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Hello from Pinner, NW London


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Hi!  I figured I ought to put up a "hello" post before diving into the forum.

I've been in the hobby for a while and am more of a collector and (enthusiastic but not very talented) painter than a gamer.  I started in the hobby way back in 3rd edition and took a (seemingly obligatory) break over university and early work before returning to the hobby just before 8th edition - although I never played a game of 8th.  I am loving Age of Sigmar and the flexibility and different scales of armies that it permits.  I've even played a few games at my local (to my office) store, Warhammer on Tottenham Court Road of a Thursday.

My first AoS army that I painted up was made up of Tilean dogs of war models that I had unpainted in my collection since way back.  My current project is a Tzeentch daemons and warriors army and I am starting to mix in some work on a daemons\blight kings\wargor Nurgle-themed army.  A bit of a hobby butterfly!

If anyone is in London and fancies a game on a Thursday evening at Warhammer then give me a shout - you are welcome to slaughter either of my small forces.

See you on the forums!

Paul (@finraer on Twitter)

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