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  1. Ahahaa how do you win a tournament with illegal spell targets and an army that is 10 points over the limit? Christ alive MtG might be a scam but at least the events are run with a genuine interest in creating a legitimate competitive environment. @Diablo Don't worry too much about where you place in your first tourney. The important thing is to focus on which decisions pay off and which ones come back to haunt you. You'll work out your own event-winning list soon enough. That tends to be the way AoS works out; you work out an army full of units you know how to use, and you approach each game with a clear plan. Also, call me crazy, but at 1k I'd rather have a big block of ghouls than lots of small units of ghouls. I like being able to cast Black Hunger on a huge block so that I can wipe anything with my 200 attacks. I also don't like paying for battalions at 1000pts but hey, that's just me.
  2. So, I've been playing with an army that has garbage artefacts, Flesh Eater Courts, which encouraged me to find better artefacts from Malign Sorcery. After some experimenting I settled on a very tasty interaction that has been sweeping enemy units for a while now. It occurred to me that some players might not have the luxury or patience to test different artefacts, so I thought I ought to make a thread where everyone can share the pairings of heroes and artefacts that have proven their worth. It also occurred to me that a lot of people might have written off most of the artefacts in their books, choosing the tried and tested artefacts every game instead of taking a risk on a new one (looking at you Ethereal Amulet). This thread is for everyone to discuss specific interactions between warscrolls and artefacts that others may have overlooked. I feel as though my army has been significantly improved by this interaction, and that it has given me a whole new sub-strategy to explore every game. Here is my contribution: Crypt Haunter Courtier + Rune Blade (Chamon) A Crypt Haunter Courtier has a club that deals 3 damage, but has no rend. A Crypt Haunter Courtier can re-roll failed hits while within 15" of any Abhorrent Ghoul King, a hero which is an auto-include in any FEC army. A Rune Blade changes the rend characteristic of a given weapon to -3. With the warscroll having an in-built way to re-roll hits, this makes for a very powerful combination. A rend of -3 reduces a 4+ to absolutely nothing, making it entirely possible to kill heroes in one round of combat, something that the vanilla warscroll cannot do with any consistency. The army also has ways to allow the Courtier to re-roll wound rolls if playing alongside an Abhorrent Ghoul King on Zombie Dragon, which makes this artefact + hero even nastier. I hope this thread proves to be useful, and I am excited to see what other interactions the good people of this sub have discovered.
  3. Any big DoK unit with mindrazor and hagbrew will eat this guy alive. 1200pts for 30 wounds is such a dodgy deal. Also the rider having 12 attacks seems like a huge diversion from AoS's established game design in regards to heroes.
  4. I am hoping for the carrion king to be revealed as a deranged Vlad or Konrad.
  5. @XReN Two fringe warscrolls having contrarian rules doesn't stop Gryph Feather Charm from being the best artefact in the realms.
  6. Gryph Feather Charm is my go to artefact if I'm not looking to abuse a specific rules interaction. Every army has to make hit rolls; and it's the first roll an enemy unit makes to determine whether or not it is going to wound your hero.
  7. I have a 1k tournament coming up in December, and am deliberating between a few lists. If you live near Brighton, UK, and want to attend then pm me for details. All three armies will use the Crusading Army delusion because I am a speed freak. First off we have a meat and potatoes list: AGKoZB - Majestic Horror, Gryph-Feather Charm 6 Crypt Horrors 10 Crypt Chouls 10 Grypt Ghouls Geminids of Uhl-Gysh I prefer this one from a 'what I start the game with' standpoint. I have heavy troops, a behemoth, and 2 sets of bubblewrap on the board. Starting with an army and then summoning the Varghulfs makes for better paced gameplay as it means I can alpha strike and then recoup my losses with the batbois. I prefer the Feeding Frenzy spell to Unholy Vitality as it combos really well with Crypt Horrors; and gives me the flexibility of being able to summon a Haunter Courtier instead of a Varghulf in the few matchups where that's relevant. Geminids are really just to fill out points and/or debuff a ket unit, though I'm honestly tempted to take a gravetide instead because that is a big heckin spell. The raw power on this list is lower than the other, but it has better synergies and a tighter, more responsive nature. Then we have the screechy list. AGKoTG - Majestic Horror, Grim Garland AGKoTG 10 Crypt Ghouls 10 Crypt Ghouls This army is basically a 1480pt list. Really dirty, but it lacks the speed and hitting power that I think wins games of AoS 2.0. I'm tempted to forgo Grim Garland for Gryph Feather, but I love the thought of auto-wiping low bravery units. There's also the issue that I might lose the second Terrorgheist before it gets to summon the royal guard if I get double turned, but that's the game baby. Finally we have an Abbatoir list. Crypt Haunter Courtier - Dark Wizardry, Rune Blade Varghulf - Argent Armour Ghoul King 10 Ghouls 3 Crypt Horrors 3 Crypt Horrors Abbatoir So, this army only summons 10 ghouls, but it is only 3 drops, and can hit like a brickhouse, while also having some really sneaky tricks. Two wizards means the Varghulf is more likely to be re-rolling his hits; and everyone being infantry means I can use cover more effectively. There's also the fact that my general, the Crypt Haunter, is a beast. He re-rolls hits while near the king, and since the Rune Blade makes his club rend -3-, dealing 3 damage ; he can put in some serious work. Argent armour on a Varghulf is also very, very nice as it means you can take more risks to trigger the Kings Champion rule. Lastly the Abbatoir is a great battalion which provides a nice bit of reach against hordes and monsters. My only gripe with this army is that I don't have room for an endless spell, and black hunger doesn't really have a good target in the list. It's kind of a guerrilla warfare list, with answers for everything but not nearly as much staying power as the other two armies. What do you guys and gals think?
  8. Short Answer: No. The army is playable without a GK on mount, but hot damn you lose out on two unique spells and two command abilities that summon relevant units in for free. Is there no way you could magnetize one? I think you'd need to commit to a niche battalion like Deathwatch or Abbatoir. I run Haunter Courtier as a general in my Abbatoir army, and even though the battalion is good, I still bring two monsters to do heavy lifting. Unless if you wanna paint dozens of flayers/horrors you need a monster.
  9. 'All attacks from this unit' is the net amount of all the attacks the entire unit can make, not all the attacks of a single model in the unit. Only time the rules would interact the way you're suggesting is when the unit of Evocators is only one model big.
  10. The ability triggers 'after resolving all attacks from this unit' so it wouldn't trigger off of a single Evocator making an attack.
  11. @Uprising Paint up a test ghoul in each scheme and see which you prefer. Varghulf is a painters dream so make sure to pick one up. I wouldn't bother building Crypt Flayers as lots of armies have bravery 10 so you won't exactly kill much with their screech attack. In regards to the behemoths I'd build one of each as they both have spells you generally will want access to.
  12. The other benefit of chainrasps is that you get some 25mm bases in your army. Problem with dire wolves in your list is that everything is already on a big base. Might sound dumb but smaller bases actually come in handy quite a lot. In terms of a second hero, while a necromancer is never bad, you may want a mounted Knight of Shrouds to buff up the nighthaunt units.
  13. Yeah I can't plan on getting a double turn, or getting whooped by one. With an FNP save we have at least a chance of surviving, and if they don't wipe us out we can reliably crack back thanks to courtiers regenerating corpses. Argent Armour/Gryph Feather Charm is also great at shrugging off double turns, worth putting on a king for sure in this list; as if he tanks the double turn I can hit back with everything re-rolling wounds (and re-roll hits for the horrors). Only reason I'm not calling it Gryph Feather Charm is that I might give the Haunter a Rune Blade for sweet -3 damage 3 attack, that's only if I decide I don't care for the Grim Garland. Obviously unbinding is always a risk but this isn't DoK, we can't just auto buff units lol
  14. Yeah it's a tough choice. On the one hand, I know that players, even good ones, tend to focus fire on behemoths; but on the other hand 12 Horrors is an amount I am confident will not be wiped in one turn. Any casualties sustained can be brought back by the Varghulf/Haunter, and casting Black Hunger on them will be deece. Re-rolling hits when near a King is noice, and if the AGKoZB pulls his spell off they can re-roll wounds too. That's too much synergy for Death. I guess I'll see how it goes. I just know I don't want to paint more than 40 Ghouls. Yeah I've been wanting to play an army like this for a long time where the general is small and does lots of jobs. The Haunter fulfils all those parameters, especially in the Abbatoir where he gets a small buff vs monsters. Black hunger is the spell he gets from Dark Wizardry, and it only has a casting value of 5; so even though his magical powers aren't part of his warscroll they're still pretty reliable. I think he'll spend most games hiding in terrain, buffing and regenerating the troops, and then come out in turn 3/4 to whack some people with his club - ahem - his blessed blade.
  15. @Honk Yeah it's not ideal but I want to work out what to focus on. Another version of the list has no Terrorgheist but a blob of 12 Horrors. I think the low numbers work at 1k just fine, but at 2K I know I need more numbers if I want to tank hits from the big boy armies. 12 Horrors is 44 wounds.
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