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  1. Same here for the Salamander. Sure, it isn't the greatest looking model, and it hasnt aged well, but it isn't as bad as some others IMO.
  2. Nooo, those are awesome!! I mean these guys: https://www.games-workshop.com/de-DE/Skelettkrieger Clunky, horrible proportions, just ugly. They are plastic, but they look like old resin models. And they are not that much cheaper, so IMO they are not worth it. Next to regular Skellies they are so obviously worse, it hurts.
  3. For me comcerning the Empire units it is mainly their faces. The clothes and equipment look OK if you like renaissance armies, but their heads and hands look... bloated? Kinda weird.
  4. IMO the easy to build skeletons are dire. But Zombies, Razorgors, Swordmasters, and Saurus Knights (especially their mounts) also qualify for Legion of Derp. Honorable mention: Almost all Empire units.
  5. Aginor

    AoS Xmas Battleforce Box theories

    Slannta Claus is coming to town.. ??
  6. Aginor

    Is the Death range as fragile as it looks?

    I do not collect them myself, but several people I know report that indeed the Nighthaunt models are a bit on the fragile side.
  7. Aginor

    SoCal Open Age of Sigmarresults.

    Nice lists! Happy to see armies like Ironjawz and FEC having some degree of success.
  8. Aginor

    AoS Xmas Battleforce Box theories

    I still hope that Slannta Claus brings us a new Seraphon Battletome for Skinkmas and a Seraphon box with it. Not likely to happen though.
  9. Huh, really? I magnetize a lot, most people don't even notice. Never had anyone complain. What I do dislike are badly magnetized models. Those that lose their weapons when you touch them or even just bump the table a bit. If you magnetize then do it right.
  10. Aginor

    Races of the Grand Alliances

    Yeah that's really weird.
  11. I think they should make a "soup battletome" for all the Ogors. Maybe with the BCR, maybe without them. But I don't think they should mix them with Grots or Orruks.
  12. Aginor

    Lore reveals in GW's "500 Facts..." post

    In fact that is exactly what I am doing! Yesterday I assembled a Cadre Fireblade (my first Tau test model) with a Saurus head.
  13. Aginor

    Lore reveals in GW's "500 Facts..." post

    Yeah, but they aren't a playable army. They don't even have models.
  14. Aginor

    Lore reveals in GW's "500 Facts..." post

    The Tau were supposed to be Lizardmen in space??? Man, they should have kept that.
  15. Sure, it isn't just about not belonging to the top. But the top guys show you how far from the top you might be. Generally when I see other people's paint jobs these are the possible reactions: 1. Ok, this is a new guy. I should tell him a few things so he can get better 2. Ah, not bad, but I can do better I think. 3. That guy is approximately around my level. Most of the model looks like something I have painted. I see some stuff that I can do better, some stuff I do worse, probably some stuff that I could do if I painted more slowly, or just different artisitc decisions. 4. Wow. That guy is definitely better than me. I see the techniques he used and what he did, but he is more precise than me or used a technique I haven't mastered yet. But I might get there eventually with practice and/or taking more time for a model to improve quality. 5. WTF?? How is that even possible? I don't only see that he is way better than me, I cannot even tell what techniques were used to achieve that result. Magic! If I had to count them then I would say that there are definitely more 4-5 guys than 1-3 guys around. Although the number of #5 guys is single digit. But the #4 guys are plenty. At least on the Internet. It is also important to keep the Dunning-Kruger effect in mind. Many people who think they are average at something are probably way below average, but unable to assess themselves correctly. I try to judge models by as many measurable, objective criteria as possible, but I am aware that I probably still think I am better than I actually am. I'd love to see the gaussian bell curve on painting quality over the wargaming population....