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  1. To me it looks like some sort of engine. There is a V-shape that could be cylinders, and at the bottom there is something that looks like a hand crank with a gear connected to a toothed belt, which is connected to the bigger gear. The middle of the big gear is where the crankshaft should be. I guess it is 40k, although there is a small chance that it might be some cogfort part or something similar.
  2. I play Deathmarch in a Grand Host list. Not super competitive but OK. I like to use Cogs to make them even faster and charge in with Black Knights. As for artefacts... yeah none of them are too great. I often use the Lantern to debuff enemies a bit, and give the timeglass to my General because that way he can at least do something without going into combat. Sometimes it does a few wounds on a squishy hero. A list can look roughly like this: Allegiance: Grand Host of Nagash Leaders Wight King with Baleful Tomb Blade (120) - General - Trait: Lord of Nagashizzar - Ar
  3. Here is a picture of my fighting platform. It would use the Stegadon's "sunfire throwers" attack. But you could easily just give it some rocks to throw down or a kettle with boiling oil or so. This is the static EotG. It needs a wizard or priest hero to man it. And here are some fortifications: And here is a shot from one of the games we played. (First edition AoS, hence the Skink Chief on the platform). The Seraphon are defending their improvised defense post. (And I just noticed that I was still playing on the bare table, seems I didn't have m
  4. Hey y'all! I've mentioned once or twice that I have made up a few rules for sieges to use in AoS battles with my buddy, because we were disappointed by the siege rules in the GHB. A few users were interested in how we do that. So here they are. They are very basic though, and I am aware that they are horribly unbalanced because they basically undo some powerful abilities some armies have. I'd be interested in making them better and perhaps produce some siege system for everyone to use. Terrain pieces like walls, watchtowers or anything else that blocks movement is a fo
  5. Not at all. I'll make a thread about them soon. I am sure they are not very balanced but maybe they can serve as a basis for a discussion about siege rules.
  6. Yeah I remember being a bit disappointed by those rules, they basically were just an additional phase before the game started and that's it. My buddy and I then made our own system, also very basic but more fun for us.
  7. Over at Lustria Online we came to the same conclusion. Seraphon not ruled out yet!
  8. Just taking a moment here to appreciate that - if the StD Battletome is released this year, which I assume - GW released a full dozen Battletomes for Age of Sigmar within one year. (And the year isn't over. There could be one more or so) If I see that correctly that's twice the average since AoS release in 2015 (before 2019 the average was 6 per year, with a maximum of 8 in 2016). As far as I can see that number of "army book" releases for any Warhammer product was surpassed only once, by Codex releases for 40k in 2018 (13 releases). Side note: the total number of GW major book r
  9. The yellow space marine boss also solves a picture.
  10. My initial thought was Aelves, too. But might as well be some weird Necromunda gang or something.
  11. Hmmm not sure about the Ogors and New Death. Ogors might be just a battle box and no tome (yet), didn't we have something like that before? And the new Death, yeah it might be this year. I just didn't include them because we don't really know anything about them. The others are confirmed to be Battletomes. Either way: GW is really producing quite some books this year! 2019 is a new record for AoS releases. Edit: As for the Tomes released shortly before 2.0, like LoN, IDK, DOK and Nurgle : I think they are fine. Back then GW said that they designed them with 2.0
  12. IIRC GW released 8 or 9 Battletomes in 2016, that was the maximum so far. This year there are 9 if I am not mistaken (counting Orruks, CoS and Sylvaneth already), I admit I'd be kinda surprised if there were more than two additional ones. It would be a pleasant surprise though, especially if something scaly is involved.
  13. I would be happy to use all those rules more often, and thus encourage building more versatile lists that can cope with all of them. But unfortunately the game is not balanced to do that. And that's especially true for tournaments IMHO. In a story campaign that I run for/with my buddy I sometimes say stuff like "your scouts say there will be a lot of obstacles on the battlefield" and thus enable him to build his list for that. But that's where the second problem comes into play: "one trick pony" armies. If you play Kharadron Overlords then some realm rules (those good against sh
  14. I think 24 or so is a good number, mainly for product life cycle and production time reasons: If they renew their rules with new editions every 3-4 years or so, they will need to put Battletome releases of most factions into that timeframe. So if they release two BTs every three months, that is 8 books a year. Thus all factions would have a new book every three years. They will do other releases as well so they might not make it in three years for everyone. That's where rules updates in the GHB come into play (like for Seraphon, still playable with the Battletome from 2015.
  15. I am torn about the Seraphon changes. Some are cool. Our most overpriced stuff like Saurus Warriors, Knights, Guards, Troglodon, Stegadon, Kroak, Starseer, Chameleon Skinks and Kroxigor all got a bit cheaper. But for example for Guards or the Starseer I still think they are probably not worth it, they need warscroll changes. The Razordons got an expected increase, same for the EotG. Not severe IMO. The Skinks point increase hurts a bit more. Overall I am a bit disappointed because I think Saurus armies are still not worth it. But who knows, probably GW surprises
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