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  1. Da Bonejawz, Mawcrusha finished

    @Chris Tomlin @Aginor thanks for the encouraging words guys. I'm doing this thread mainly to record progress in painting and (if I ever do any) gaming. However getting feedback is great for keeping interest in painting. Especially as a dry spell of games at the moment is making motivating myself to paint harder. This weekend however I've been working on my Megaboss to ride the Crusha and some Ardboyz so hopefully I'll have something to post again soon. Thanks again guys!
  2. Soulblight Vs Free Guild Battle Report

    Just to go into a bit more detail can you elaborate on what allegiance abilities you used, and how you felt your units performed and what their roles were/ how well they performed at said roles?
  3. Use SC Fyreslayers for list building

    I would recommend grabbing the Path to Glory book. You can begin the campaign with only a start collecting box each and as you battle against each other your forces will steadily grow. It's a great way to get some games going while expanding your forces at your own pace. 😊
  4. Hey guys. So this weekend i tried using agrellan badland for the first time on one of my miniatures. I've never used texture paint for bases before. However I found when it had dried it didn't crack at all. I must have done something wrong here, anyone got any ideas?
  5. Getting demoralized from painting

    Also I don't know how much this applies to you, but don't get discouraged mid model. I've had a few models I've been painting that I've been sure weren't gonna work, but I've persevered to the end result and been quite pleased. in fact I was working on some Gore Gruntas today and thought, these are garbage. I should just give up and start again. Instead I took a break, looked at some random painting tutorials and some other people's models for inspiration. In fact the video that @Swooper posted here really helped me relax and think, no just get back on the horse. Now those same garbage Gruntas are well on their way to looking really good. to echo what has been said, patience, practice. Those are the keys 😊
  6. Da Crimson Crushas - Update: Army WIP shot

    I could see your dude hailing from some kind of volcano area, so maybe like ashen rocks with lava details on some of the more grandiose bases? Agrellan Badland could be a good way to go. I am just rebasing my Megaboss to see how that would look with my models. A Cassandora wash and tyrant skull drybrush over it with some tufts could make a cool wasteland effect which is what I'm aiming for. the models are looking great so I'm sure whatever you decide will look equally awesome 😊
  7. Looking forward to reading the report! my lists I have been brainstorming recently have been almost exactly the same as the one you posted with the allies changed up. I was looking at a pair of Garagants but a Troll Hag seems tempting for only slightly more points. It all hinges on the fact that the Ironskulls are nice and cheap so I'm interested to see how you found them to play and your thoughts on their uses!
  8. Getting demoralized from painting

    Painting takes practice and patience. It largely depends on what causes these mistakes really. When I first started painting I would barely let a paint dry before moving on to the next one. Which would result in muddy colours. Thinning your paints and using a palette helps with not clogging details. Multiple thin coats is better than one thick one. Take care of your brushes and be sure not to cross contaminate colours. look at online tutorials as well they are often very helpful Honestly the one thing I find most helpful is don't force it. If you feel frustrated or like painting is a slog then take a break. Come back refreshed. Im not a massively experienced painter so hopefully someone more learned than I can be more insightful. Hope that helped!
  9. Harbinger of Decay

    Fantastic idea! Looks great!
  10. Mawcrusha

  11. Ironjawz allied artillery conversion ideas.

    @Chris Tomlin I originally thought Ardboy because I couldn't see a brute getting that big by hanging back and shooting instead of getting up close. Now I'm thinking Brutes simply because it'll look better! @Antonio Rodrigues loving the cannon! Looks really cool. I think my favourite idea so far uses the Uruk hai ballista. Or maybe the hammer throw Brute. I've got such a backlog of painting to clear but once it's done I'm definitely going to look at these conversion ideas!
  12. Ironjawz allied artillery conversion ideas.

    @MalakreeThe spinning Orruk is a great idea! You could make some varied ones as well so it could work really well. @Chris Tomlin your spear chukka Brutes are seriously awesome. I saw a conversion somewhere of a brute carrying a massive crossbow on its back which was a really cool interpretation of the idea! The foot print thing is definitely something to keep in mind, it was the main thing that was putting me off of having an ard boy throwing a Doom Diver. @Arael the ballista could definitely see some use, I would stick some ironjaw plates on the front of it. Perhaps even mount it on a Gore Grunta if you wanted to go extra on converting. Would make a great Doom Diver, although the footprint might be a little large. These are some awesome ideas. Keep them coming. If anyone else has done some conversions of their own please post them! Would be awesome to see some of the work people have been doing on their Ironjawz artillery!
  13. Hey guys, been mulling over ideas for converting Ironjawz models to make allied grot artillery. Seen some pretty cool Brutes wielding massive crossbows as spear chukkas. I was thinking maybe a bloodbowl orc throwing the ball, replace the ball with a doomdiver? Or maybe a brute with a massive slingshot for a Doom Diver. Kinda drawing a blank on a rock lobba though. Any ideas?
  14. Da Bonejawz, Mawcrusha finished

    So it's finally finished, or at least I've decided to call it a day. I'm pretty happy with the overall result, it looks better in person though. For some reason yellow is hard to take pictures of! Anyway here's a few pics of the Mawcrusha, just some basing to do on it but I think I'm gonna use Agrellan badland for basing the army. I'll have to scrape the sand of the current bases but this all sounds like a job for when the army is finished. Anyway hope you like it!
  15. The sorcerer lord on Manticore looks absolutely incredible. What did you use to make the head? stunning work on your paint jobs as well! Kudos