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Hey guys!


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I was reading a blog post and it mentioned the Grand Alliance Forums, so I decided to have a look and I found myself here. I can safely say that I'm excited to find a busy Age of Sigmar forum, and I have no idea how this slipped under my radar. 

I play Death exclusively now (though I have a Bretonnia army milling about in some lost crevice of my room), and I usually mix it up between Soulblight and Flesh Eater Courts, adding a bit of Deathlord love in there every so often. I've been playing since September last year and so I wasn't too affected by the switch from 8th edition to Age of Sigmar, but after looking through the  rules of 8th, I'm glad I came in when I did as I don't think I'd have time to study both uni work and Fantasy Rules :P 

I'm based in the NE of the UK, so if anyone's nearby then I'd be happy to have a few games :) 

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