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Having completed the first test model - see previous post WIP - I realised the red scheme was a little too gaudy for my liking. So I sat down and assembled the rest of the box and while doing so decided on a new paint scheme, one that would be quick to paint and allow me to go to town with highlghts once the basic tabletop standard was done.

And here they are: 


The scheme is nice and simple and will allow me to quickly paint new units once added. All the paints used are from the Army Painter coloured spray primers and Warpaints.

  • Prime with Platemail Metal spray.
  • Skin = Goblin Green
  • Belts / Boots / Shoulder Plates / extra armour plates = Necromancer Cloak
  • Trousers / Wrist straps = Monster Brown
  • Loin Cloths = Tanned & Barbarian Flesh
  • Weapon handles / pouches / straps = Dirt Splatter
  • Bones = Skeleton bone
  • Stormcast Eternal helmet trophy = Greedy Gold

Once done mix together 7 parts Dark Tone with 3 parts Strong Tone Quickshade Ink and wash the models heavily, removing any pooling. Once dry PVA on the top of the base, dip in AP Battlefields Brown basing and edge in Monster Brown.

These 5 took me around 5 hours to paint today and are ready to take to the battlefield. I can add highlights and detailing later.



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