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Found 11 results

  1. "I've seen your fall, I've witnessed your courage... Standing firm in front of the gates of Hammeral against the tide of the Great Enemy, while the lackeys of Sigmar the Thief retreat behind their wall of lies and broken promises. But I hear more... I felt your cry of Wrath at the death of your men to protect undeserving human, I felt the flame in your soul at the outrage of defeat. Your soul shall not be wasted for the melancholy of the weak godlings of your race. You shall be reborn immortal, your comrades never to fall again, you will be my last act of vengeance upon who dares to oppose me, my testament of cinders and scorched earth to the mortals of the realm. Go now Master of the Black Flame, Lord of Shattered Pride, go my Mortarch of wrath" So... Some explanation : In our last narrative campaign I was playing an order draconis list, in the last game I got defeated by a tzeentch army in front of the gate of Hammeral but the tzeentch list got decimated nearly to the last man. In our new campaign I was asked to play death faction, and I thought to bring back Lord Fierion and his dragon from their last defeat playing a Legion of blood army, so I start to convert an undead elf army starting obviously with the Lord himself :D. This miniature is still wip, the dragon will remain as it is but I still have to add a few things to the rider, after him I will start with the blood knight. Hope u enjoy
  2. Despite the simple core rules, Warhammer: Age of Sigmar is a deep and complex wargame, with most of the complexity found in the unit rules, or ‘warscrolls’. Metagame-defining combos are still being discovered, hidden in plain sight within (and between) the hundreds (and hundreds) of warscrolls available. Here in the land of Tron we have access to the ‘Rain Man’ of the Age of Sigmar, a mysterious figure known only as ‘Jim’. Jim has a sixth sense at finding combos, and I wanted to start a series to go over some of his list-tech. These will be lists that we haven’t yet seen much (if at all) in the international tournament scene. I suppose I should qualify that by saying that it is quite possible some of these lists have been discovered, and even used competitively, but our focus is on their lack of prominence for the purpose of this series. Without further pre-amble, I give you the first of the Undiscovered Power Lists - Order Draconis. Carrying on ancient traditions from a world long-lost, the Order Draconis range across the Eight Realms, searching for other enclaves, and assisting the forces of light against the Mad Gods. Order Draconis Aelf lists are not heavily favoured in the competitive metagame at present. We think this list is an exception, as it can be built to perform as one of the most effective alpha-strike lists out there. In Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, games often come down to one crucial turn. This list takes advantage of this dynamic, pumping up the effectiveness of all models and enabling them to take maximum advantage of it for that one turn. The List Dragonlord Host (Battalion) - 80 Dragonlord (General) - 400 Dragon Lance Aelven War Horn Reckless (Re-Roll Runs and Charge within 10”) Quicksilver Potion (attacks before other models) Dragon Blades (x5) - 160 Dragon Blades (x5) - 160 Dragonlord Host (Battalion) - 80 Dragonlord - 400 Dragon Lance Aelven War Horn Quicksilver Potion (attacks before other models) Dragon Blades (x5) - 160 Dragon Blades (x5) - 160 Dragonlord - 400 Dragon Lance Aelven War Horn Quicksilver Potion (attacks before other models) Leaders: 3 Battleline: 4 Behemoths: 3 Number of models: 23 TOTAL POINTS: 2,000 The Combos Deployment Three deployment drops - one Dragonlord, and the two battalions. This means you will almost certainly get the first turn. And if you don’t, it’s not the end of the world, just hand back and set up for the charge in a following turn. While this makes for a spectacular first turn charge, this army works just as well saving up for a decisive big turn later in the game if required. When deploying, a key consideration is making sure that your units are within 10” of the general at key moments - that will be the main skill of the list. Speed First up, the basic Move profiles are very fast; 14” for the Dragonlords and 12” for the Dragon Blades. Add to this the battalion ability, which allows each unit to make a full move in the hero phase. If they are close enough to charge, after this bonus move, they can do so on a 4+. However, what we are aiming for is a turn one charge, so you will be starting at least 24” away from your opponent’s models, meaning this charge will require a roll of 10+ for the Dragonlords and a 12 for the Blades. We will opt to save this ability for the Dragonfire instead - more on that later. The army now makes its regular move. By now, the Dragonlords have moved 28”, and the Dragon Blades 24”. They should be within easy reach of key targets. Because Dragonlords can fly, you can even get over the chaff or terrain if needed. Then you get to do your charge, on average another 7”, but you also have the General’s Reckless ability to reroll your charge rolls within 10” of him if you have positioned carefully. The first turn charge is a big deal, but as mentioned, you can also save the big charge for later in the game - in which case charging in the hero phase might be a useful option. The upshot is, this army can move across the table for the turn one charge more reliably than Destruction armies using Rampaging Destroyer, and almost as well as the Lightning Strike Stormcast. Shooting A requirement of decent alpha strike armies is the ability to clear 'chaff'. Chaff are the annoying sacrificial units the enemy will throw in your way to slow you down, or ‘bubble-wrap’ more important units. To help deal with this, Dragonlords each have a ranged ability called Dragonfire. Remember how we passed up the opportunity of charging in the hero phase using that battalion ability? Instead, on a 4+, the Dragonlords can use Dragonfire in the hero phase, each potentially causing D6 mortal wounds. They can then do this again in the shooting phase. Pretty decent. Combat This is the meat-and-potatoes part of the list. Let’s assume you’ve managed to charge at least one dragon into key targets, which is quite likely. How much damage can you actually do? Each Dragonlord has an Aelven War Horn. When blown once per game, all units within 10” gain +1 attack with each melee weapon. The wording is important. If all three blow them in the hero phase, and are within 10” of each other, that is +3 attacks with each melee weapon. Suddenly, each Dragonlord attacks with: Dragon Lance: 6 Attacks, 3+ to Hit, 2+ to Wound, -1 Rend, 3 Damage Dragon’s Claws: 9 Attacks, 4+ to Hit, 3+ to Wound, -1 Rend, 2 Damage Fearsome Jaws: 6 Attacks, 4+ to Hit, 2+ to Wound, -2 Rend, D6 Damage And each unit of 5 Dragon Blades unit attacks with: Drake Lance: 25 Attacks, 3+ to Hit, 3+ to Wound, 0 Rend, 2 Damage Steed: 25 Attacks, 4+ to Hit, 4+ to Wound, 0 Rend, 1 Damage. Fearsome Jaws is the important one, but imagine a unit of 5 Knights doing 50 attacks! And half of them do two damage each! Now for the fun part. The General’s Command Ability, Lord of Dragons, allows every unit within 10” to reroll all failed Hit rolls for its combat attacks. OK I lied, THIS is the fun part; all Dragonlords have Quicksilver Potions. This is because you have two battalions in use, so you get an extra two artefacts. Most events allow duplicate artefacts (nothing against it in the GHB anyway). So you can attack with all three Dragonlords before the enemy gets to strike back. And as this is also your turn, you can even get in a unit of Dragon Blades. And that’s pretty much it. As an alpha strike army, you are getting the charge, doing an almighty ton of damage, and hoping there is not enough left to swing back. Army Cost The Dragonlord Hosts as a competitive 2,000 point army is one of the least expensive to collect. RRP directly from GW it is £177.50 - less if you purchase via online retailers. That’s a pretty good deal! Additionally, there are only 23 models to prepare, making it a good one for a beginner to get stuck into. Weaknesses There are some downsides that a canny opponent can take advantage of. The key one is that this army does its thing in one turn, while the Aelven War Horns, Potions, and charge bonuses are in effect. The Hit roll of the most important attacks (such as the Dragon’s) are only 4+, so anything that reduces the hit roll is going to throw a big spanner in the works. During turns in which these guys do not charge, the lance attacks lose +1 to Wound and 1 damage. Also, there is a lack of rend for a lot of these attacks. Objective play is a strength of the army, with a high threat range and speed. But the army needs to throw everything at you in one go, and then go back for the objectives once they’re done. Perhaps keeping one or two units of Dragon Blades in reserve. So if you can keep out of their reach you might be able to score enough to take the game away from them. Easier said than done though. And lastly, just outlasting them if you can. Enough chaff ‘bubble-wrap’, a few missed charges from the Dragons, and things will start looking up. On the Table Jim and I had two games play testing the Dragonlord Host. My army consisted of: Nagash - 900 4 x Morghast Archai - 480 2 x Morchast Harbinger - 240 2 x Morghast Harbinger - 240 The Draconis force has been censored here due to unsightly proxies. Just use your imagination! I had been yet to lose Nagash in a matched play game so far, spanning three tournaments and a bunch of test games, so I was counting on Hand of Dust doing some good work. In the first game, Jim had the first turn, and by the end of that same turn I had lost Nagash and four Morghast Archai without striking back. In the second game, I took the first turn, got all my buffs off, and then tried to bubble-wrap Nagash a bit better. I moved the Harbingers to take some side objectives. This time Jim charged in the second turn, and again I lost Nagash and most of everything else in one round. Absolutely brutal! I would be keen to hear from anyone who has tried this! Please let me know your thoughts in the posts below. Can you think of any other counters? Would you be keen on giving the army a try?
  3. Compared to all the other factions of Order, ye old "High Elves" completely lack any presence in the GHB allegiances whereas Wanderers are still Wood Elves minus tree people and Darkling Covens are at least part of the Dark Elf line, and both of them have AoS related factions with Sylvaneth and Daughters of Khaine. Not to mention the rumors of "aelf angels" that I keep seeing pop up once in a while, unless that somehow absorbs some of the HE line. With all of these chips stacked against "high elves", is GW kind of implying "don't get your hopes up" for that entire model line? Unless the idea of an actual "Free Cities" Battletome is in the works.
  4. Been messing around with my old Order Draconis list that was 60 points under last edition and with the battalion dropping 50 points gives me a few more options that I think makes the list one of the premier "Alpha Strike" list for the time being. Okay for those new to the list the Dragonlord host gives the battalion what amounts to a double move with a few bonus once per game and with our min 12" speed stat that makes getting to where we want to go a breeze. I feel of our (admittedly limited) Ally spellcaster options the Archmage is best over all having a solid spell, +1 on Despelling and a whooping 14" movement letting him keep up with the army. Having only 4 drops should give us exceptional odds of going first. Now here is where the fun begins with out new shiny shiny artifacts and fun new spells. With Chronomantic cogs giving an additional 2" movement that means 2 of our 3 dragons will be moving a whooping 32" inches to set up there attacks and now gives out 3rd dragon decent odds to get in the fray first turn as well. Also with +2" on charges means we can position our dragons further deeper into their lines and our troops have next to no chance of failing their charges. We can also spread out further as each Dragonlord can create a 10" reroll hits bubble rather then just the General. Now we get into out new artifacts.....and they are GLORIOUS! Dimensional Blade turns our already good Dragon lance into on the charge a +3 +2 -3! D3. On our leader that make him have 4-7 attacks (Thanks to the War horns) Rerolling hits (With command ability). Thats just dirty and doesn't even touch on the rest of the attacks from claws and jaws. Now the next artifact is already known to us. The Quicksilver potion lets us immediately attack with our 2nd Dragon hopefully crippling anything that could threaten it before our opponent gets to activate. Now previously that would let our opponent then get to activate and try to lay low out 3rd Dragon before it gets to have its fun. Oh not anymore as it has my new FAVORITE artifact the Doppelganger Cloak. This I think is the BEST hand down artifact for a melee beatstick as it prevents your opponent from targeting it in combat until after it activates. SO GOOD! Just so you know if your opponent has less units in combat then you and you have at least 1 other unit in combat with whatever the Cloak-bearer is fighting if you activate correctly your opponent cannot attack the bearer. At the very least whatever is in combat with the Bearer is getting hit first. (Though do note if your opponent has a cloak as well if both bearers of the Cloak are in combat solely with each other neither will be able to attack. Allegiance: Order Draconis - Mortal Realm: Ulgu LEADERS Dragonlord (340) - General - Command Trait : Legendary Fighter - War Horn & Dragon Lance - Artefact : Dimensional Blade Dragonlord (340) - War Horn & Dragon Lance - Artefact : Doppelganger Cloak Dragonlord (340) - War Horn & Dragon Lance - Artefact : Quicksilver Potion Archmage (100) - Steed - Allies UNITS 5 x Dragon Blades (140) 5 x Dragon Blades (140) 5 x Dragon Blades (140) 5 x Dragon Blades (140) BATTALIONS Dragonlord Host (130) Dragonlord Host (130) ENDLESS SPELLS Chronomantic Cogs (60) TOTAL: 2000/2000 EXTRA COMMAND POINTS: 2 WOUNDS: 87 LEADERS: 4/6 BATTLELINES: 4 (3+) BEHEMOTHS: 3/4 ARTILLERY: 0/4 ARTEFACTS: 3/3 ALLIES: 100/400 Well have fun out there with this my friends!
  5. Ok, so, Order Draconis with Allies under the new GHB. Having had a think on what I want to do in AoS as a new player I realised I would be doing myself a complete injustice if I didn't play with Dragons and with lots of Cavalry, hence OD. Models seem to be in short supply, but I would love to have a legacy army full of the miniatures I used to really like before embracing whatever comes next for the Highborn. In terms of an army, what would you suggest? I'm very keen on avoiding the cheese, so perhaps a Dragonlord and an allied Drakeseer with *alot* of Dragon Blades to flood the enemy with, rounded out with Mounted Dragon Nobles and a further allied horse-mounted Archmage? Points wise, Dragon Blades seem to have had a massive points break to just 140pts for 5 of them, while the battalion seems not worthwhile at its points cost? Your thoughts, comments and potential army lists are all welcome
  6. Hello everyone, as an former fantasy battle player who first attempted to bring over Ogres into AoS to then proceed to get butchered more often than not with recent changes I've been looking to other projects. While experimenting with some of the newer/updated stuff at smaller point values I got to looking at another one of my pre-AoS passion projects, and got to thinking if it wouldn't be terrible to try and bring them up to the new system until I find something with more support. The lack of any battle-tome and splintering of them into various little groups was a bit daunting at first, but I ultimately got to thinking of a few lists I could try/change about before either finding an army or re-basing, if necessary when I play with friends it not a big deal but a few shops around here seem to prefer round bases for their events. Open to any suggestions/critics, although I would prefer to stick to aelves if for looks than anything else. List One - Dragon Lord Some of my friends actually suggested Dragonlord host as I was loosing heart in my Ogres, so was the first thing to come to mind. The phoenix was for its defensive aura, we do have a KO player so while it may not be the be all end all figure it would help the list endure her opening barrages. Loremaster was exactly the points needed to reach 2k, mystic shield. Not one hundred percent on the choice but figured it fit and some magic support was needed, I have both models but using the one on horse of this list. The regiments divided as they are to meet battle-line and battalion requirements. Not sure if its better to run the other two as ten or to spit them. Like I mentioned before, it can't really shoot so kind of relaying on the movement and defensive bonuses to endure gunlines. List 2 - Pheonix A more defensive minded list, with the guard's and blizzard aura. Loremaster again for the magic support, plus the added durability to the Flamespyre. Bolthrower was brought for ranged capabilities, plan to keep it way back to avoid loosing the crew. Less mobile than the other list but I believe it is more durable? The other question I have was if anyone has used the battalion, and if so is it worth the points? The two hundred could be used on other things, and as is I'm not one hundred percent on the Anointed on Pheonix counting as the requirement for both an Anointed and one of the Pheonix. If I did drop the battalion would likely replace put another Anointed on the Flamespyre or swap it for another Anointed on Frostheart. Have idea but nothing concrete for the points it would free up. List 3 - Jack of All Trades Not a whole lot to say about this one that wouldn't be repeating what I've mentioned previously about certain unit choices, the Loremaster as a cheap mage, blizzard aura etc. Compendium is fine around her so not super worried about the majority of the list being compendium. However I'm not sure if the combination of different elements makes up for the lack of synergy found with the faction keyword combos used to buff the battlelines of the other two lists, and everything being a drop opposed to the battalions of the others ones. Maybe the higher body/wound count would make up for it slightly? Units I have but not using include the odd ten or so additional units of most none artillery/behemoth/leaders. The mage on dragon, archamage, and swords guard, probably enough to make a seperate Eltrich Council list, but wasn't sure on allies. Coupled with a lack of command abilities like the Anointed and Dragonlords have, battalions, it all resulted in me giving up on that idea for the moment. Other formerly high elf factions, I have some thirtyish lion rangers and a chariot, and odds and ends from the swifthawk, the most of note being ten reavers I think. Thank you for anyone who put up with the big post, I appreciate any and all feedback.
  7. Can you please help me find the specific rules that address these few questions? Question One Saves from Mystic Shield don't "stack". There's the rule of one that prevents you from casting Mystic Shield twice in a Pitched Battle, but I seem to remember an FAQ about abilities not stacking. I can't find it. Am I imagining things? What about abilities? Do their benefits stack? A Dragonlord's Aelven War Horn reads: Would a unit of Dragon Blades that are between two Dragonlords who have both blown their horns get two extra attacks with each of their melee weapons? The Rogue Idol’s Livin’ Idol ability in the Forge World warscroll (not yet updated on the app) reads: Would a Wizard between two idols add 2 to casting rolls? Any answers pointing to specific rules, FAQs or other forum threads would be appreciated. Question Two This seems obvious, but I have been questioned on it. Can you help me clarify this with some authority? In GHB2017, the new rule for mounts reads: What is a “magical artefact”? As the rule appears in the Choosing Your Allegiance section of the book, I assume a “magical artefact” is an Artefact of Power. A Dragonlord’s Aelven War Horn is listed as an ability on a Warscroll. This ability should affect mounts, despite the above new rule, right? Question Three And , speaking of abilities and continuing with the Dragonlord theme: Dragonfire is an ability that reads: The rules for running read: Can a Dragonlord use Dragonfire after running? Is an ability used in the shooting phase affected by the running rule as a missile weapon is? EDIT: Resolved this one with a search. http://www.tga.community/forums/topic/12467-can-a-dragon-run-and-use-breath-weapon/ These are all questions I have resolved with friends I play against using our personal interpretations of rules, but I'd like to start playing with strangers at tournaments and would appreciate help getting rules right. Thanks!
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