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About this blog

A hobby blog dedicated to all things Khorne. 

Clan Skryre and their allies have infested this blog! Under new management of Warlord Keech Ashensnout. Glory to Vrrtkin! 

Entries in this blog

Army Fluff & Color Schemes

With this entry, I'll talk a bit about the fluff I have in mind for my army, as well as potential color schemes.  I've been eyeing the different Bloodbound warbands and their color schemes in the battletome, and there are a few I'm pretty fond of. I think a mix of color is more interesting than the solid red and brass of the Goretide, which is a pretty classic depiction of Khorne-aligned armies. The Iron Horde is a radical departure from the usual red/black/brass, and the 'Eavy Metal team h



Down the Red Path...

This marks the first entry of my blog, The Brass Citadel. Here's where I'll log my progress as I build up a Khornite army, using Bloodbound and Daemons. I'll also be writing up fluff for the warband, and charting its exploits as I take it to the table!  Sadly, I don't have much to show for myself this moment, other than still-grey minis. The Bloobound half of the starter set arrived the other day, so I've built the characters, Blood Warriors and the Khorgorath. I'm not a big fan of Bloodrea



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