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Usurped By Tzeentch



The Silver Tower has landed, destroying the Gorefangz even before they could take to battle. Luckily I'd painted them all up before they were usurped and so selling them on was pretty straight forward.

orruk brutes.jpg

And why has this been done...


To say I'm excited for this release is beyond words. An avid player of the original Heroquest/Advanced Heroquest, when Warhammer Quest was first released I played that game to death - usually my characters as that dungeon crawl was tough. But every win was so much the sweeter for it. And in a few days time the new version will be on my gamestable.

Most of my hobby funds went into pre-ordering this and so the thought of not adding to the Orruks for at least a month or two gnawed at me. But when I realised I could make a small force of Tzeentch from the models in the boxed game the decision was made.


the Darkoath Chieftain will be my army general, a homage to my original Quest character, the barbarian Ox. The warscrolls will be in this weeks White Dwarf and from the leaked images I have seen, imply I can play the models from the set as a viable force in Age of Sigmar.

So let the Changer of Ways come forth and unleash the denizens of the Silver Tower upon the Realms.


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