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  1. New we just need new blood knight model cant get my self to buy finecast
  2. Rahr

    Fell bats

    I am one of the few that like the old figure so thats not a problem for me
  3. Rahr

    Fell bats

    How does ppl fell about fell bats i like to run a LOB army around vampires with focus on speed so going Dire wolves for battline and was thinking of one big fell bat unit or do they just suck so Much the bases are only 40mm so 6-12 man unit could get in and with summon key word i can bring them back and they Got the speed to get back into the fight so what do you guys Think about fell bats
  4. not much have 2 up anymore after m-shield got rule out so treelords would be at a 5 up so not that crasy anymore and they reroll 1 12 buff banshees should be able to deal with that f you charge i took 15 wound on a war mammoth in one turn with 8 banshees buff up to 3 attack pr model
  5. we got lots of rend 2 models so dont see it as that big a problem and many ways to deal mortal wound as well so think we should be fine
  6. both hex and s-host are still very usefull the heros that are most usefull after my believe is the GOS, KOSOES, and ST, and guess you could use more of them but i am not sure i am going to bring more then one of in a list guess it should be fore the stalkers and horde if you got one more but you can use all the hero double if you want to roll with that
  7. They are only battline in a nighthaunt army sadly
  8. you just dont get any real dmg dealers so not sure you can kill much but sure if its a control mission it looks good takes much time to kill 60 dog and 60 zombies but becarefull they dont snipe your general then cause in matched play you dont get a new one as far as i know
  9. Rahr

    Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    Are not all the units summonable so far?
  10. Rahr

    Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    Go to what website?
  11. Rahr


    Ah ok thanks for the fast answer
  12. Rahr


    If i have a formation and get to have Two items can my hero Then have both or Would i need Two heros? I know i cant take Two of the same but how does it work
  13. It is there if you look at the alliance in the book it says that if you Pick the legion on blood all warscroll and battaline gain the legion key word there for it ok to use Cause the bettaline gain legion of blood key word
  14. The double cast need to be a 9 plus on the dices his 3-4 plus dont help him in that matter so its not going to happen that often as you just told us it also ben Said a few times now ?
  15. Sure? For me its just seems like a new death thing like the Two new spell lores? But might be wrong how did you guys understand it?
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