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Green stuff fiddlin'



I shall warn you all now, Bad quality photos ahead. A new camera is definitely on my christmas list.


Today after lurking around the forum while ignoring the huge amount of essays I have piled up, I bumped into @HobbyHammer thread about the realmhoppers campaign and it looks amazingly fun. With that in mind I decided on starting a little destruction side project with some dodgy models I bought for dirt cheap. 

It will just be a little 1k Gutbusters warband ( I am enjoying having several small destruction armies that I can amass for a larger mixed alliance army) with, hopefully, lots of conversions to act as a catalyst for me learning new hobby stuff. 

I decided on a bit of a gladiator look for the models to give them an old school model look, back when they had an almost chaos vibe going on. 

Both models have iron fists and a shoulder pad, to simulate using one side of the body to block attacks and parry while countering with the free hand. I have made an effort to try and sculpt new hair for them. One has a mohican pony tail ( a bit like a certain Warhammer TV fella we all know and love) and the other has long wild hair, hopefully challenging me in a few ways.

The weapons I will be remodelling to reflect their new aesthetic. I have just finished painting a tyrant for them who will tie in quite well with the look with minimal conversions and i have a unit of Leadbelchers on my bench who I am trying to work out how to fit into this look.

I think for the next guys i scratch build I would quite like to grab a mix of ironguts and mournfang riders heads, as I love the armoured look and then I am going to try and build a fully armoured squad to act as my elite units.  I then think I will make a simple sanded base for them and create a few arena-ish scenery pieces to really tie the look together. 

Cheers for reading, Catch you all soon. 




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