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  1. Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    Yeah I agree with you. I was also mulling swapping them for a Rotbringer Sorcerer and a unit of Marauders. Although the knights would provide nice mobility and some awesome conversion oppurtunities. Thanks for the idea!
  2. Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    Gutrot and friends come on at the end of the movement phase, so it's the last thing that happens. They can't then move
  3. Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    Assuming Gutrot can bring Blight Cyst Kings on I'd be looking at running a list like this
  4. Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    I'm wondering about taking Gutrot and having him come on with 10 Blight Kings. Can those kings be in a Blight Cyst? The extra rend on them would be helpful as a hammer coming in turn one
  5. Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    The way I read it I don't think the sword and bell can combo. also muttergrub is a rotbringer artefact daemons can't take it. SOrry
  6. Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    Not sure if this is the correct place to mention this but I'm reading the Rotbringer fluff in the new book and it mentions 'pestilential brayherds' strange that pestigors exist in the fluff even in the Maggotkin tome and yet no rules or models for them are forthcoming. Might model some and use them as plague monks or something.
  7. The Rumour Thread

    On the subject of two Aelf releases I could see one being light/shadow aelves and the other being Slaanesh worshipping aelves. When Slaanesh does get some love s/he will probably need an analogue to Arcanites/Bloodbound/Rotbringers as just StD and daemons wouldn't fill out the battletome that well and a lot of Slaanesh players would feel hard done by. Personally I hope that's what happens, something a bit different for chaos and for the setting as whole. Chaos elves haven't been a thing since Storm of Chaos!
  8. The Name Game

    GW have been doing that a lot recently, with most of the Deathguard characters they were advertised as named characters when in actuality they are generic. I think that will be the same with the Heralds, I mean I doubt there is only one engineer in the entirety of Sigmars stormhosts.
  9. Review - Maggotkin of Nurgle - Rotbringers Scrolls Pg3

    @Chris Tomlin awesome review, loved the Ironjawz one you did previously as well they're really helpful and great to get a general feel for a faction. i must say with Gutrot's new rule I would love to convert a unit of Blightkings to be pirates. Then make a Gooey ship. This could get out of hand 😂
  10. Malign Portents - A Tale of ??? Warlords

    I'm just starting a Maggotkin army myself. Not going with a start collecting but I do have a starting collection to work with hope that's okay. I have to work on: 10 Blightkings 1 Sorcerer 1 Lord of Blights (when he's released)
  11. new death battletome announced!

    Am a remembering correctly that Soulblight will remain its own faction? If mixed death is a thing maybe Soulblight will get some more model support?
  12. Malign Portents

    New tome sounds really cool. A lot of complaints from Death players is how fractured the alliance is and how each chunk is a struggle to make an army with sounds like this book will address that. also if they're encompassing every Death model (so far) in the book my guess is future death releases will be entirely new ranges. Say hello to the Deathcast Eternals!
  13. New Nurgle models

    I'm hoping the Jabberslythe gets the nurgle keyword, like Slaughterbrute and Mutalith did for Khorne and Tzeentch
  14. Malign Portents

    Maybe it's just building up to the reveal of a new death army coming Q2 or something. With all the mention of Black Pyramids I half expect the next Death army to have floating black pyramids as models spawning skeletons, much like 40k's Necron Monoliths
  15. New Nurgle models

    Any idea what the beast looking thing on the far left is?