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The Seed of Corruption



I don't play Warhammer to be competitive, I play to experience the world and its lore, I like to flesh out my armies and give them narrative. At this point I am, creatively and pragmatically, starting from scratch, striving toward the first benchmark of 500 points (1 hero and 2 battleline units). To move forward, I must consider the nature of the story I want to tell, and the game-play I want to experience (and keep in mind that HoS is yet to receive its battletome). 

As I enjoy a narrative with a upward trajectory, and because the Lord of Slaanesh on Daemonic Mount (name forthcoming) has the only instance of chaos armor I don't loathe, and wouldn't a big unit of Hellstriders look great alongside him, I'm going to take the mortal aspiring to daemonhood angle. Maybe someday I'll get a Sorcerer Lord on Daemonic Mount, one can certainly dream.

With our dashing villain and his five companions finding favor from Slaanesh (or similar) in the form of their daemonic steads, he receives visions that inspire him to hunt for the Dark Prince's prison, gathering more followers as he chases whispers in the realm of Ulgu. His adventures in the shadow realm inspire five more Hellstriders to join his revel, and attract the eye of a Herald of Slaanesh, and her cabal of daemonette servants. 

Hellstrider Host (500/500)
Hosts of Slannesh: Seekers

Lord of Slaanesh on Daemonic Mount
10 Hellstriders (Clawspear + Shield)

Herald of Slaanesh
10 Daemonettes

Which is about $150 off the GW webstore. With that finally in hand, I can start putting some money away for this little project and give some personality to the Lord and Herald. 



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