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  1. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    @Tizianolol Household has the regular Treelord, Gnarlroot changes that to a TLA instead.
  2. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    It's been like that since the first GHB. For example, Alarielle and Drycha are marked as unique in the Sylvaneth pitched battle profiles, which signifies a named character. SoD has no such notes. The Sylvaneht battletome even has a section on the Sons of Durthu, named Spirit of Durthu in the game. According to the lore, they're descendants of Durthu, not Durthu himself.
  3. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    MW output would come from Drycha (Bolt, Primal Terror or Dwellers, depending on the situation), Arcane Bolt and wyldwood activations. For pseudo-MW, Treelords have impaling talons against heroes. Wyldwoods would seem to be semi-reliable with three casters and a plan to drop and bunker objectives. If I load Vulkites with slingshields, that would be an average of 5 MW for charging, although I don't know if that's better than trerolling failed hits.
  4. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    @Nico Luckily, my local meta currently doesn't have Seraphon, but even then, I thought about it and found it really hard to justify taking out TLA, even for Durthu. I'd lose a caster, command ability, another chance to get a wyldwood on the table in the early game, ten bodies and a resilient healer to gain -2 rend and possibly protection for my other heroes. Alarielle just won't fit, unless I drop Ironbark entirely. Hunters have a similar problem as Durthu, except I give up 20 Dryads instead of 10. I'll look over possible allies, but I may have to just run without a source of -2 rend. I was toying with the option of using Daith's Reaper, but it doesn't seem like a very good option on TLA for the low volume of attacks. Thanks for your input, I have a lot to think over now.
  5. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    Now that warscrollbuilder has updated, I got around to making my Ironbark idea into an actual list. Without further ado: Allegiance: SylvanethBranchwych (80)- Artefact: Acorn of the Ages - Deepwood Spell: Verdant BlessingDrycha Hamadreth (280)- Deepwood Spell: The ReapingTreelord Ancient (300)- General- Trait: Gnarled Warrior - Artefact: Briarsheath - Deepwood Spell: RegrowthAuric Runesmiter (80)- Runic Iron 10 x Dryads (100)20 x Dryads (200)5 x Tree-Revenants (80)5 x Tree-Revenants (80)30 x Vulkite Berzerkers (330)- Pairs of HandaxesTreelord (240)Household (70)Ironbark Wargrove (160)Total: 2000/2000 I think the list has merit, one drop, Drycha the suicide bomber, 3 behemoths, 2 units of 20+, some shooting. I don't think I could fit Kurnoth Hunters in there without giving up too much elsewhere. I could drop 20 Dryads and TLA for 2x5 or 6 Hunters, but without Gnarlroot to bring Hunters back, I'm not sure they're worth it. What do you guys think? Anything that needs changing or could be better?
  6. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    This bit caught my eye, since I'm slowly planning out a 2000 point Ironbark list with Fyreslayer infantry and a Runesmiter. I was discussing this over the weekend with a friend who collects and fields duardin of almost all kinds, who agreed that many other duardin units would simply lag behind your main army, forced to run every turn, forgoing any shield wall shenanigans and likely getting picked off by shooting or simply arriving too late. Pre-GHB17, I was also considering running Bugmans Rangers in Ironbark, but that's gone now. What do you think about the viability of such a list, since it gives us the option to get units onto an objective that may be too close to an objective to plant a wyldwood? 230 points for the battalion is steep, but could come from running a small unit of allies or none at all.
  7. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    The source for this was apparently one of the bigger podcasts, who were brought on as playtesters. I can't remember which podcast it was, I tried to find the episode in question but couldn't find anything. The next big thing was Skirmish coming out and the formula for point-to-renown conversion fueling the rumor mill.
  8. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    I went to a local 1k tournament yesterday, rocking the Gnarlroot list I asked about here. The list: Allegiance: SylvanethBranchwych (100)- Artefact: Acorn of the Ages - Deepwood Spell: The ReapingTreelord Ancient (300)- General- Trait: Gnarled Warrior - Artefact: Briarsheath - Deepwood Spell: RegrowthLoremaster (100)10 x Dryads (120)5 x Tree-Revenants (100)3 x Kurnoth Hunters (180)- GreatbowsHousehold (20)Gnarlroot Wargrove (80)Sylvaneth Wyldwood - Sylvaneth Allegiance (0)Total: 1000/1000 The tournament: We played three rounds with two and a half hours per round. Prizes were 100€ credit towards GW store orders (barring web-exclusives), two copies of Blood Bowl Starter boxes, two copies of Dawn of War 3 from a local game store and 40€ from the LGS the tournament took place in. Out of the twelve people registered, we had eight players show up, mostly due to health. The tables: We used a bunch of community terrain, with three out of four tables fairly evenly filled, and one table going for a fields and farmlands theme being really filled up. Players voted to not use scenery rules other than LoS blocking and cover to keep things simpler, as many players only recently tried AoS out, coming from X-Wing, 40k, WHFB and 9th Age. The games: Round 1: The battleplan was Take and Hold, and I was up against an almost-but-not-quite Kunning Rukk player. He had 20 arrowboys, one thundertusk, two units of three ogors, a unit of boarboyz, a savage orruk big boss and no battalions. The table we played on was the worst one, with lots of wheatfields, blocking me from using my wyldwoods effectively. I dropped my list in a single drop, made the mistake of going first, spinning my wheels on the first turn. His first turn was similar, using his destruction move and running with almost everything, charged my Tree-Revenants and . I won initiative on turn two, shot some boyz, got my TLA to his side of the board, and failing every casting roll I tried. He moved his guys toward me, and arrowboys back toward my TLA, who took a massive two wounds from their shooting. Turn three, he got initiative, moved in for the major victory, snowballing my Loremaster to takes control of the objective and the major victory, only to be thwarted by a lone dryad being in range. He then tried to take out the dryads with his boarboyz, killing 3, but losing one model in return. In my turn, I brought back two dryads, killed of most of his boarboys, took his arrowboys to under ten, starting to turn the game around, only to lose to running out of time and having less kill points. Not sure if you're supposed to be able to play out the remainder of the turn, in which case I would've been able to take a minor victory from taking out another ogor and clearing out the arrowboys. No hard feelings though, the game was a blast and we could've played it faster. I didn't leverage my TLA enough, and played too cautiously, while my opponent didn't snowball my TLA even once. Round 2: Blood and Glory against Brayherds. Again, first time playing against them, so I was cautious. I don't know exactly what he had, aside from a horde of goats. The table was more open, allowing me to put down my woods rather freely. I deployed in a single drop, telling my opponent what each unti could do, to some deserved groans. I deployed wide, wanting to navigate my TLA to my free wyldwood while my opponent deployed heavily to one side, opting to drop one unit on my right side to hold the objective there. I let him have the first turn and he ran to the mid-line with almost everything, leaving the single unit to camp the objective. In my turn, I dropped another wyldwood, TLA got the the other wyldwood just fine, and my other units shuffled around a bit to get into position for a larger teleport the next turn. TLA shooting took out a few models, and that was it. He won initiative the next turn, tried to put the hurt on my TLA, got a couple of wounds on it, but suffered heavy losses for his trouble. In my turn, I got my hunters teleported, ran up the board with dryads and my branchwych. Hunters dealt low damage with their shots, and the TLA went to work again. He won initiative again, dealt a couple of mortal wounds with arcane bolt, charged his general into my TLA, moved his unit away from the objective away to engage my wych and dryads, losing the unit in the process and moved a second blob of battleline into my TLA, getting punished for his trouble yet again. In my turn, the hunters rolled very well, killing his general in a single round of shooting. His army fell apart, and I took the major in my fourth turn. Round 3: Border War against Duardin. Hoooo boy. This one I didn't enjoy. My most played opponent run a Disposessed list that I have never beat, mostly by losing out to his skill in deployment and movement, with an emphasis on buffed thunderers. My opponent, however, had a big unit of Vulkites Berserkers, an Unforged, Longbeards, Ironbreakers and a Warden King modelled as a queen. The table was set up in such a way that I put my free wyldwood down between two objectives that ended up being the left side and in my opponents deployment objective. I got to choose sides, opting to leave that wyldwood on my opponents side, dropped my army, had him go first, dropped my wyldwood in a similar fashion between the other two objectives, ported my TLA to the left side objective, moved another unit to the right side, took 5 victory points, and my opponent had no answer to that. We ended up finishing the game, but it took me three turns just to kill the Warden Queen, tabling him in the fifth round without losing a single model. After the game, he was even nice enough to give me the Citadel Wood I borrowed from him for the tournament and he took the nonsense I pulled on the table in stride, even roleplaying the Longbeards grumbling about how in the old days, everyone was on square bases, and how base edges used to be green for everyone. Very cool guy. Conclusion: My second round opponent took third place and got store credit, I took second for the Blood Bowl starter and Dawn of War 3, and first place was a Death list that ran a Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon that tabled all of his opponents. I'm fairly happy with my list, even if it has two big flaws in magic reliance and low model count. Household stopping enemy models from retreating came up in every game, TLA did most of the heavy lifting, Hunters helped out either a tiny bit or straight up murdered things, Dryads held the line as they tend to do, Tree-Revenants were mostly just a threat that died quickly and the Branchwych planted trees and didn't really do a whole lot after that most of the time. I still need to work on my Loremaster placement, so he can stay relevant after the TLA teleports away. I had fun playing and meeting the local community, there was even some discussion on having the next one be a 2k ladder tournament, and I'm thinking about getting a skirmish league going in the summer and trying out Blood Bowl. Thanks for reading!
  9. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    Yup, got as much from Nico's answer too. Kind of a shame, but I guess I can see why they'd do it like that.
  10. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    Thanks for clarifying that, I've been playing my Loremaster with the item that lets you have -1 to hit in one combat phase, although it hasn't been relevant in any of my games.
  11. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    I had a similar question earlier, and looking around, I came to this conclusion: According to scrollbuilder and the GHB errata, you can mix and match: "You can choose to take either the allegiance abilities for the allegiance your army belongs to, or the allegiance abilities for the Grand Alliance your army belongs to." and artefacts are allegiance abilities. The example I found was Ironjawz getting their battleline units through Ironjawz allegiance, and their traits etc. through GA Destruction.
  12. Sylvaneth for a fresh start

    I've tried looking for a basis for that, and all I see is that people keep saying that you should expect it. There were a few posts about it in the GHB2 feedback thread about how they should be 220 or 240 points per three models, and that's it. Have you seen anything else relating to this? Because I feel like it's a self-fulfilling prophecy at this point, where people keep saying that you should expect it. I'm not arguing for or against a point increase on them, although I'd prefer to have them at 180; I'm just trying to see where all this is coming from. I play with a single unit of 3 bows, so my perspective is based around that.
  13. Sylvaneth how to defeat...

    Note that 'Nothing Left Standing' removes scenery rules, not keywords. Spells don't activate Wyldwoods any more and you can run and charge in them, but teleporting still works, as well as any ability on a warscroll that checks for the wyldwood keyword. One of my regular opponents plays Ironjaws, and will take that trait every single time. It's annoying, but not gamebreaking. So far, the loss of cover has hurt me more than losing abilities, but I'm playing my Gnarlroot list against Ironjaws for the first time later today, so I may re-evaluate that position.
  14. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    Do players really hate Sylvaneth that much? I've seen a few other references to stuff like this, along with the idea that Sylvaneth players will fill out their army with Hunters, spam you off the board with shooting and Wyldwoods. And at the same time, in my limited experience, it seems more like a hateboner for what Sylvaneth can possibly do if you roll like a god. Granted, in a tournament setting you do what you can to maximize your chances of winning, but this feels like a very ****** move. How have you worked around that kind of stuff happening?
  15. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    A cool idea, but it wouldn't work. Teleport happens in movement, which is after the hero phase. Navigate Realmroots also has a random element with a chance your unit does nothing (unless it's one of the Treelord variants or you give your general Realm Walker). You also need to have a wyldwood close enough to the enemy unit. Realm Walker on the other hand could get you there. Your roll goes from 1-6 to 3-8, with a 50% chance of being able to still move. Whether or not Realm Walker is worth it, is a different question. Moonstone of the Hidden Ways lets you set up at least 4" away from an enemy unit, no wyldwood needed with the downside that it needs to go on a Sylvaneth Wizard. I don't think I've seen a clarification on whether or not navigating realmroots or using the moonstone is considered a retreat or not. I know there was a lot of discussion on the matter some number of pages back, was some kind of consensus or ruling ever reached?