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Down the Red Path...




This marks the first entry of my blog, The Brass Citadel. Here's where I'll log my progress as I build up a Khornite army, using Bloodbound and Daemons. I'll also be writing up fluff for the warband, and charting its exploits as I take it to the table! 

Sadly, I don't have much to show for myself this moment, other than still-grey minis. The Bloobound half of the starter set arrived the other day, so I've built the characters, Blood Warriors and the Khorgorath. I'm not a big fan of Bloodreavers; I know they can be nasty when combined with Bloodsecrators and Warshrines, but I'm wary of their pitiful suitability. I left them on the sprue for now. I've also assembled and based the White Dwarf Slaughterpriest; I intend to get working on him in time for the painting competition.

Attached are pictures of my minis, awaiting primer and some assembly.  This is the first time I've tried using cork on the bases. I normally don't like working with sand, so the cork minimizes the headache while being easy to do and (hopefully) looking good!




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