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About This File

Moderators please tag this post as you seem appropriate (its my first file!)

With Reading the Hinterlands Ruleset by Bottle, and a firm love for the old mordheim rules, I've modified and updated the Mordheim rules into a format which I think will be compatible with Age of Sigmar. I apologise for how blank the file looks (formatting isn't really my thing)


I would like to mention that some of the Mordheim rules have been copied modified and updated for this document, I do not claim to have created these rules. The rules which I have updated or created are inspired by Hinterlands by Bottle and my own personal tweaks and additional rules that I see fit.


What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


Slightly Modified, With a little of my fellow hobbyists. Fixed a few issues condensed the critical chart and updated warband creation

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