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  1. Not sure about creating shooty units for Ironjawz. There is complete justification for airship in the lore though.
  2. Ah, my bad. Very cool
  3. Fair point. Suppose it depends on whether it would be print on demand and, even then, how much people are prepared to throw at GW for old sculpts. Funnily enough, the relatively generic 'Knights of the Realm' style of the Brets may be the reason they're not on GW's radar for update (aka IP protection reasons).
  4. No idea, but new stuff is designed on computer. Not impossible that they have converted old stuff to digital and placed on hard drive to resurrect in future. Moulds are expensive but where we're going, we don't need moulds (possibility of print to order in future on retro - who knows tech in 5 years).
  5. That's good, coz one of the less pleasing visuals of Bloodbound is lack of big beastie.
  6. is the Khorne one replacing the Bloodbound one? Like is it a daemon and mortal combined book like Disciples of Tzeentch?
  7. Thanks. I have to complete a project before moving onto the next so i'm just trying to get stuff done to a TT standard. The agrellan earth issue I had wasn't the cracking. It was that is just wanted to flake off - absolutely zero adhesion to the base. I've seen some say about basecoating the base before application, which I didn't do. But i've also seen others saying it wasn't necessary. it wasn't a tiny bit flaky - you could practically blow it off. Hopefully, it was a formular issue or i'd let it sit too long. Thanks for the tip on brushes. I've either not given them the TLC they deserve or i'm doing something wrong because i've wrecked them. I think sometimes it's the eagerness to basecoat and trying to ram a M brush into the crevices! I've probably not cleaned them as well as I could. Any tips on good but quick cleaning would be appreciated. Just using warp tap water and fingers at the mo. In terms of painting, i've put second basecoat on the Blood Warriors. Made a slight error and did missed areas in Khorne Red instead of Mephiston Red, but sorted that out. Then done a fairly heavy purple wash to emphasise the recesses. I think i've gone too light on the washes in the past. Also, i've used the wet palette less recently. Think it's better for detail work.
  8. Try @Jon_Kerr_T4G on twitter (or here?)
  9. I've now finished my Bloodbound Reavers to a standard I am happy with. I've spent longer than you'd think on them and was getting bored, so rushed the final finish. Not going to paint 20 of anything else in one go because procrastination kicks in at the effort. I'm going to finish the 9 i've got left from the starter set (Mighty Lord of Khorne, Bloodsecrator, Bloodstoker, Khorgorath, and the Blood Warriors) and then move on to Ironjaws (I may get the Orc BB team before that). I've based the other Khorne red so far but they need another coat. I've learnt a few things this time: - Agrellan Earth is terrible - couldn't get it to stick (bought it when it first came out though - bad batch/bad formula/old?) - If you can base with spray it saves loads of time. Will do in the future. - Be more delicate with brushes - L/M Base brushes are already knackered - More is more I know nothing about colour theory - i'm painting by numbers a bit at the mo (aka using GW chart etc) - want to learn a bit more about how to colour more effectively.
  10. I was keen on dispossessed until the new dwarfs were revealed and, whilst I'd hope that the new aelfs and other factions wouldn't replace old factions, I'm not sure that the aesthetic of future new aelfs would compliment 8th line or when / if the likes of High Elves would be revisited. I'm also not sure whether the AOS factions with a tiny range will get a battletome or combined or whatever (e.g warhawk riders, phoenix temple and swifthawk agents). I'd got battletome to future proof. Tomb King point change is indicative of how old factions could be phased out.
  11. Not a fan of the aesthetic + guns. It has put me off starting duardin. But I can see the appeal and why GW want to move from a traditional Dwarf style. I expect some awesome other faction conversions with gunship.
  12. Would prefer to work from dispossessed than new aesthetic, but would like some big things that are not Golem or Mech. Perhaps bear riders or something. Personally think current range for dwarfs look amazing compared to, say, skinks and saurus. Just think they need bulking out.
  13. How about additional points for scheme matching rule set (if I understand Ben Curry's comments it's small fry points) but alternative equivalent points for 500 word background?