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My Converted Nurgle Heroes: Lord of Plagues and Great Unclean One

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Howdy there! First time poster, but I've been into the hobby for a while now. Nurgle is my third army - the first two being Seraphon and Dark Elves/Dwarves. With both armies I came under fire for being unbeaten, but my friends claimed I was playing highly elite forces with either incredible tanking (Saurus Guard) or crazy damage output (Executioners/Medusae). So I decided to start Nurgle because they looked kinda weak and I had a Festus lying around. With my other armies conversions weren't really an option because there were such clear cut aesthetics for each force, that basing a conversion off of something else felt like turning it into a GW model. With Nurgle the chains are off, and I had a blast making these two. The Lord of Plagues I'm especially proud of, he has a tonne of character,  and looks better than a couple actual GW models I know of. The GCU is a LoTR Mordor Troll with a Plague Drone head - the Nurglings riding him are a homage to the Glottkin. 


Pics ;)


C +C greatly appreciated. 

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