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Founding the Pleasure Cult



The only Slaves of Chaos options that elicit my interest are the Lord of Slaanesh on Daemonic Mount (LoSDM) and Hellstriders. However, as much as I enjoy the decadent greco-roman motifs, the old Norscan influence is prevalent, and does not appeal to my tastes. Men are not the only race to fall prey to the Dark Prince's machinations, He has a long and sordid history with the Aelves, and old lore states that of all the Chaos Gods, Slaanesh was the most pervasive in their culture. With Morathi now firmly set against She Who Thirsts, the old aelven pleasure cults are lost to history... Leaving room for new cults to form, no longer tainted by Shadow Queen's fickle leadership. The hedonistic spirit of the Druchii lives on, set loose upon the unsuspecting realms!

Malcontented with the imposed conservatism over Ulgu's common populace, Lystroth eagerly joined the slaughter of Karond Drannach as a Seeker Host of Slaanesh savaged the city, penetrating toward its namesake tower. His blade tore into the throat of a boorish neighbor, spraying red across the rode. He watched the blood twist through the cobblestones, pulsing his hand against the head of hair still clutched between his fingers. After moments, or hours, a great call undulated through the streets, Lystroth's gaze rose to the burning tower and the victorious, glistening host parading back down the the Witch's Road. He felt the blade slip from his palm, and into the sheath. His legs stepped behind the corpse, his arms heaved his neighbor into the oncoming revel, and he could not find the will to take command of himself until the daemon chariot coursed by and sent gore splattering into the air. Blinking through the mess, he caught the gaze of the daemoness standing atop the chariot's dais for an instant, before the crack of her whip hurled him into darkness.

He woke to a city in mourning and turmoil, it brought a smile to his face.


Nagh Kheitain Khyrkanashaith (Pale Soul-Eater Cult of Pleasure)

Lystroth Serpentsworn (LoSDM)

After the siege of Karond Drannach, Lystroth was shortly found by its architect, the sorceress Lesith as she searched the city for others that had fallen to She Who Thirsts. Despite her wiles and magics, the cultists would not be swayed by 'the Usurper' to blindly obey, but instead gathered around Lystroth who urged the cult to quit tiresome Karond Drannach and hunt across the realm for greater pleasures. Following his lead, the cult sacked the tower's armory, stables, and pillaged corpse, then quit the city with their stolen horses and blood crusted arms.

Nagh Kheitain's leader should be fairly simple to sort out by combining the LoSDM kit with a Black Dragon or Drakespawn rider. For all of the helmeted aelves in the cult, I am considering the removal of the standard helm ornaments for slaanesh icons, or just smoothing them out and painting the symbols on later.

Lesith the Usurper (Chaos Sorcerer on Steed)

Seductive, but lacking in sorceress power, Lesith turned to Chaos to revenge her lack on the others in her coven. The daemon siege culminated with the destruction of her peers and coven master, and her entire retinue. Intent on restoring her power base, she ventured out to bring the budding followers of Slaanesh into her personal garden, but Slaanesh's favor protected them from her iron grasp. As her deeds became known to the cult, she was named 'the Usurper' to remind followers of her treacherous nature, but as the harbinger of their new freedom she welcomed as their priestess and spiritual adviser.

Currently, the only mounted Sorceress figure is in the Black Dragon kit, that with a Dark Steed from a Scourgerunner Chariot should be perfect.

Vebha Blisscutter and Nagh Kheitain Khalirii (Hellstriders)

Garbed in the blasphemed armor of their murdered suppressors, astride daemonic mounts, the Nagh Kheitain Khalirii case down their prey with wild abandon. Led by the insatiable Vebha, desperately loyal to Lystroth's perverse crusade, these riders gladly offer the souls of their victims to She Who Thirsts and luxuriate in His blessings.

Using the arms and mounts from the Hellstriders kit with Drakespawn riders should make for an impressive themed unit. Vebha might only need a sorceress head on a rider body, or perhaps another Black Dragon sorceress, a decision best left until the models are in hand for conversion.  


This set-up will be nearly twice as expensive as not doing a Cult of Pleasure army, but I think there's a lot of potential and I'm enjoying the narrative. I'll likely only dip into this a little bit, until I have my copy of Wrath and Rapture. But first, I need to get a box of Daemonettes and some paints so I can ease back into the hobby!

Let me know what you think, or if you have any suggestions!



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