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  1. As part of my resolution to play lots of games in the new year (as opppsed to barely any in the… https://t.co/tWAsR2WmKd

  2. Death warband all ready for painting while the Darkoath Cheiftaon from Silver Tower is getting… https://t.co/5qztyEQ5TX

  3. RT @4lisaguerrero: Please, Please Read the Letter Aaron Sorkin Wrote His Daughter After Donald Trump Was Elected President. https://t.co/aH…

  4. As Trump was declared the new President elect, my cat spectacularly vomited. Coincidence?

  5. The start of my new AOS force has arrived: #ageofsigmar #grandallianceDEATH https://t.co/XEUqufc5Vy

  6. So, which Legion/Legions should I paint the models from Calth and Prospero boxes games?

  7. @chetstead still haven't finished painting the set yet. Will be keeping my Warhammer Quest - love the game.

  8. RT @thenutribullet: Not only is this #pumpkin pie Blast an instant favorite, it’s full of protein too! #NBAutumn https://t.co/IZ0Rn1lkr2 ht…

  9. RT @joss: As the father of a young girl, I am deeply upset by how far I have to drive to her soccer games. As a human person, trump said fu…

  10. First batch of Zombicide models into the Dettol strip-bath. I bought a second hand copy of the… https://t.co/QST6YKpTg6

  11. @my_gaming_life if you go to the AOS Fans FB group, they are in the files section

  12. So the game I'm doing the background writing for is a couple of weeks away from launching on… https://t.co/8Osdvg4w1u

  13. Figured out a great colour scheme for the Sylvaneth skin to carry across all the models.… https://t.co/UegpptLlHO

  14. #WIP #miniaturemonday work progresses on my Age Of Sigmar Tree-Revenants. #AOS (who lurks in the background?) https://t.co/Hr4rgbZy3Z

  15. A rare occasion: I'm permitted to create my famous spag-Bol (Cosby did all my house chores).… https://t.co/YnmT1FQaec

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