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  1. suedester

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    Sounds like the Celestant prime gets a buff in the new battletome. Starts on 3 attacks plus some other new abilities. Staunch defender now wholly within. I think it's the same range. Lightening chariot reworked and renamed to translocation. Now counts as a setup, 9 inches from an enemy model. The translocated model is -1 to hit for that turn (not sure if battle round).
  2. suedester

    The Rumour Thread

    Narratively Stormcast should absolutely get summoning. If they want to balance out everyone should be able to summon.
  3. suedester

    The Rumour Thread

    They don't do start collecting sets on new model releases. It'll probably be in just under a year. Most of these nighthaunts will be in the new starter set next month though so still a bargain if you can split it with a friend or sell the stormcast.
  4. suedester

    Let's chat Stormcast Eternals

    You can buy the Relictor on eBay pretty cheaply.
  5. suedester

    Trying to build first 1000pt nurgle army, need help.

    If you want a nice big centre piece I'd probably take out the nurglings and run a great unclean one or rotigus. If you do, look on YouTube at magnetising him. It's easy and keeps all options open.
  6. suedester

    Trying to build first 1000pt nurgle army, need help.

    I bought another 5 blightkings and a lord of plagues to get me to 1000 but there are loads of options. You could alpha strike with Gutrot Spume and the blightkings for a deep threat or maybe get some more drones and use the poxbringer to activate their extra attacks.
  7. suedester

    Apps - bad for rules

    True, but the general point I'm trying to make is that you should be able to rely on the app.
  8. suedester

    Apps - bad for rules

    I've got to disagree here. If it is an official app then it's GWs responsibility to ensure their app is updated and reflects any changes to rules/points as they are updated. GW need to get on top of it.
  9. suedester

    New Nurgle models

    So would there be two warscrolls or will the current model just become obsolete?
  10. suedester

    New Nurgle models

    I'm assuming the new warscroll won't apply to the current GUO model?
  11. suedester

    The Rumour Thread

    Just starting a nurgle army so awesome timing. When are we expecting more details, warscrolls and sale dates?
  12. Ah ok. Are you keeping the Nurgle from Blightwar then?
  13. Are you in the UK? I'd buy one set of Nurgle off you although I appreciate you may not want to deal with someone who has only just registered...