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Elgi-Bar: Close up on the first company.



"Wearing traditional arkanaut armour, the first company of Rereksfjiord are all proud and daring inviduals ready for anything the mortal realm can throw at them". 

The six "ordinary" araknauts where all made from parts from the dwarf warriors and thunderers kit, where the red haired caption Todrich carries a special built volley gun made by glueing the small two-barreled pistol to the underside of the right handed one. 

The 3 arkanauts carrying the special weapons where a blast to built.
The first one was Krimnar, wielding the skypike. The pike is made from the thunderers standard, the axe head of a two-handed warrior axe glued to its underside and lastly the spear-head from a dragon blade lance. 
Secondly was Wilfram, stoicly carrying the light sky hook. Keen eyes recognise this as the drill from the now missing dwarf miner kit. 
Lastly was Durong´s aethermatic volley gun built. This one was tricky to assemble, the stock is the one used to make a cross bow (without the bow part). Around the stock 6 barrels from the champion handgun was glued around with a ring of green stuff holding the front together. Finally a shoulder plate from the longbeard/hammerer´s kit was glued over to onceal the chopped off baksides of the gun barrels. 

Also satesfied with the colour scheme, I´m ready to invest in the official Khadron line of models where I hope this uniqe unit will be a fun addition. 

Keep your eyes to the skies!




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