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Found 20 results

  1. Repetition is Key My goal is to get as many games as I can in from now until the End of March were I will be traveling to AdeptiCon for the Age of Sigmar Team tournament as well as the the Age of Sigmar Singles Championships held in the suburbs of Chicago This weekend with my Kharadron Overlords. I did not change up my list from LVO as I wanted to jump right into playing this weekend. Saturday afternoon was my first game against Nagash and his Deadly friends. *MY LIST INFO*….. Kharadron Overlords skyport: Zilfin additional footnote: there’s no trading with some people Aether-khemist- General, fleetmaster Aether-khemist- Aethershock Earbuster Aether-khemist 10 Arkanaut Company- 3 light sky hooks 10 Arkanaut Company- 3 light sky hooks 10 Arkanaut Company- 3 light sky hooks 9 Endrinriggers- 3 grapples 9 sky wardens- 3 drill cannons, 3 Aethermatic Volly Guns 3 sky wardens- 1 drill cannon, 1 Aethermatic Volly gun Ironclad- main gun: Aethermatic Volley Cannon, Aetherspheric Endrinds His list Info: Nagash Arkhan the Black 10 Skeleton warriors 10 zombies 10 zombies and 680 points for summoning We played Knife to the heart and I took top of first turn because I knew if Nagash was able to get spells off it was not going to be fun. top of turn one Hero phase I dropped a unit of Ark. Co. off so the Iroclad could get his full move. Next I did the once per game free move with the Ironclad and moved 8 inches up and disembarked the rest of my force that was still riding in the Ironclad. I used the Three Khemest to buff up the drill cannons, light sky hooks in one unit, and the torpedoes on the Ironclad. after that I used the flagship ability to give the ironclad an extra 3 inches on his guns for shooting. lastly I gave inspiring presence to the Endrinriggers movement was normal I wanted to get the Endrinriggers up the board and everyone else in range to shoot the heck out of Nagash. shooting phase was just that I shot Nagash down to one wound and a unit of skeletons down to two models great charging rolls for the Endrinriggers and off they went to finish Nagash off in high fashion. his turn one hero phase he did some summoning and brought on a two man unit of Morghast Archai and a two man unit of Morghast Harbingers. moved his units up a little and charge a unit of Ark. Co. with Morghast Harbingers with an eleven inch charge(dice rolled super cold on that one) in combat he almost takes out the whole unit of Ark. Co. and I just barily saved a few guys from running off the board. that's about it for the death turn now to priority roll Death gets the double turn. hero phase he used the rest of his points and summoned a 10 man unit of black knights. then finishes off the what was left of the ark. co. with a spell causing wounds freeing up the unit of Morghast Harbingers movement he headed right for the Sky wardens with the Morghast Harbingers and moved the black knights over at the Endrinriggers who were still in combat. after combat and battleshock I had 2 drill cannon sky Wardens left. My turn two I buff up two units of Ark. Co. light sky hooks and the two drill cannons left moved up the field with my army slowly to his side of the board I shoot and kill both units of Morghasts off the table with the unit of skeletons as well. Endrinriggers are still locked in combat with the two units of zombies and they are just not rolling hot. Turn 3 priority roll hero phase and the normal buffs for weapons from the khemests Kharadron wins priority and gets the double turn. I move in and shot Arkhan the Black off the table I charged into the black knights that had charged the Endrinriggers before with the Iron clad and took them out fully in the fight phase he just now had two units of Zombies left his turn was swinging on my ironclad and nothing hit Turn 4 we rolled for priority and Kharadron Overlords wins the priority before the hero phase he concedes the game and it was a win for KO! Lessons Learned from this game -Even though the game when smooth for me I think I need to be a little more careful on how I place my Sky Wardens look for the Range sweet spot. -don't send in the Endrinriggers unless they are buffed with the Khemest buff. What do you think? Tell me in the comments below.
  2. Hi there, Selling my 2000 points of Barak Zon overlords. They are partially painted but have a variety of units and include fully modelled scenic bases as well as movement trays. DM me an offer or for more details!
  3. The first unit from the arkanaut company of Rereksfjiord, with thier red headed captain Todrich Rereksfjiord at the lead. These models were made from various bitz, mainly from the dwarf warriors and thunderers kits.
  4. Similar to @Chris Tomlin efforts with the Ironjawz, I thought I would keep a track of my games with my Overlords. The 2 K list I am going to run is as follows Allegiance: Kharadron Overlords Skyport: Barak-Zilfin - Additional Footnote: There's No Trading With Some People Endrinmaster - Artefact: Gattlesson's Endless Repeater Aetheric Navigator - Trait: Fleetmaster Aether-Khemist Aether-Khemist 20 x Arkanaut Company - 6x Light Skyhooks 10 x Arkanaut Company - 3x Light Skyhooks 10 x Arkanaut Company - 3x Light Skyhooks 10 x Grundstok Thunderers - 10x Aethercannons 3 x Skywardens (100) - 1x Drill Cannons - 1x Grapnel Launchers 3 x Skywardens (100) 6 x Endrinriggers (240) - 1x Drill Cannons - 1x Grapnel Launchers Arkanaut Ironclad Total: 2000/2000 It's not hyper competative, but has a good mix of units, and gives me options to do a lot. One ship is all I can fit in the list and still keep the options. imo they are to expensive and the skyriggers too cheap. Would have preffered 20 more pts on the riggers and 40 less on the ships. Think that would also help with the mixed order spam lists. Game 1 vs @ChippyRick Ricky was playing stormcast, with the mirror shield Stardrake, a Prime, 10 retributors a mix of judicators, standard stuff. It was gift from the heavens. Ricky deployed all bar dragon, lantern guy and judicators in the sky. I deployed before him so elected to let him go first. My only real target was the dragon, and I simply cannot hurt that, so figured see what he drops and then deal with that, hopefully he will get a few units and come down in dribs and drab. Unfortunately he rolled and got every single unit down that turn! He shot off 1 unit of arkanaughts, and killed 14 out of the unit of 20. Thankfully no hammerstrike, so retributors needed a 9 to charge my ironclad, which they did. Last word on torpedoes and mine killed 2 on charge though. He did 7 wounds I think in total so didn't roll well. My go I dropped the thuderers, khemists, and navigator out of ship, buffed thunderers and 6 skyhooks in arkanaughts. Healed 5 wounds on ship, Retributors were wiped out easily. Shot all my skyhooks at teh dragon, as they had no more targets, not even close to damaging it. I got a double and jumped everthing back into the ironclad. Comet luckily dropped on my left where I had 10 arkanaughts, moving the ironclad centrally ready to move on ricky's comet when it dropped. Ricky dropped the prime this turn and charged it and dragon into ironclad. I learnt that given average dice I would have killed it on the charge with mines and last word torpedoes. Unsurprisingly the ironclad was taken down. We traded objectives until turn 4, with ricky pickiong off thuderers and some riggers with prime and dragon. Prime died turn 3 to skyhooks, those things are great character hunters. Turn 4 I managed to get riggers and wardens around rickys objective. He failed to kill them all in his turn and I went 4 points up. Unfortunately he got priority turn 5 and cleaned up scoring both, leaving me having to kill either the drake or 5 liberators and 5 Judicators. I had not much left so that didn't happen! Result : Major Loss For my first game at 2k was really happy with how it went. The drake/shield is something Overlords really struggle with, and if Ricky hadn't got the double turn 2 /3 I think I would have been in the game right until the end. Would have had full complimenof riggers and wardens plus Thuderers. The ironclad can take a charge from big creatures, with a good chance of killing/taking them down some levels, esp if they fly, I like the 'last word' shots with the torpedoes. Aether cannon thuderers are brutal with 1 khemist, a double stack and they truly are horrific. Overall I think Overlords are gonna need 50+ game sto get even close to playing well, timing of ship movement/embarking etc are key. Lots of synergies to work with, def my kind of Army. Hopefully will have 2k painted by next Thursday evening, but have a game coming up on Sunday vs a beastman horde army. For those who haven't seen my WIP wed stuff featuring the army
  5. So I'm making this thread to have a talk about thunderer weapons and which ones would be better in which situations i used the aethercannokn this weekend and was impresses with damage, however even at 4+/2+ not many shots got though, fulminator seems good but I haven't tried it onthe table, as do the mortors, thoughts?
  6. Started painting on my Kharadron. Going for a variant of the Barak mornhar scheme. I call my port Barak Khadrin. Slayer port. (From karak khadrin, slayer keep) Thinking of adding orange crests to their helmets, but not shure yet. Here is a WIP of my Admiral. Think I might add a hat over his helm. Something like jack sparrows triangular hat....
  7. I have two boxes of skyriggers and I'll build one as skywardens and one as endrinriggers. So the question is how to equip them when I only have three of each. I might buy more later but for now I just want one of each unit
  8. Managed to get a few more up to the shade stage over the weekend.
  9. After a bit of mucking around I've completed my first Overlord test model (minus the basing). I'm thinking I can call this Barak Mjornar . Close enough.
  10. The prude leader of Elgi-bar's fleets painted in all her glory.
  11. "Wearing traditional arkanaut armour, the first company of Rereksfjiord are all proud and daring inviduals ready for anything the mortal realm can throw at them". The six "ordinary" araknauts where all made from parts from the dwarf warriors and thunderers kit, where the red haired caption Todrich carries a special built volley gun made by glueing the small two-barreled pistol to the underside of the right handed one. The 3 arkanauts carrying the special weapons where a blast to built. The first one was Krimnar, wielding the skypike. The pike is made from the thunderers standard, the axe head of a two-handed warrior axe glued to its underside and lastly the spear-head from a dragon blade lance. Secondly was Wilfram, stoicly carrying the light sky hook. Keen eyes recognise this as the drill from the now missing dwarf miner kit. Lastly was Durong´s aethermatic volley gun built. This one was tricky to assemble, the stock is the one used to make a cross bow (without the bow part). Around the stock 6 barrels from the champion handgun was glued around with a ring of green stuff holding the front together. Finally a shoulder plate from the longbeard/hammerer´s kit was glued over to onceal the chopped off baksides of the gun barrels. Also satesfied with the colour scheme, I´m ready to invest in the official Khadron line of models where I hope this uniqe unit will be a fun addition. Keep your eyes to the skies! /Malburr
  12. Hey Team, I'm coming back to Warhammer after an extended extended hiatus (like a decade). I'm kind of unfamiliar when it comes to actually playing with the rules but I have a basic understanding that pitched battles are now objective based. I'm keen to start collecting and building this list, but if you think there are any huge caveats in it then I'd love to hear your thoughts before I shell out the cash for these specific models. Ironclad 440 em. 10 Thunderers 200 em. Endrinmaster 140 em. Khemist 100 3 Endrinriggers 120 3 Endrinriggers 120 10 Arkanauts 120 10 Arkanauts 100 5 Thunderers 100 Khemist 100 10 Arkanauts 120 10 Arkanauts 120 5 Thunderers 100 Khemist 100 2000 The basic idea is that the army is split into three blocks. 2 blocks are made up of: 2 x 10 Arkanauts w 3 skypikes each, 5 Thunders w 5 fumigators, 1 Khemist. These are here to take objectives and hopefully hold them. There are enough wounds with the Arkanauts to soak up some damage. The thunderers provide close support and hopefully dissuade my opponent demolishing the Arkanauts. The Khemist buffs the most appropriate weapon. The third block is the Ironclad (w the self healing hull) with embarked: 10 Thunderers (all with Aethercannons (maybe 2 fumigators...i'm still deciding), Khemist (to buff the thunderers), Endrinmaster (with the hull healing artifact) and 2 units of 3 Endrinriggers to support the Ironclad and provide futher healing: Th idea being the thunderers are the shock unit to get dropped off somewhere useful and knock out the big nasties. The ironclad roams around with the endrinriggers/endrinmaster just soaking up damage (it has 5 opportunities to heal each round) and being a general nuisance/transporting units. I quite like the list in theory, but in practice I have no idea how it would handle. I also haven't decided on which sky-port to align to but having double buffs from the Khemists is currently pretty appealing. I think the biggest weakness here is battleshock, so trying to figure out how I can address that. Look forward to your thoughts. Cheers
  13. Admiral Skyrock had bearly returned from the siege of Barak-Nar, when she received the news of Elgroz´s failing health and no medical treatment of the Overlords seemed to work. Without even stopping to restock her fleet, she quickly gave the order to set course to Lake Rurbedas where a Realmgate to Ghyran could be found on the lake´s bottom. Once in the Realm of Life, Skyrock hoped she would find a solution to Elgroz illness. Ignoring the safe route to Rurbedas, a journey normally taking 6-7 days she braved monster filled jungles and canyons for a risky shortcut. After being under constant attacks from the predators preying there, Skyrock´s fleet reach the shores of Rurbedas after mere 3 days. Killing the endrins of her ship in mid-flight, Skyrock and her crew plunged through the Realmgate at the lake floor. On the other side of the gate, the small fleet´s vessels float to the surface of Rurbedas twin lake in Ghyran. Not bothering cleaning of the seaweed, they took to the skies once more. Soon after the fleets arrival to the vibrant realm, they came across the Sylvaneths of the Shimmerbark grove. There she made a deal with the Treelord Direroot (after a long complaint from Yllrud about the lack of Sylvaneth clothing) to help the tree folk vanquish a conclave of filth ridden rat men which poisoned the life-giving waterfalls. In exchange of a remedy for Elgroz, Skyrock´s fleet´s cannons brought brutal retribution upon the vermin folk. After receiving the sought prize, the essences of a life pod, and quickly establishing a future trade contract, Skyrock set course home. Back in Elgi-Bar she literally jumped from her ship in flight down to the sky-city to quickly deliver the medication to Elgroz. The jellyfish was brought back from the brink of death, and that´s how Admiral Yllrud Skyrock became the much-praised Admiral she now is.
  14. Somewhat of a celebrity in Elgi-Bar, Admiral Yllrud Skyrock is an obstinate commander of the crews under her command. A veteran from Brokk Grungsson´s counterattack on the siege of Barak-Nar and saviour of Elgroz´s life, she has earned her place as Lord-commander of Elgi-Bar´s sky-fleet. Her most striking trait is however her known dislike to seeing bare flesh. She is considered uncommonly prude among a folk rumoured being savages. This is normally not a problem since most Kharadron Overlords wear covering body armour, but her interactions with the tempered Fyreslayers across the mortal realms have been uncomfortable ones for all included. Some say it is this aversion of undressed folk is the driving force for the expeditions she makes for the Rerekfjiord corporation, rumours which she does not comment on. Aside from this prudish quirk, Yllrud is like all Kharadron Admirals a driven, cunning sky captain and deadly combatant. Her distain of unarmoured foes has made her an expert marksman with her aetheric volley gun Dhurn (slayer), firing them swiftly down before they can reach her. Those that does engage her in melee are mercilessly crushed under her heavy skalfhammer.
  15. While becoming more modern since regaining contact with rest of the Kharadron society and agreeing to the terms to the Code, there is still one grudge every duardin of Elgi-Bar still carries within them. Even though millennia have passed since the age of Chaos began and now recently the stormhost from Azyr have start driven the ruinous powers from the Mortal realms, the Overlords of Elgi-Bar have not forgiven the god king Sigmar for abandoning their ancestors, taking their creator god Grungni with him and fooling the duardin warrior god Grimnir to his death. Even though the Code allows them to do business with other races, the merchant lords of Elgi-Bar have been known to double the prices many fold of their wares and services when encountering inhabitants from Azyrheim and Sigmars armies, or straight out refused to aid them in their need. Emissaries from Sigmars court have been send to try make amends to the rulers of Elgi-Bar, but have only been met with propositions to contracts demanding outrageous prices like the god kings sacred hammer Ghal Maraz and that Sigmar himself should swab the decks on every sky vessel for many generations.
  16. Characterized by the wildlife of Ghur, the Kharadron Overlords of Elgi-Bar are considered poorer and not as civilized as the other major sky-ports and is somewhat looked down upon. It is true some members of the arkanaut companies of Elgi-Bar still uses the same armour their ancestors bore the days when they left their mountain holds, and the city´s technology is not as advanced as others (many foreign admirals often comment this to the fact that the inhabitants of Elgi-Bar still haven´t been able to extract the Aether-gold from the giant jellyfish). The reason some of the companies still uses ancient armours is because that discovering ore-veins in Ghur is a hard task, since the land itself is most of the part animal to. So, the metal they manage to mine and flay of the hides from the metal-beasts at Adamant peaks is often used to build new sky vessels, repair damaged ones and bolstering the defences of Elgroz. What the sky folk of Elgi-Bar makes up for said shortcomings is that they are better at caring for their equipment (it is said that that their fleets flagship “Karak-Dahendra” the everlasting thunders weapons never have malfunctioned even now it is reaching its 500 birthday) and they are the best hunters ever taking to the clouds. Surviving so long in the beast filled landscapes of Ghur have given the crews on the sky ships a deep intuition on how beasts behave and use it to their advantage. This can either be in the form on how to best avoid the winged hydras that nests in cloud-caves or where to fire at a feral preyton´s weakest spots. This alone makes the mercenary companies of Elgi-Bar good choices for escort jobs through monster filled lands, even over the renowned Grundstock corporation’s artillery. What the Overlords of Elgi-Bar undeniable chare with their sky faring kin is their sense of business and inventive entrepreneurship, like having monopoly of trading live basilisks and skywyrm jackets. No grudgebound contract is too dangerous for the fleets hailing from Elgi-Bar, which in the eyes of their richer peers is considered equally admirable and foolhardy. Never less, the beast riding city Elgi-Bar is a rising civilisation and economy in the Age of Sigmar.
  17. It was under the great exodus during the age of Chaos, where the ancestors to today’s Kharadron Overlords fled to the skies, a castaway fleet of frigates in search of a sanctum came across the giant Elgroz. Filled with the well coveted substance “Aether-gold” the refugees first tried to extract it from this sky leviathan, but at the time their tools where not suited to even pierce the transparent skin of Elgroz. Fearing to lose it (and it´s valuable gas) the fleeing duardins decided to settle upon it until they could claim the Aether-gold. This was the start of an unintentional symbiosis. Elgroz unaware of its new inhabitant living upon it, proved to be both a safe home and a mighty guardian. Even due to the call of Aether-gold, many of the lethal beasts of Ghur avoided Elgroz, fearing its mile-long unescapable paralyzing tendrils. Those foes who tried assaults from above were met with fierce resistance from the great cannons of the duardins, utterly devoted not to let their gas formed treasure get lost. As a bi-product of the increasing cityscape on its body, Elgroz was after many years covered with a thick layer of armour making it into the heavenly bulwark it is now. The duardins accustomed to their new way of life and proud of their unique sky-port have giving up on the thoughts of mining Elgroz of its Aether-gold. Instead they see to it with reverence and care, knowing without each other they are nought.
  18. The sky fortress Elgi-Bar in the wild beast realm of Ghur is a peculiar one for the society of the sky faring Kharadron Overlords. In contrast to the fully mechanical city-ports commonly populated by their kin, this metropole is built upon a humongous gas filled jellyfish, named “Elgroz” which in the local tongue translates to “soft skinned giant”, which drifts with the sky torrents.
  19. I've been trying out some ideas for using a deep strike list at 2000 points and this is the result: Allegiance: Kharadron OverlordsSkyport: Barak-Zilfin- Additional Footnote: Without Our Ships We Are NaughtLeadersEndrinmaster (140)- General- Trait: Stickler for the Code:There's No Trading With Some People - Artefact: Autotinkerer Aether-Khemist (100)- Artefact: Aethershock Earbuster Aether-Khemist (100)Battleline10 x Arkanaut Company (120)- 3x Light Skyhooks10 x Arkanaut Company (120)- 3x Light Skyhooks10 x Arkanaut Company (120)- 3x Light SkyhooksUnits6 x Endrinriggers (240)- 1x Grapnel Launchers6 x Endrinriggers (240)- 1x Grapnel Launchers15 x Grundstok Thunderers (300)- 15x AethercannonsWar MachinesArkanaut Ironclad (440)- Main Gun: Great Sky Cannon- Great Endrinworks: Aetherspheric Endrinds (Barak-Zilfin Skyvessel)BattalionsIron Sky Command (80)Total: 2000/2000 The main point of the list is make the arkanaut slowly approach wherever u want waiting for a good moment to use the drop with the 12 endrinriggers + 45 aether cannons shots plus the 2 aetherkhemist (1 with the earbusters) and the ironclad adding more damage with the footnote of 1D3 mortal wounds. The ironclad has a good resistance too with the repair combo plus the footnotes of rerolling healing hull dices.
  20. There be stories of Dawi lost in the raging storms of vengeance and betrayal. So strong the current that whole clans are dragged down into the bottomless pit of despair and desperation, cursed and exiled by their fellow kin. Robbed of the simple necessities of home and honour. Such lost souls have sought to right this wrong that has besettled them for generations and such the bitter folk of Barak Ekrund was formed.... My kharadons hail from a outcast group of dawi named the Ekrund Unbaraki, or oath splitters, and as such were cursed with a eternal unrest where even death cannot give them the homestead they rightfully crave. Betrayed by other daurdin holds during the age of chaos they were banished from mountain strongholds and sky ports alike. They took it upon themselves to settle this crime against there people and now seek redemption and respite. The basis of my sky port is that they are not actually a sky port physically.. they are a shoal of migratory fleets that prey on anyone and anything that crosses into there territory. These predatory fleets are created from the scuttled remains of other great Skyvessels and are stripped of all identity to serve there greater purpose. The crew of each vessel are not exactly flesh and blood anymore and the suits that once protected them from the harmful gases of the aether are now used to contain there otherworldly forms. This is what is called the Kadrisson's Curse, banished from the safety of other settlements these brave dawi had to to survive with in the very chaotic essence of the realm of chaos and thus where changed into gas like beings that burn with the fury of revenge. The colour scheme I am going for is a very worn brass, this is to show that there suits are worn by millennia of travel and the strain there bodies cause the suits to withstand. The ships will also be like this. His is the example of the scheme I am painting towards below. So far I have 80 company, 10 thunderers, 3 frigates and have ordered the ironclad. The army will use the sky port rules for Barak Urbaz and is mainly suited for monster and hero hunting. More progress to follow, hope you enjoy guys!
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