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A sticky beginning.




A friend of mine have been thinking about jumping back into the hobby for a while and after a nice three-way battle last weekend he was more ready then ever!

The problem was he had no wish to build or paint the stuff himself but when I offered him my humble services he accepted and took the plunge. After much discussion and analyzing he decided he wanted to play Sylvaneth over Flesh Eater Courts. The initial order was for one Start Collecting box, one box of Kurnoth Hunters and the battletome. A nice comfortable force to begin with.

Now the post from England to Sweden is the quickest so what to do while I wait? Being the MathHammer that he is my friend quickly realized that he was going to need some Wyldwood. A lot of Wyldwoods. Matched play scenarios ends after 5 turns usually, he would be allowed to place one wood after deployment and potentially summon one each round with the Treeman Ancient. Wyldwoods is as we all know 1-3 citadel woods. Max that and you get 3+3*5 = 18 woods! At the price GW takes that a lot of money so, being the friendly painter commission painter that I am, I offered an alternative.

I had reacently acquired a template for the Citadel Woods footprint, and with a bit of scavenging in my father-in-laws workshop I began my production!


I probably won't do 18 of them but 10-12 will be no problem at all.





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