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Tournament List and Fluff!



My tickets for the TITANS tournament at Athena Games are bought and paid for so its time to get serious and organise myself. I have 2 months to get my force organised, painted, based and get to grips with them.

The list I have settled on for the event is as follows:

Tyrant (160)
- Massive Ogre Club
Butcher (140)

Leadbelchers x 6 (320)
- Gutbusters Battleline
Leadbelchers x 3 (160)
- Gutbusters Battleline
Ogors x 6 (240)
- Battleline
Ogors x 6 (240)
- Battleline
Ogors x 6 (240)
- Battleline
Ogors x 3 (120)
- Battleline

Aleguzzler Gargant (180)
Aleguzzler Gargant (180)

Total: 1980/2000

The list  is not the most competitive, I could easily drop most of it and just pile it up with stonehorns/thundertusks with moonclan grot battle lines or savage orruks. But what would be the point? It is my first tournament, I want to play an army I like aesthetically, make friends with people local to me and learn the competitive side of the game in a consistent environment. If I am winning matches due to just playing broken units I wont learn and I might convince myself I know what I am doing!



I have been working on the fluff behind the army, as I love creating backstories and themes to tie my armies together.


Grave Wardens

Guardians of the Southern Undead Asylum




The land of Creighton is a cursed kingdom, where those who are struck down are fated to rise again, forever in the service of a dark entity. The free people of Creighton struggled for decades against the undead incursion, barely holding them back from the civilised as each fallen warrior rose again as an enemy of the crown. After centuries of fighting tooth and nail to protect the innocent from the slow and inevitable march of death, a final measure was decided upon. An asylum was built outside the city boundaries where all of the dead and dying were locked away to prevent their eventual attack after reanimation. 

As the number of imprisoned undead rose it became harder and harder to maintain the asylum. Each guard that fell joined the ranks of the undead until the decision was made that mercenaries should be hired instead of men from the homeland dying in vain. This is when the tribe of the Gargant Twinfolk were hired.

For a weight of meat every month the Gargants and their Ogor underlings dwelt beneath the ground amongst the crypts of the asylum, battling against the undead hordes and preventing their escape. The tribe believes that the necrotic hordes are the final challenge they face on behalf of their gods. Only once the corruption has been laid low will the Gargant brothers they follow ascend to godhood as the incarnations of Gork and Mork and they will all be allowed sight unto the great hunting plains, where they may revel in feast and conflict. 

Years have passed since the events that caused for the ogre horde to be employed and the Asylum has fallen into extreme disrepair. The hordes beneath the earth have become so numerous that the Tribe have been pushed back closer to the surface, while deeper underground the dead have been mindlessly clawing at the dirt, blindly preparing to unleash the kingdoms darkest secret...



I am Saving the rest for post updates as I update my progress here and a painting log I will be doing now I have a new phone for photos.

I have decided to go against the grey skin I was doing in favour or a more natural skin colour, I think I need to focus on the basics before I go mad! I am painting all the cloth and clothing a rich purple, a colour that has represented death in the past. The basing I will be doing will be using celtic runes and crypt like themes to tie into my overall theme. 

I will also be trying my hand to heavily convert a lot of my figures to really make my force look unique and stand out.

The paints for these are all due to be delivered tomorrow so with any luck I should be able to start posting some progress photos.

The army ties in very nicely with my borthers ( Also attending the tournament) who is running undead, so we may even have some crossover pieces. 


Thank you for taking the time to read all of this if you got this far :)

See you all soon.


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