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Update on terrain



No new models yet but the latest news is that they will arrive next teusday so I have been cracking on with all the Wyldwoods for the Sylvaneth.

Here are some WIP pictures. The first step was to glue down a couple of bits of bark and tiny cork gravel to the forest bases. Then a layer of grey hobby paint and a drybrush of lighte gray. i wonder if my friend will ever field all 13 woods in one game....


Foto 2016-08-23 20 04 41.jpg

Foto 2016-08-23 21 53 15.jpg

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Indeed, based in Mölndal.

I haven't decided on the trees yet, my "costumer" is more interrested in the gaming aspect of the hobby so he is looking for practical terrain. I have some plastic plants that I'm gonna cut up and use as shrubbery and maybe paint the tree outlines, top-down view, directly on the bases. Will be easier to move models into and out of that way. 

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So you're going for a "wyldbush" look rather then ;D

That's fair, I don't mind some practical terrain myself, especially when you're putting down this amount in one game potentially :) 

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