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  1. I'm more wondering if hard counter units to, say, Skyfires might sufficiently deter spamming a powerful unit. It may encourage taking a balanced force. Of course, it's all about the meta at very top end and, potentially, new releases and new strategies may regulate balance.
  2. What about just having hard counters rather than points increase? Perhaps via grand alliance allegiance abilities at zero cost but with drawback component?
  3. Those minis are nowhere near as terrible as I thought they'd be from the mentions.
  4. Thanks for the replies
  5. Just looking at competitive in the sense of a good game rather than smashing things. Not bothered about continuation either. They'll either just change Aelves completely or re-group them like they've done with other factions. Can't be too fussed on continuation when after Skaven from other half of set for Clan Verminus!
  6. Thinking of grabbing a couple of boxes of Spire of Dawn for the Skaven. If I were to hold on to the Aelves, how would you expand the force or are they junk?
  7. This is how i've worked since September, but it just means i'm still working on September stuff!
  8. OK, here the milliput 'bird' skull and the latest project. Waiting for gs on terrain to cure so I can file and prime. Also made a concept skaven marker. Plenty of finger prints on it plus it's sunk a little, but think it'll look OK once painted for first go.
  9. As per title. After full Skaven side from Spire of Dawn on sprue with round bases and construction booklet. Possibly after more than one set. Willing to pay £25 per set inclusive P&P. Cheers
  10. Think you have to make 5 posts first.
  11. Very early days, but I had a 20 minute fiddle with milliput last night followed by a 20 minute fiddle with green stuff. I'm currently preferring milliput to work with but i'm sure green stuff will be better in the long run. The issue i've had with the green stuff is that it has the consistency of a left-in-the-sun Refresher bar. Whilst milliputt is like fondant. I tried making a cape out of green stuff just to see how it went when cured and I screwed up by leaving it on something that it could stick to. However, (and I appreciate that it probably didn't look very good) I felt that it actually looked very decent for very little effort. On the other hand, I was struggling with it as a filler (it wanted to stretch whilst I wanted something nearer to a paste) and as something to craft things with. I have grabbed some paperclips and will try again with it re crafting. I found the milliput to be better for the things I tried. I used it to fill out the underside of a base of a poorly balanced Prosecutor. I also used it as support material in teh gaps on some terrain (i.e. on the underside of the throne of the Magewrath Throne). I've also made a 'tiny' (i.e. would fit on a dreadnought!) Raven Guard style bird skull. It probably looks terrible - will post picture at some point - but it's more of having a go than the result at this point. I can already see that milliput would be rubbish for tiny things because of it's consistency and that the weight of it will damage models in the long run. Hence, why I will try harder with the green stuff. Am I right in thinking that the green stuff cures to a relatively ridgid rubber consistency? That's how the cape felt before I chucked it (about 3 hours after making it).
  12. I like the level of forethought, focus and planning detailed in this post. And to everyone else, thank you. Good tips so far with some general underlying themes
  13. Wow, the post count went up quick. Thanks for the tips so far. I haven't been able to read all of them yet (on lunch break) but will read the later ones later today. I am and have been adopting the 'don't buy any more until i've painted what i've got', but that has just caused my painting to grind to a halt. Once i've finished the Blood bound I think i'll feel better. That could be part of the problem to be honest. Knowing that i'm on this project and not having to set a project in waiting makes it very easy to change my mind easily. Also I have the problem of 'special snowflake syndrome'. I don't want flavour of the month but I don't want trash. I like one army because the rules sound cool and another because of the aesthetics and another because of the lore and then another because something else comes out. I do like the idea of just collecting them all - may one starting collecting box from each faction to at least try the rules etc and maybe i'll be drawn to wards one in particular.
  14. I'm pretty much a newbit to the hobby and game despite having been interested in Warhammer since 2nd edition 40k. Over the last 20 years or so i've had my head turned by nearly every army. I've painted about 10% of what i've bought in that time and haven't played a game since second, but i'm really interested in hobby (having found out that that painting is fun, not stressful). I'm also looking to get into AoS games. However, I still suffer from having my head turned by every bloody army. I bought the starter set with the idea of doing Khorne Bloudbound. I've still not painted all of the heroes and i'm part way through the Blood Warriors and I bought it at the end of September! (in my defence I have done the Stormcast and the other Khorne bits from the set and i've learnt a lot of hobby along the way). I'm now looking at Ironjawz, but literally two podcasts later and i'm thinking ' oh, x would be fun to do'). So how do you guys (those who are weak willed like me) stay on task? What motivates you to stick with project A rather than straying to project B, C then D - before project A has even taken off? One thing that people have said in the past is, go with the army you like the look of or like the rules of, but i'm not playing games at the moment (but would like to once i've got some painted stuff together) and the new lines hardly have any duds visually. In 8th I'd be like 'I like the look of Dark Elves except for the core', whilst' taking the Ironjawz, for example, there are no dud looking models for me. Help!