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  1. Tyromancer

    Order Draconis Post GHB 2017

    He didn't have Kroak or the Balewind, just 2 big blocks of temple guard, 1 pack of skinks, 6 kroxigor, a bastillidon (sp), a carnosaur, and a few characters on foot. 1 unit of temple guard and the bastillidon were killed on my charge and the carnosaur was gravely wounded and with the Slaan dying the next phase, it didn't go all that well from there. I've run something similar pre-LVO for a primer a store in the Bay Area ran. I didn't go to the LVO, but wanted to take a mixed order to the event as I thought it would be useful to those going. It turned out to be loads of fun as well. I won 1 (vs BCR) and had 2 close losses (new Nurgle w/ glottkin and KO mixed order) after that. 2 DLs 1 FHP 1 Dragonseer 1 loremaster 10 glade guard 10 HE spearmen 10 HE spearmen 2 reaper bolt throwers 5 warlocks I think that was the list.
  2. Tyromancer

    Order Draconis Post GHB 2017

    So a recap of this last weekend at the Broadside Bash in San Diego. I came 16th of 28, but 6th in terms of just points killed. My first 3 games were against Tzeentch in mostly tzaangor/demon forms. Mortal Wounds are just something I couldn't deal with. However, I killed a lot of tzaangor (including a block of 30 on a first turn charge) and only lost my 3rd game by one point. The Phoenix did alright these days and certainly took more damage so that the dragons could keep functioning. Day 2 I played Seraphon and Ironjawz and won both games mid-turn 2. I even got double turned vs the ironjawz and the hand of glory on the battalion dragon allowed it to clear off the Maw Krusha, Megaboss on foot, 2 more pigs, and a few brutes. It survived the battle, which is rare, too. Seraphon just couldn't stand up to the number of rend 2 attacks. The Phoenix solo'd the slaan general after it teleported and charged the bird. Phoenix went first and off'ed it with its claws. If I had faced other armies that didn't produce the same number of mortal wounds, I think I would have done better. I had never faced Tzeentch before Day 1. I never failed the charges, but I really didn't utilize the balewind either (due to miscasts or dispells from the 27" Lord of Change range).
  3. Tyromancer

    Order Draconis Post GHB 2017

    I've taken the drakeseer and it does become a target, more so than the phoenix. Once they realize the spell, it's usually a priority to get rid of it. That may be ok, as that means they aren't focused on the other, more resilient dragons. Ideally, the other allied unit would just be there to grab objectives, since you need the bodies in some scenarios. For the same points as the Phoenix, there are also fulminators, but they have fewer wounds than the frostheart and won't be out front to support the battalion's initial charges.
  4. Tyromancer

    Order Draconis Post GHB 2017

    Having failed to summon the Balewind for 3 turns in a row this last game (and therefore not get hand of glory), I am beginning to think that the 100pts would be better spent on the Noble. I am also reconsidering the Phoenix, but only because of the potential cost increase. Dropping the Balewind and Phoenix would allow for another Dragon Lord, or potentially 20 White Lions, but leaves about 60pts left over. Or I add the drakeseer (also swing-y) and have 40pts for a gryphhound. Alternative to all that, drop the phoenix and balewind to go 20 gladeguard and noble. I have a 2-day tourney next weekend in San Diego. Unless I want to paint up the banner noble, I will keep the balewind and report back on how it does.
  5. Tyromancer

    Order Draconis Post GHB 2017

    But since it is an ability, not a shooting attack, it does not benefit from the gryph-hound yelp. Not that this was in question, but it may be relevant if you have 40 extra points and think the hound would be useful there.
  6. Tyromancer

    Order Draconis Post GHB 2017

    I have. In fact, I ran the archmage on horse and sisters for 3 games at a one-day event. The offensive capabilities of the phoenix and the buffing from the Loremaster work better, I think. Your dragon can take wounds, but the bite and breath attacks are what you want to keep going. As the bite gets worse, the loremaster helps there. The phoenix is super tanky and aside from the buffs, can be a good distraction while your dragons and blades do the work.
  7. Tyromancer

    Order Draconis Post GHB 2017

    It's still my primary force until I complete my DoK list. The other person I know that runs this is Adam (aka @HadrielCaine)of the Hard6 podcast. Chief thing at this moment is ditching the MSU 5 man units and running 2-10 packs and one 5. The 10 gives it way more reliability in delivering the damage, otherwise you will lose numbers on your way into the charge. Also, when running the battalion, don't put your general in that. You need that model to outlive the first round for the rerolls it gives to the dragon blades. Right now our lists differ in the usage of the last 100pts. He's opted for the dragon noble with banner and I go for the balewind (for the loremaster to use). Here is my list at the moment: Dragon Lord - Polearm, shield, legendary fighter Dragon Lord - Lance, Horn, quicksilver potion (this has been a key item) Frostheart w/ annointed Loremaster 10 dragon blades 10 dragon blades 5 dragon blades Battalion Balewind - summoned Mortal wounds will always be a pain to deal with in this army. You don't need to first turn charge against all opponents as sometimes they know to sit far enough back.
  8. Tyromancer

    The Rumour Thread

    The armor doesn't go away if they are taken alive At least, that's how I've been justifying it with the trophies.
  9. Tyromancer

    The Legions of Morximinus Thrash

    Got the base coats down last night (except the Orc skin) and highlighted the reds. Next up are washes.
  10. Tyromancer

    The Legions of Morximinus Thrash

    Thanks! I think the ears helped out a lot more than I initially thought they would. Looking at the sculpts, it seems like they went for a blending of boars and rhinoceroses, which didn't look all that good to me. I hated the models when they were released. I even trimmed the under hair as it didn't look all that right to me.
  11. Tyromancer

    The Legions of Morximinus Thrash

    Ok, so I ended up working quite a bit more since the last post. On Black Friday I bought myself the Start Collecting box primarily for the Gore-gruntas. Originally I had planned to do them like a Scholae Palatinate/Palorkinate unit, which in my head would look a lot like the Brutes above. However, why not take it further and take on the Cataphract or Clebinarii look of the late Roman period? So, as a result, the pigs got barding and the only Orrukish skin showing are the hands. I did a video on how I sculpt the lamellar/ scale mail as well: My YouTube video I also leg swapped 2 of the pigs. In addition, I started on a Ballista and took some proper photos of the Brutes, Thrash, and Senator.
  12. Tyromancer

    The Legions of Morximinus Thrash

    Oh, the Santaur Claus. Some people hate them, some find them oddly endearing.
  13. Tyromancer

    The Legions of Morximinus Thrash

    Group shots without the gladiators. Revisions to Bash a has caused them to be delayed in their painting. I bought a bunch of plastic card to make either a ballista/scorpion, but a lot of Christmas projects may delay that production (pic of examples from last year below).
  14. Tyromancer

    The Legions of Morximinus Thrash

    Think I've finished with knocking together my Ironskull's Boyz, though I am not 100% committed to how Basha looks. I may have to change the weapons to the skull like maces in the gladiator scene in Rome. I just need to check my bits box.
  15. Tyromancer

    The Legions of Morximinus Thrash

    Thanks Chris! Twitter is @theTyromancer. As a whole, I wanted to take something on that was to the same detail as your army, but using David Soper's skin scheme to the best of my ability. Every model would be modified in some fashion, which this theme forces me to do as each Orruk will undergo Romanification if they are an Ironjawz unit. The warchanter's face will likely be the best as he was the first and I got to experiment until I found something that worked. Everything to this point has been trying to copy the process as I am one of those fools who does not write down recipes. But I am ok with that. As for the Brutes' backs, going full chain on all the combat troops was a must for me. I remember hearing, possibly on TBS, that it was an area that a lot of people had skipped, so therefore I specifically wanted to make it an area that received detail. I had originally wanted the chainmail to be worn and have holes, but the Brutes are the elites and it felt silly to not have them in top form, gear-wise. Thanks! Steam says I've spent nearly 20 full days (479hrs) on the 3 versions of Rome Total War that I have installed there. To be fair, I have it on while hobbying, since it is a turn-based game and I can start/stop as needed. I pretty only play Total War games now for this reason. Everything else is a time sink that takes away from hobby time. Elder Scrolls had their empire which looked Roman, but I don't know enough about the setting to speak to that. Funny you mention Guilliman, he was the specific model I was going for with the Megaboss. The pose, the base where he can be removed, all of that was inspired by the FW model.