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"Walking through the streets of Chraceroca the rhythmic chanties sung by the Ritus Squadras as they perform the work to keep the city safe and supplied, echo off the walls and mix with the sounds of passing carts and people's chatter. Built upon a spur of rock that rises out of the Spotted Plains and juts above the treetops of the bordering Great Rustlewood, Chracerooca imposes itself on the surrounding land. There are endless pulley systems, winches, and cranks, that lift supplies to the city, pump water upwards, and raise and lower the gates, manned by the Ritus Squadras. In these chanties Samuele and his brother, Yoan, found comfort as they headed towards Kanonroest. They were Fides Pressors and served the Kurnath Militant. Though they no longer saw through their mortal eyes, the brothers did not stumble on their way, deftly traversing the windswept warrens that made up the Windedge District. "


This is the first bit of text that will go with the first two models of my warband. The city of Chracerocca lies within the realm of Ghur and is made up of those that resemble free people from the world that was. Founded by the Scions of Rahagra during the Age of Myth, the city is ancient. The Spotted Plains and the Great Rustlewood are deadly to all who try to scratch out a living, threatened by nature and the beasts that call these lands home. However, the Rahagraians have persisted and are seen as a safe haven for travelers in the region. A rock among the storms.  My ideas for the setting and city came from my desire to incorporate bits of the White Lions into my models. Through reading up on Chrace and White Lions, an idea on naming/setting/environment emerged. Lions live on the plains, I needed somewhere that has wild and powerful beasts. I also wanted a dry and somewhat barren place. Below are some images that have helped me draw Chracerocca in my mind.





The city is Ronda, in Spain. Google map it and do the street view option, it is awesome. In my mind, Chracerocca and the Spotted Plain are dry and golden in color, sparse of trees, and often cast in a warm or hot light. The architecture of the city is more like what is below than the actual city of Rhonda. But built with more sandstone, crumbling a little more, and with less round roofs



These images help to build on that idea. In the end a mix between the hammerhale art and these images is what i am going for.





To me, the city and surrounding area is important. It helps ground me when thinking of how I wanted to build my minis. For example, i originally went with White Lion axes but after thinking of where Samuele and Yoan came from, those axes didn't feel right. Now I am in search of some beastmen gor and bestigor axes, at which point I will be able to finish the first two models.

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All the concept work you've done is really impressive. It's very clear where you're going. I'm curious to hear more about the warband and what role(s) they'll play within the city. Great start! Can't wait to read more.

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