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Less Cheese - More Freeze




After lots of thought I decided to theory craft a less cheese-tastic list for the upcoming tournament for a number of reasons:

  • As my first tournament and having not met other players I want to make friends more than I want to win.
  • I don't want to win matches due to a broken army rather than because I played well
  • I want to dedicate my army to a sub faction rather than a mixed destruction army for my first tournament 

With that in mind I have crafted a potential list and would appreciate feedback or criticism.


Frostlord on Stonehorn (460)
Huskard on Thundertusk (340)
Icebrow Hunter (160)

Mournfang Pack x 6 (600)

(Potentially split into 3x2 or a pack of 2 and 4)
Frost Sabres x 6 (180)
Frost Sabres x 6 (180)

(Potentially in a big squad of 12 instead as a teleporting tar pit)

Skal (60)
(Allows my frost sabres to deep strike with my Icebrow hunter)

Total: 1980/2000

Ok so the idea being I charge in the frostlord to do what they do best, the huskard sits behind two mournfang placed sideways to block charges and the other 4 play offensively.

The icebrow hunter and 12 sabres deepstrike into objectives, getting all tar pitty while the thundertusk blasts from afar. 


I am also crafting one similar using yetis at the moment and will post that when I have a chance to go over it more






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