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  1. Heard on latest black sun ep @Chris Tomlin that skirmish book mentions ur-gold golem. Make of that what you will re dispossessed.
  2. Kingdom of Ind

    They look great @Chris Tomlin. Would like to see better photographs if you don't have to got to too much effort. Edit: Also, may have found elephants to scale! https://aventineminiatures.co.uk/catalog/index.php
  3. Kingdom of Ind

    I do recall hearing about the odd game with them on The Black Sun podcast. Would love to see them.
  4. Kingdom of Ind

    And they were looking good on Herdstone - shame they gave up. Such a beautiful army book and so much effort gone in to it to have no other players. Thanks both. The search continues.
  5. Has anyone anywhere ever made a Kingdom of Ind army based on the fanfic army book that came out in 8th? I'd love to see some of the models. In the future, when i've had a lot more practice at all of the elements of the hobby, I'd like to try and put something together. Has anyone with any interest in Kingdom of Ind had any luck finding suitable 28mm models to represent those in the aforementioned army book? Finally, how would you translate something like this into AoS? It seems to me that, initially, the best way is to take an existing alliance and 'count as' everything.
  6. Doesn't the Sylvaneth battletome have a cross-faction battalion? Separate question, should battalions be free to monofactions in match play?
  7. On the back of those suggesting things along the line of Araby; Cathay; and Nippon, I'd really have like to see Kingdom of Ind. Can't even find anything remotely similar from 3rd parties either.
  8. Beastmen Alliance

    At one point in the Old World lore, the justification for Beastman not having daemon princes was explained by the fact that Beastman are wholly made from chaos and within the thrall of chaos. They don't bargain with the gods like other mortals do and they can't therefore gain favour in the same way that other mortals can. Kind of a raw deal really. The newer Tzaangors are arguably a different breed that the traditional beastman.
  9. Army Painter Paints

    Cheers. Thanks all. Looks like they're worth picking up.
  10. Thinking of getting the 50 paint set from army painter based on variety to cost. Do people rate the range?
  11. Thanks for all the tips. Even the ones that said 'grow up and learn to have some self control!' I've already got the Khorne/Sigmar starter set (90% painted). I've been tempted by Death and Destruction, but i'm going to finish painting the starter set and then buy 2 boxes of Spire of Dawn. This will allow me to paint different things whilst keeping to an Order vs Chaos setup. I've then got the option to expand 4+ different factions within 2 allegiences.
  12. Slaves to Darkness lore

    I can heartily recommend 'Wulfrik' as a novel which really gives you the flavour of marauders etc.
  13. Which sounds about right for a lascannon
  14. I'm more wondering if hard counter units to, say, Skyfires might sufficiently deter spamming a powerful unit. It may encourage taking a balanced force. Of course, it's all about the meta at very top end and, potentially, new releases and new strategies may regulate balance.
  15. What about just having hard counters rather than points increase? Perhaps via grand alliance allegiance abilities at zero cost but with drawback component?