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  1. The Legions of Morximinus Thrash

    Group shots without the gladiators. Revisions to Bash a has caused them to be delayed in their painting. I bought a bunch of plastic card to make either a ballista/scorpion, but a lot of Christmas projects may delay that production (pic of examples from last year below).
  2. The Legions of Morximinus Thrash

    Think I've finished with knocking together my Ironskull's Boyz, though I am not 100% committed to how Basha looks. I may have to change the weapons to the skull like maces in the gladiator scene in Rome. I just need to check my bits box.
  3. The Legions of Morximinus Thrash

    Thanks Chris! Twitter is @theTyromancer. As a whole, I wanted to take something on that was to the same detail as your army, but using David Soper's skin scheme to the best of my ability. Every model would be modified in some fashion, which this theme forces me to do as each Orruk will undergo Romanification if they are an Ironjawz unit. The warchanter's face will likely be the best as he was the first and I got to experiment until I found something that worked. Everything to this point has been trying to copy the process as I am one of those fools who does not write down recipes. But I am ok with that. As for the Brutes' backs, going full chain on all the combat troops was a must for me. I remember hearing, possibly on TBS, that it was an area that a lot of people had skipped, so therefore I specifically wanted to make it an area that received detail. I had originally wanted the chainmail to be worn and have holes, but the Brutes are the elites and it felt silly to not have them in top form, gear-wise. Thanks! Steam says I've spent nearly 20 full days (479hrs) on the 3 versions of Rome Total War that I have installed there. To be fair, I have it on while hobbying, since it is a turn-based game and I can start/stop as needed. I pretty only play Total War games now for this reason. Everything else is a time sink that takes away from hobby time. Elder Scrolls had their empire which looked Roman, but I don't know enough about the setting to speak to that. Funny you mention Guilliman, he was the specific model I was going for with the Megaboss. The pose, the base where he can be removed, all of that was inspired by the FW model.
  4. The Legions of Morximinus Thrash

    So I changed the tunics to red and they look a lot better and inline with the rest on the army so far. I've nearly finished the paint job on the weirdnob and have settled in calling him the Weidnob Senator. His actual name is still to be determined. I've also picked up the Shadespire crew and will be converting them up like gladiators. In Skirmish and standard AoS, I will just use them as regular 'Ardboyz until i get more of the normal models.
  5. Order Draconis Post GHB 2017

    @Blish well, if I find, if you don't like just parts of the model, kitbash or proxy. Like using Dragon Blades heads on the model (but cutting out the necks on the DB) or painting Black Guard similarly to your Dragon Blades, and letting your opponent know which models they represent.
  6. Order Draconis Post GHB 2017

    I tend to side on having more dragons or behemoths. Dropping 1 set of the dragon blades and a battalion gets you close to having enough for another dragonlord, which has more wounds and a better save than the blades. I've had to learn not to send everything forward on the charge as it usually ends up going poorly for me unless I can get the key pieces of the enemy army removed, like the blood secrator. Adding in a frostheart instead of the other dragonlord could also be beneficial and seems popular. So far as the Shadow Warriors go, you may think about Phoenix Guard. They don't have the extra movement or shooting, but they will stay put based on their saves/ignoring of mortal wounds. Saves you 40pts as well.
  7. The Legions of Morximinus Thrash

    It's been a while since I last worked on the Legion. I had been focusing on my AoP board, but now that is done, I can return to the Orruks. The Praetorrukian Guard are finally getting paint as I am also using purple on some of my Aelf models. I need to include red on them somewhere, so they are either going to get red capes or I will likely repaint their tunics from purple to red. C&C welcome on these. Only really the skin is done at the moment. Everything else needs highlights or glazes. On a side note, the silver and gold base coats were all done with gel ink pens. .
  8. Cavalry in Age of Sigmar (includes some whinging)

    Drakespawn should have gotten the discount as well. They are nearly the same as the Dragonblades, but now they are more expensive with fewer attacks. I've been playing both the Aelven Orders for the last year or so and one thing that has been mentioned as a means to make the cav in the game more effective is to give them rend on the charge as well (or any at all for Drakespawn or Dragonblades). Armor piercing was a factor in WHFB due to the strength bonus, but all we get now is the damage output. That being said, Wild Riders are quite useless for the points as they lack the bonus damage, shield, and hero bonuses. At least Drakespawn and Dragonblades get rerolls to hit, wound, or save depending on the shields and command abilities. If going into close combat prevented a unit from shooting, then their run and charge could be useful. Now it really only helps versus warmachines and taking out the light armored crews.
  9. The Legions of Morximinus Thrash

    Praetorrukian Guard Centurion, Gore Choppa, and a Jagged Gore-hacks done. Work started on the weirdnob while greenstuff cures on the other brutes. Toga is done and I've removed the horns. He'll either look like a priest of Jupiter in the series Rome or a senator.
  10. The Legions of Morximinus Thrash

    He's missing some fingers, so i may leave it as an old would, but part of me thought it would be fun if the Brute had bit them off. Or if i find another grot in the bits bin add that it to the base and have that one be the biter.
  11. Fyreslayers in Destruction?

    It seems like the release enough one off Stormcast models over time for me to think something like this is completely feasible. Hell, I'd be happy for one off non-Stormcast heroes for factions that could use a particular type hero in their list. Like Lion Rangers with any hero or the Megaboss on Goregrunta.
  12. Aelves - where do they go next??

    I was having a discussion about this recently with buddy of mine. I feel like they can do a slight retcon or maybe a delve into how the Aelves work together to make about 4-5 factions instead of multitude we have now. Khainites: Daughters of Khaine Shadowblades These could easily be combined as the assassins of old would have fit in this group. The black riders would add some more range that's not spell or Medusa based. Darkling Covens - Left as is, maybe add a one off combat hero or two. Or add them into the Khainites, but the units do not / would not benefit from the Cauldrons based on keywords. Like how the Tzeentch units seem to be stratified between humans, tzaangors, and demons. Scourges: Order Serpentis Scourge Privateers The current Scourge Privateers would make the backbone of the mafia like organization. The units of the Order Serpentis would be the elite guard or cadre of this organization. The Order is to what the Privateers aspire to through wealth or deed. Scales and barbs everywhere the units are pretty cohesive in their look. Asurian Orders: Order Draconis Phoenix Temple Lion Rangers (?) Eldritch Council Swift-Hawk Agents This one might be harder to find a unifying theme, but Spireguard would make up the battleline/corps I would think. The problem is that the elite Aelven infantry only have the one unique ability each, but other than that are pretty indistinguishable when it comes to stats. Wanderers: Wanderers Lion Rangers (?) Faction works well on it's own, but thematically, the Lion Rangers could slot in here too. However, the White Lions are fairly similar to the Wildwood Rangers, so making them stand out may be an issue. When it comes down to it though, most of these can be made or taken through the allies system and many of the stats are similar enough to potentially run as a counts as through a conversion / kitbash or two.
  13. Fyreslayers in Destruction?

    I think it would be cool, and kind of Dogs of War-ish, if they added Mercenary as a 5th allegiance that works with any of the previous 4. Their units would be limited to allies only in level points per type or something like that. It would also be interesting to have generals who could lead your army, but not be an official member of the allegiance or grand alliance. Something like Rochambeau, Steuben, Hazen, or Lafayette in the AWI or other officers that served in the various continental armies though they were not from that specific country.
  14. The Legions of Morximinus Thrash

    More work on the Praetorrukian Brutes today. Just deposing and doing the chainmail. The hauberks will extend down to the upper thigh like on the Centurian and eventually they will have capes like the 'Ardboy Centurion, though I'm thinking blue or purple for those. Undershirts will be red and pants a dirtied white, like the Warchanter. I'm debating whether to have the one Brutes holding the fleeing guy from the Giant kit or just to leave it with his hand up.
  15. September AoS At Great Escape Games

    Not my event, but posting it up to try and gain interest as the Northern California scene is primarily focused in the Bay Area. https://www.bestcoastpairings.com/eventlanding/y3dxv9tk http://www.greatescapegames.com/event/age-sigmar-tournament/?instance_id=65087 WHEN: September 30, 2017 @ 9:00 am – 6:00 pm WHERE: Great Escape Games 1250 Howe Ave #3a Sacramento, CA 95825 USA This will be our first Age of Sigmar tournament with an entry fee. Registration runs from 9 am until 10 am. First round begins at 10:30 am. 2000 pt armies. Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 day of. Lunch break will be after first round. Two and a half hour rounds. Professionally painted model for overall winner.