecutors, all the same. It was what had been said to him at his forging and he dwelt uneasily on the words now, centuries later. What had been his deeds, and were they worthy, he couldn't remember or reconcile all of them, and it was getting worse. He meditated on the tattoo on his face, that the tribe he had once drawn together had inked permanently onto to his features to symbolise the stubborn resistance fighters against the Blue Devils called Tzaangor that terrorized their brutally short lives. He knew they meant a resiliance, a brotherhood of fighters, a defiance, a purpose, but they did not represent victory. He could feel the guilt and disenfranchisement the tattoo seemed to represent too now. He kept struggling to fix what his purpose was again? He had witnessed the power of Sigmar but had not witnessed the end of the battle and now he was the power in a new war. A long war he couldn't quite remember all the pieces of. Hios deeds in this war, what were they? His great power what was its purpose? A tug on his robes broke him from his trance, a tribesman of sort, in bright colours with sleeves that ballooned ridiculously was desperately trying to impart something. "Incursion! They are amongst us! Deamons! Deamons! From their mouths! They ate her, we only asked for food" The human cried in alarm "Thank you good citizen! Which way?" The stormcast replied, eyes tightening in determination. A spray of colour and limbs smashed through a wooden window shutter and onto the street, it corrected its form into a squat , toothy, mass of tendrils and immediately got split in two by a great cleaving blow from the Stormcast. "Sentinels! On Me!" the Stormcast roared as he set about his violence with practiced precision. I have decided on a background and name for my Stormcast Eternals army. The Thunderhead Sentinels. Sentinel is the local news paper and i like the implied violent anticipation of a Thunderhead. I envisage them as a tribe in the first founding of the Realms that carved out an existance in a land dominated by Chaos and in particular the worshippers of Tzeentch. In will-power and resiliance of this tribe to bloody mindedly make a life in this hell drew the attention of Sigmar who over a thousand years of generations of this tribe would pluck the great warriors from it to ascend to Azyr. The tribe is long lost. Maybe it was wiped out, maybe it fell to chaos worship and dissolved, maybe it evolved into civilization and new prospects. It is no more however. The tattoo's serve to help with the flaw in Re-casting after each death as it gives an anchor to their soul and their personality but to a deep past and not the present events. This gives a reason for more faces on my models, they retain a bit of humanity but they fear becoming the faceless mask and are trapped with a sense of failure of a former life.
  7. Aqyshy flowed strong in the mortal realms as an inferno globe hung over the my chamber when the package arrived. A metoeric payload landed in the City of Six Towns and I approached with growing excitement to claim the heavenly contents for myself. With two outstretched hands I went to grip the Soul Wars. Mock Heroic aside, I took delivery from Element Games quite happily. Its a great box set. The slip sleeve art work is sensational, very evocative, and of course production value is high. Once that had been slid to one side i unlatched the box, and exposed the sprues inside. The quality of the sculpt and the ease of the snapfit was brilliant. The best I have ever dealt with , plus a good colour instruction booklet for how to fit the Griff-Chargers tricky head. I did wanto personalize the Stormcast units though, its a desire i have with every army I have ever collected, i want to make my models mine in even the smallest unique way. That is one of the joys of the hobby for me. The creativity and personalisation of kit bashing or converting. I wanted a few more faces than is usual in a Stormcast Chamber, inspired by the Core Rule book art. A figure who oozes charisma and depth and character. So I wanted a few faces to put tribal tattoos on and be more expressive. I had some Space Wolf pieces lying about so repurposed some of these. The new heads had Futuristic space marine details on the though so i shaved down any technology to the bare skin level. This meant one head had no ear. I am not very practised at green stuff so rather than sculpt a new ear i clipped off a bobble on the blank sprue, shaved it down with a knife, and glued it wear i thought an ear should be. In the centre of his forehead between the eyes. No. So I gave the Lord-Aquillor, three Evocators and a Prime Sequitor the bare heads. These were from, the Old Empire Knights sprue, the Eldar Guardians sprue, the first Space Wolf upgrade sprue, and the current Space wolf sprue. But they fit me aesthetic well I think. I had completed building the whole Stormcast army in just over one hour with only seven dabs of glue the entire time, due to my kit chopping. I also gave the Prime Sequitor the decapitated Tzaangor head left unused from the excellent Darkoath Chieftan model (one of my favourite sculpts in the current era....or ever!) The main area of concern for me was the gaps on the shoulder pads, otherwise mouldlines and gapping were minimal and expertly hidden, i tried to fill these with liquid greenstuff but looking at them it doesn't seem to have been effective, must learn harder the skills of green stuff. I don't have a great camera on my phone or a competant light source so i apologise for that, also I apologise profusely for my chubby sausage fingers.
  8. I have a number of plastic free guild Greatsword still on the sprue and some old metal command miniatures, would ask for money.
  9. I definitely have a load of great swords sprues, never used, i probably have a general knocking about too. would prefer cash
  10. I'll keep looking, but they have saddles built in
  11. I think I have 5 or so. With saddles. I will send pics in a couple of hours see what you think.
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