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Morghast army


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I've always been tempted to do a morghast army as I'm a big fan of the models. 

If you were going to write a morghast themed list,  what would you put in it? 

I've played against one with a necromancer to let them attack twice in the combat phase which seemed very strong. 


I get the feeling the low wound count list would be fairly easy to get tabled with..

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Yesterday i played a Multiplayer Game (Field of Death 1on1on1).

My List was pretty easy. Mannfred, 3x 4 Morghast Archai and 100 Points left.

Die Archai Hit and Wound on 3's, they can reroll 1's within the Command Ability of Mannfred. So that ~60% of their attacks will Wound. With Rend -2 it will be ~50% after the Save Roll. A unit with 4 Morghast Arcahi (3 Attacks per Model) will do 18 Wounds.

Thats 54 Wounds per Turn. Don't Forget Mannfred. He hits quiet good as well, because he can reroll 1's too. So Maybe another 18 Wounds.


I don't think, that a Necromancer works, because Danse Macabre is just for Zombies, Skeleton,s and Mordants. Morghast aren't one of them.

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2 hours ago, Solaris said:

You can't use Vanhel's on Morghasts, they don't have the right keywords. You could use a Liche Priest and cast Righteous Smiting on them though. Heck, you could even bring Settra to get a really nice combo going.

you're right! That guy smashed me doing double attacks with those archai. Im gonna track him down and demand a rematch!  

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@TerrorPenguin did a blog on here with a 2000 point Deathlords army that I plan to work on.  Mannfred makes for the melee punch, Arkhan as your spellcasting focus, and solid chunks are Archai for punchy damage, while leaving 240 points left over as summoning.  

 This was his post on it, and his look very good together, and he plays out how he uses it.  Personally, I like the idea of Mannfred casting Arcane Bolt and Mystic Shield as easy spells to keep his sword buffed, while Arkhan steals Mannfred's Wind of Death spell to go with his Curse of Years (at full health, Arkhan can cast them on a 5 and 4, respectively).  The 8 Morghast Archai round out the starting deployment, and give it Deathlords allegiance.  The problem with Necromancers and Liche Priests and Setra is that bringing them breaks that allegiance for Matched Play, which I do almost exclusively, so you lose your Morghast Battleline.  The answer there is summoning!

240 points is nearly my ideal amount in Matched Play for reinforcement points.  In this team, you have exactly 4 spell casts per turn and 4 total spells to cast outside of summoning, so I'd want to keep summoning to a minimum.  Arkhan at full health (first turn summoning!) plus the Morghast presence gives him a combined total of +4 on his casting rolls (+2 for Khenash-an, +1 for Mortarch of Sacrament, and +1 for Morghasts), meaning he can place 6 spirit hosts on a chokepoint on a 6+, or drop huge numbers of Zombies on a model count objective on a 4+.  

Archai have some very good added survivability in their armor.  4+ base save, 5+ against mortal wounds, and 6+ Deathless Minions.  They are 3+/3+/-2/3, and when near Mannfred (make him the general) they reroll 1's for both of those.  This is EXTREMELY consistent damage for Sigmar.

I don't like the Harbingers myself.  The added charge distance is okay, but I'd rather stay near the big guys.  They can do 1 point more damage in a turn per model than the Archai, but only by playing to the extremes.  Meaning that they won't do it as consistently.  

Taking Mannfred out of the equation, Archai (3 attacks) will hit with 2 (3+ means 2/3s), and wound with  1.33 (2 x 2/3s).  The -2 rend significantly lowers the chance of a successful save, but lets average it out with that extra .33 to say you are likely to get 1 attack past armor for 3 damage per Morghast.  This goes up with Mannfred around, of course.  The Harbringers will do five attacks for 2 damage each, hitting with 3.33 of them (an average of 3 is bad, since that's the same damage as the Archai averaging 2 hits), and 2.22 going on to wound (2/3s of that last amount, not the assumed 3).  This means only roughly once in five combat rounds will they wound with more than two attacks in the long term average.  The -1 rend is an increase in survival for the opponent, since it's more likely that they will make that save.  And unless they get those attacks through, they won't beat out the Archai. 

To me, the Harbingers just won't consistently do such an increase in damage to warrant the loss of that lovely mortal wound save, which is key in a low model count army.  Do I think this is the best army setup ever?  Nah, but then, I don't play competitively.  It looks like fun, and that alone sells it to me!  Also, I regret nothing on the math.  I'm at work, it's quiet, and I'm bored.  it passed the time.  Like that time I did the calculation on Curse of Years' chance of instakill (~15%).


Again, all credit to this entire list and inspiration goes to @TerrorPenguin!  Thank's, mate, for making me spend an extra $250 on yet MORE death stuff!

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Sorry just saw this, I think wind of death cast by Arkhan is a great idea as with Mannfred it rarely does any more damage than arcane bolt and the extra 1 to cast makes it not worth the risk, but with the bonuses to casting.

Hilariously you can cast VanHels on Arkhan, but apart from the Necromancer he's probably the least choppy unit in the list.

I will say it is difficult to make work at 1000 points - the lack of bodies makes it difficult for objective play.  It's a much better list at 2000

Hoping for a spell lore in GHB2 to make Arkhan a beast.

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