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Scratch Built Rock Lobber

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Here is my WIP paintjob on the finished built Rock Lobber. If people are interested, I can do a tutorial when I build the second one. (video if I have the time and people seem interested enough).

I hope you like it. Please comment and critique and advice. :)

Problems I ran into in the building process:

- it was hard to determine the size of the weight-stone, the height of the lobber to make it look accurate in weight but also in function. I ended up somewhere in the middle.      
I added tusks on a wood beam to make it look a little larger forward as I wanted to make sure it didn't directly look like the stone would drag in the ground once the lobber would fire.

- building your own crew to fit the bill proved harder than I though. Much more bitz or greenstuff work was needed. I want this to look cool, but not spend an awful amount of time on it.

- Problems so far during painting process:

-Wood grains from the wood looks very different from the sculpt on GW bitz. I decided to not sculpt or carve, but to paint the grain. It came our looking pretty good, better than expected.



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24 minutes ago, Grimnaud said:

That looks great! Good work! The base looks a little empty though. Have you thought about adding a stockpile of rocks or something to fill it out a bit?

Thanks man,

Yeah, the base will get my own flock mix, some straw grass, some puddles of water and some rock piles the crew will gather rocks from. The pile will be placed just below the Blast logo shield (catapults right side seen from behind). 

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14 hours ago, bottle said:

This is awesome!

Thanks! :D

1 hour ago, hobgoblinclub said:

Nice job! How long did it take you? 

Thanks man!

I think about 4-5 hours to build. I skipped sketching and just went off of the official rock lobber on GW's website.

the paintjob took less time. i worked on it in between commissions so hard to tell but the most time-consuming aspect was to paint the wood grain. But I would say maybe 2-3 hours total, including the base. I still have some crew left to do, two that hauls rocks and one that whips or uses a spyglass or something. I bounced around with the idea of doing one, maybe later on a second one, that has a paintbrush and palette that paints skulls on the rocks.

But yeah, total about 7 hours. :)

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