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  1. Probably because for many that's not Warhammer-specific enough. It is just about regular human behaviour and being a decent person. I am not going to start that low. Otherwise lists would look like this : - I hate when people smash my miniatures with a hammer because they think that's OK to do - I hate when people come to the GW store completely naked and throw ****** around. - I always hate it when people come into my wargaming store shouting something religious, throwing bombs, shooting guns, and cutting the head off the store manager. It really ruins the atmosphere, except for the Khorne players. Most of the stuff I would have said was said already, but this thread is pretty cool, because it makes me question my own behaviour. For example I realize I probably shouldn't shout "MOOOOORGHAST" in a loud monster voice every time I move my Morghasts. The other is the wound marker. For me it is obvious and natural that you should count the wounds UP and remove the model once the dice matches the wound characteristic. That comes from D&D where monsters and players can have temporary hit points. When they loseor gain them the stat changes, but not the dice showing their real wounds. When first seeing people count DOWN I was a bit puzzled. But as long as someone is consistent with it, I don't care. I don't like to play passive-aggressive guys. I went to a small tournament with a 1k Shadowstrike list (yes, cheesy, but it was a _tournament_. And I didn't even play Rippers, but Terradons) and one of my opponent had a Stardrake, played it badly (overextending, and only killing a few Skinks in turn one), and I basically tabled him in one turn by killing the Stardrake and some other stuff. That guy was cool about it, but _another_ player then spent a lot of time talking about how OP Seraphon are, and that AoS has ****** balance in "Age of Skinkmar" and he would never play such a cheese list. Then our next game was against each other. He had a Kharadron Clown Car list (pre-AoS2) that rolled right over me. I was fine with it. I failed to kill those guys fast enough and my list wasn't made for drawn-out battles. That's the risk you take with an alpha strike list. But he failed to see the irony in him playing the strongest possible list of his army while complaining about mine. He even went on complaining about me and my army after he beat me. Really strange person. EDIT: Another one is lying: When I want to place my hero out of range of his shooting and I ask: "What's the movement and shooting range of that guy" so I can just move two more inches away, then I expect an honest answer, and not a dead unit of mine and the comment "your fault, you should have checked." It is OK if they don't tell me that they can teleport if I haven't asked about that, but outright lying sucks.
  2. Aginor

    Awareness of the Old World?

    My list (based on Core Book, Battletomes, and some wild guessing): - Some Stormcast (that weren't reforged often) probably remember. - Sigmar certainly does. - Slann do remember. They were there in person. - Some Oldbloods and Sunbloods also were there. Some of the other Seraphon are summoned from old memories a Slann had. Those could be memories from the Old World or newer ones. - Most of the Humans/Aelves/whatever probably only know some stories of varying accuracy. Like some people today think there was a real person called Jesus of Nazareth or something, while most historic evidence indicates otherwise, but it is a nice story to educate/indoctrinate people so they keep it. There is a point where history becomes inaccurate (IIRC in Japanese history it isn't quite clear which of the Emperors really existed and where the made up ones start. Same thing), especially if there were major events and time in between. Most of it is probably religious texts by now, changed around by those who want to achieve political goals with it. - Some of their leaders know though (such as Morathi, Teclis, Tyrion and so on). - The Chaos Gods know, but I doubt they will tell their guys. But like with the humans above: That was looong time ago and the stories might or might not be accurate. - I think Sylvaneth don't know, but Alarielle and maybe Drycha were around so they probably do. - Some Daemons were around back then so they know. Archaon as well. - Nagash and the Mortarchs (probably excluding Olynder, she is pretty new) were also there.
  3. Seraphon. My first army and still my main. Deathrattle are #2 and I also have some Sylvaneth but haven't played them yet. Brayherd might be next, we will see.
  4. Aginor

    What do u use as graveyards?

    Greenstuffworld.com (a Spanish store) sells them.
  5. Aginor

    What do u use as graveyards?

    Mine look like this:
  6. I agree with most people here that the answer probably is: "All Destruction armies" All of them lack variety or power, or both. Outside of Destruction.... If I had to pick one of each Grand Alliance, I'd probably say Flesh Eater Courts, Kharadron Overlords (or other Dwarves, but KO are popular), and Brayherd+Warherd (those should be one faction IMO).
  7. Are people still in fear of Kroak? After that nerf? Well, anyways: I do like that suggestion GW makes. And I do think it will have an impact. I just can't say how big it will be yet.
  8. Interesting thing to note: A Slann can increase the range of a spell by 6" if he rolls 10+ on the casting roll. So I cast Arcane Bolt despite being 20" away from any targets. If it is a 10+ roll, and not unbound, then I choose an enemy unit and roll damage. But...what if it is less than 10? IMO it just does nothing, I just wasted a spell slot. But I think there is really no rule that clearly says what is supposed to happen. Anyway, the example clearly shows that you first cast the spell, then pick the target. Otherwise that ability would make no sense at all.
  9. Aginor

    Endless Spell Viability in a Competitive Casual Lens

    Don't worry! The BWV and the wizard become one model, so everything is measured from the BWV model. So your area of effect got larger, not smaller.
  10. Aginor

    AoS 2 - Seraphon Discussion

    There is also an indirect nerf to the 4xEotG as well: To make them work more reliably you could use Kroak's rerolls, and those don't exist anymore.
  11. Aginor

    Let's talk about Endless Spells

    Sure, they are by no means bad, but they hardly do any damage and can very easily be dispelled (casting value of 5). With the new FAQ armies with range buffs (DoK or Seraphon for example, or anyone using a BWV) cannot put them into/near enemy territory anymore and cannot cast them from outside dispel range anymore, and they cannot be cast through a Spell Portal either. I think that already impacts their usefulness a bit.
  12. Aginor

    AoS 2 - Seraphon Discussion

    Well, they were nerfed a bit. The units summoned by them cannot move anymore.
  13. Aginor

    The New FAQ (23/07/2018)

    IMO the combination of limiting the portal to one spell AND not allowing endless spells to be cast through it makes it a bit lame and probably not worth the point cost anymore. At least on paper. I'll use it in one of my next few games and see. There are still a few spells that might be worth casting them through the portal. "Unleash Spites" comes to mind, also the (now nerfed but still OK) "Celestial Deliverance" and some other spells, probably mainly spells of squishy mages that do short ranged or area damage.
  14. Aginor

    Morathi and endless spells!

    that's not possible anymore, due to the new FAQ. Endless spells don't profit from spell range buffs.
  15. Aginor

    Let's talk about Endless Spells

    I also like the changes for the Geminids, they are fluffy and bring the spell more in line with its point cost. The portal...meh. I understand the change but I am not sure whether it was that necessary. But what is wrong with the shackles? Why do you expect a change coming for them?