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Nervously looking back at GW...


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Hi guys.

thought I’d pop a message on here to get a bit of advice.

have been out of the hobby since the days of 8th ed. Combo of moving away from my regular group plus really loosing the fantasy mojo (can pinpoint the moment. Day 1 at a Warrington event, horrid migraine and putting a high elf list with 2 dragons down only tfor face cannon after cannon after cannon. Why did a cannon ball hit both rider and mount?!)


anyway, have kept getting GW emails and finally cracked and started looking at stuff again.

its a bit tricky to find out exactly what happened to the old world but think I’ve got the hang of it now.


wondered what advice people would have for someone possibly looking to get back into the hobby.

an idiots guide to AoS would be fantastic if one exists!

have read a few posts and listened to the odd podcast, but feel like it’s all a different world to me!



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It really is a good game. It appears very simple at first, but when you get stuck in with one of your armies (the rules for which are free, in the form of 'warscrolls' on the Age of Sigmar app or on the GW website) in a game, it becomes quite apparent things are more tactically complex than at first glance.

I heartily recommend giving it a go, the game is a lot more fun now in my opinion, with an ever increasing player base. Although the lore of the Old World was much better, the game itself is very good. As mentioned above, the best purchase would be the General's Handbook 2017; this lists all the different ways to play and contains all the rules for all the different play styles.

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Thanks guys.

gonna have a look and see if I can pick up a few games.

have got some wood elf’s somewhere I think. Did have a bunch of high elves and ogres, but think they’re all gone now.

thinking might pick up some stormcasts as have a lot less time and less models would be better for me!

generals handbook seems to give just plain warscrolls. Did hear Ben on bad dice mention about a celebrant (I think) with a 1+ rerollable save. Are there upgrades/wargear somewhere?

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