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[Cards] for Fyreslayers


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Edit: See the link for the printable format below. Page 10 has the smaller variants for the cards, ready to be printed and cut for regular card sleeves.

Hi guys,

A while ago I made some of the Allegiance related cards for Blades of Khorne and since I'm also a fan of the design and looks of the Fyreslayers I decided to do the same for fans of the same army. So without further ado the first batch are the wonderful Ur-gold Runes. Like before the Command Traits and Artefacts will follow and will also contain flavourful art for their representation.


Hope you like the above set up. Eventually the rest will follow. The moment the whole set is complete I'll upload the cards in a printable version (for regular card size) and one with the orginal card size.

As specific Artefact art might be difficult to find for the Fyreslayers any link to some awesome art is offcourse welcome. I'll likely be mixing Warhammer Fantasy Slayer art into it all aswell.


Link: http://docdro.id/WH11PRf

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Thanks! Yeah the prime advantage of Runes on cards is that you basically start out with a collection of 6 and can put them away from the battle the moment you've used one. I think it really helps and I also think this way you can make certain certain Runes arn't used twice and it's a good reminder to roll a dice aswell upon using the Rune.

Really in the same way as Blood Tithe points add up and get removed as you choose an effect the 'card collection' really helps and allows for more ruling space as a simple token. All in all it should come in handy!

So without further ado, the Command Traits. As before, for the Artefacts I'll likely use some of the older Slayer art aswell, as Ive almost used up every cool Fyreslayer piece of artwork that depicts battle and less specific units.


Unlike the Ur-Gold Runes I decided to go for a non-Gold cardback, that will return for the Artefacts. I think it's helpful this way in that you see the difference in card sets. The "cost icon" can also be used if players want to randomize Command Traits or Artefacts. 

As always comments or suggestions are welcome!


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