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An important part of improving play is constantly working and innoavting your list, changing it as you learn new things about your army. This post is taking a look at the force I personally ran for the majority of the NZ AOS 2017 tournaments, and an overview of how it went. Here's the list.

Allegiance: Skaven Pestilens

Plague Furnace (200)
Plague Priest with Plague Censer (80)
Plague Priest with Plague Censer (80)

30 x Plague Monks (210)
- Foetid Blades
- Pestilens Battleline
30 x Plague Monks (210)
- Foetid Blades
- Pestilens Battleline
10 x Plague Monks (70)
- Foetid Blades
- Pestilens Battleline
30 x Plaguebearers Of Nurgle (270)

War Machines
Plagueclaw (180)
Plagueclaw (180)
Plagueclaw (180)

Congregation of Filth (140)
Foulrain Congregation (200)

Total: 2000 / 2000
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 140


Not a terrible list, but looking back with a bit more experience this list needs a lot of improvement to be competitive. Two big errors that are immediately apparent to me now are clear, the first is the fact that Clan Pestilens is a horde army but I only have 70 rats here, and the second is the fact that I'm spending 720pts on a catapult formation that over the course of the tournament would on average only ever kill cheap battleline chaff. Furthermore, the prayers on the Plague Furnace are absolutely vital if you want to run Plague Monks in units of 30 or more, so you shoul take at least one Plague Furnace per unit of 30+, something I haven't done here. The plaguebearers are nice, but this is an agressive army and any point spent towards defensive takes away from the overall army strategy. 

The last tournament this list was used was NZ Inpeticon in October last year. I went 3 Major Voctories 2 Major Defeats, which isn't a bad result at all. However to learn we look to our defeats, not our victories.  I faced a moderately elite, multi wound destruction army that I absolutely should have run over the top of, but lost due to persuing character kills and not reaching objectives fast enough. While hindsight is 20/20, i recognize the mistakes I made here and won't be making them again. My second loss however was against Sylvaneth, a good friend of mine called Lee who I regularly practise against. I went into this game fresh with a jumble of different skaven strats tumbling about in my head raring to go but Lee manipulated the table extremely well, locking me off from sections and forcing me to funnel my rats into a killbox where his Kurnoth Scythes were waiting.  This game was straight up murder, I don't think there was any stage where I had a viable method of pulling it back into my favor. Sylvaneth are often a problem for rats, especially when the Sylvaneth player is experienced. I'll get ya next time Lee.

Soon I'll post my list for the NZ Masters tournament last month, and go over the results had there.






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