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  1. HiddenElephant

    "Outside the box" factions

    Actually, somebody else in another thread mentioned 'Ancestral Duardin', and I thought that this had a lot of promise. Imagine this: The Age of Chaos is coming, and everything's going south. Some duardin cities are taking to the skies, others are heading into Azyr, still others seemingly all become Unforged. But there's some cities left, holding up deep deep underground. Chaos can't get to them, but they can't get out to get things they need to survive. Desperate, they do something they would normally never do, just to preserve the old ways; they put their souls in stone statues. Once the Age of Chaos finally ends with the arrival of the Stormcast, these ancient Dwarven Cities are excavated, and they are grumpy and as old as heck. The Duardin Ancestors are living stone statues. Well, quasi-living, at any rate. I did have this concept that it was a Duardin Death Faction; Souls entombed inside Stone Statues could be the Dwarvish concept of Undead. They could either work for Nagash, in some strange, tenuous way, or if they weren't a Death Faction, they could be another thorn in his side. I also had an idea for the Duardin Descendents, living duardin who loyally follow the Ancestral Duardin and maintain their stoneworks as well as provide some fleeter soldiers. In a nutshell: Duardin Tomb Kings.
  2. HiddenElephant

    Custom Faction Concept: Citycrusher Gargants

    Quick update: I've fiddled around with the preliminary army list. Instead of the Earthshaker being a unit concept, it's now a hero and a wizard. It comes in a box that makes another type of wizard. Here's the summary write-ups. Earthshaker: Wizard Hero, Kit C Model. A Gargant covered in anklets made of bones, armor, rocks, wood, and whatever else they can scavenge. Attacks with slams and stomps. He is a wizard who can cast and unbind one spell per turn. After he charges, he deals mortal wounds to whatever unit he charged. His innate spell gives a unit a movement boost on moves, runs, and charges. Cobblegrinder Shaman: Wizard Hero, Kit C Model. A Gargant equipped with a short hammer and shamanistic decorations. Attacks with the hammer and with stomps. If the spell he is casting specifically targets 1 unit that is a war machine, then he gets a bonus to casting the spell. His innate spell adds one to the attack characteristics of a chosen unit’s chosen weapon. So, yeah, 2 more wizards. That gives this faction 3 total wizards, 4 counting the character. Honestly, though I like the Earthshaker Wizard concept, I'm not sold on the Cobblegrinder. I may fiddle with this some more. Swap the Cobblegrinder for the Ruinstone Bearer in Kit C, and remove the Cobblegrinder to make something else, maybe a 'Pulverizer Hero Model'. I'm not sure, this is just rethinking at this moment. I've also written up more 'rules-y' versions of the faction ability. Check them out below and comment if you've got any suggestions or questions. Army of Giants: For the purposes of capturing objectives, all GARGANT units in this faction count as 5 models. Furthermore, GARGANT models part of a multi-model unit count as being in formation if they are within 3” of another model of the unit instead of 1”. Devastators of the Realms: During your Combat Phase, your models may attack and destroy Terrain. In order to do so, declare that you are using a unit to attack a Terrain feature for that unit’s attack for this round. Roll a die, and add 1 for every GARGANT within 5” of the terrain piece. If you roll above a 7, the Terrain feature is destroyed. Remove if from the table and gain a Devastation Point. Invigorated by Ruination: This faction has access to Devastation Points. During your Hero Phase, you may spend any number of Devastation Points. For each Devastation Point spent, you may choose a MONSTER unit in this faction and, until the end of the turn, you may treat that unit as if it was one row higher on its damage table, up to its top row. You may choose the same unit multiple times if you spend multiple Devastation Points.
  3. HiddenElephant

    Custom Faction Concept: Citycrusher Gargants

    My concept with the Citycrusher Gigants was that they had a 'Gaia's Children' approach, and/or like the original giants of Norse Mythology. Both sets of giants embody the natural world untainted by man, so the process of pulverizing everything that the other grand allegiances do would fit into that quite easily. Other thoughts were that the Gargants were jealous of the smaller races because they built and maintained cities, while it was too hard for the Gargants to do so. The only real lore surrounding the Aleguzzlers is that they all get stinking drunk to avoid feeling miserable about the fact that their race is degenerating. Citycrusher Gargants are basically Aleguzzlers without the alchoholism and a big chip on their shoulder. Also, while I've tried to put more work into this faction, I either get side-tracked by more important projects or find myself with a lack of energy to do anything. I'll mention a few desires. The basic box, Pulverizers and Avalanchers, would be a 50 USD box with 1 figure in it that, in game, is about 150 points, a lot like the regular Aleguzzler. They'd both be 10-health monsters. Health would scale up depending on the giant's position. The small heroes, the Ruinstone Bearer and the Stoneroarer, would be 12 health models, the elite units of Catastrophics and Mountain Guard would be 14 health, and so would be the Beast Mistress, the Stone Maiden, and the War Mother. Meanwhile, the named character would have 16 health, because she's kind of a big deal. Speaking of which, that big character box would be a hundred bucks, or maybe over. It'd be a big deal. The two beast sets would really kind of be points filler, but from a logical perspective there would be no reason not to take Mountain Hawks for harassing whoever is in the back lines. I do want to fiddle with the army composition. I'm not happy with the Earthshaker concept. I'm not sure why, but I think that it would do better as a small hero option in the Ruinstone/Stoneroarer box. I'd also like to add some more units to the mix. This is just from a unit number perspective, but unfortunately, I've kind of done all I can think of. To crunch some numbers, the most recent force of the Idoneth Deepkin have 14 different units released in a ratio of 8 heroes and 6 units. Daughters of Khaine have 8 heroes and 6 units again, if I'm recalling it correctly. Ironjawz, an early faction, have 5 heroes and 3 unit options A lot of these factions are slated towards heroes. Right now, the Citycrusher Gargants have 6 heroes and 7 unit options, or 7 heroes and 6 unit options if the Earthshaker becomes a small hero. That's 13 different options, including a named character, which IS pretty good.... but I feel like I need just... one.... more. Any suggestions?
  4. HiddenElephant

    Your Faction Ideas?

    More Spiderfang Grot ideas (not to necro this thread too much....) Artillery-mounted Spider (think like the Allopex) that can shoot poisoned spears, baskets full of spiders, or web netting onto the enemy. Basic grots that can be armed with Grappling Hook and Spear, Shield and Spear, or Shield and Poison Blowdart Gun. More Shaman and Warboss options (on foot, on riding spider, on Arachnok spider....) For a faction allegiance ability, how's about terrain blessed by the Spider God, as well as an ability for the faction's wizards to bless terrain features to make it good for the Spiderfang Grots and bad for their enemies.
  5. HiddenElephant

    Custom Faction Concept: Weirdhedz Orruks

    As I said, i did this in under two hours, I was boreing my brains out with music, and I was gleefully in love with the idea. I was in love with the concept of orcs made out of Waagh Energy, and easily ran too far with it. I'm not planning on doing anything else with this; if I work on any faction, it's going to be the Citycrusher Gargants. I did have the idea of many of the spells being quite difficult to cast, with summoning the Avatars in particular being over 12 - more than you can naturally roll. But again, I don't think I'm continuing the idea.
  6. HiddenElephant

    Custom Faction Concept: Weirdhedz Orruks

    I legitimately have more ideas than is healthy. I've spent the last two hours tossing this together. I had to put this faction sheet out there, because it's out there. Basically, it's a faction of 'Ork Elementals', as in, these Orruks are pushing the possibilities of the Waagh to the limit, and each one is a crackling, shifting mass of pure raw Orkyness. Why Play Da Weirdhedz? Because orruks overflowing with Waagh! Energy sounds like a great idea. Because you want to make the enemy go boom. Ork Wizards sound hilarious. Weirdhedz General Outline: Magic-Heavy Orruks - like Tzeentch mixed with Greenskinz. Horde-Styled army full of bonuses for each other. Orruks primal and chaotic in a way not even the Bonesplitterz can match. They often wear torn pants or just a loincloth, eschewing armor or decoration - or being too chaotic to even put such things on. They’re prone to shifting bodily proportions in battle, and their weapons often look like scavenged weaponry that has been… pulled into a new shape. Lightning and energy crackles and fires off of them randomly, and sometimes parts of their bodies turn into energy. The Weidhedz are orruks pushed to the edges of the realms, where the land itself is fragile but dangerous. These orruks have mutated over time due to the presence of such fragile reality, resulting in erratic orruks even wilder than normal that spit magic like a dragon with fire. Indeed, the innate powers of the orruk Waagh! Have expanded and almost completely enveloped these orruks. With them, anything is possible, but their limited minds and short attention spans typically turn it into ‘Smash’. Faction Allegiance Abilities: Rampage Incarnate: You get to reroll all failed charges for this faction, and if you have to reroll in order for the charge to be successful, every orruk in that unit gets +1 to hit. Storm of Da WAAAAAAAGH!: The more turns the battle rages on, the more Waagh! Energy builds up. Gain the effect of turn number, plus the bonuses of previous turns. Turn 1: All units gain +2 to Move. Turn 2: All units gain +1 to hit. Turn 3: Your wizards gain +1 to their casting rolls. Turn 4: Your wizards gain +2 to their casting rolls. Turn 5: All spells you attempt to cast are automatically successful, but the wizard that casts them takes a mortal wound. Unit Concepts: Weirdhedz Warboss: Hero Leader: Kit A Model: A large Orruk Warboss who attacks with his Big Choppa or dual Choppas. Has a table attached to him that gives him stacking bonuses depending on how many Weirdhedz Orruks are within a certain radius of him, generally boosting To-Wound and Damage of his weapons, but also boosting his move. His innate command ability lets a wizard in the army cast another spell, even if they’ve already cast all the spells they can for the turn. Big Storm Shaman: Wizard Hero Leader: Kit B Model: A large orruk shaman crackling with energy and attacks with his Oddcrusha in melee. The Oddcrusha deals random amounts of damage with each hit. He can cast and unbind 2 spells on his turn. His innate spell selects several different enemy units and zaps them with Waagh! Lightning for mortal wounds. Wildspark Shaman: Wizard Hero: Kit C Model: An orruk shaman who attacks with his Oddstik in melee. He can cast one spell a turn, but can’t unbind. What spell this unit casts is completely random; you assign a number (1 through 6) to each spell this hero knows and roll a die before casting. If he somehow knows 7 or more spells, you get to choose which spells get a number. The number you roll is the spell this hero will cast, regardless of if you’ve cast it this turn already or not. He knows the two basic spells, but does not have a unique spell of his own. Luck-Seer: Wizard Hero: Kit D Model: A shaman that attacks with his Oddstick and Slicer in melee. He can cast and unbind one spell per turn. Once per hero phase, you can have any 1 die be rerolled while you have at least 1 Luck-Seer in your army. His innate spell is ‘Da Foocher’; It has no casting cost, so your roll only needs to be beaten by your enemy to unbind it. After you cast it, you choose one of the dice you rolled and set its result aside. During that turn, you can spend that die’s result once to act as any roll for any 1 die, and it goes away at the end of the turn if you don’t spend. Waagh-Raiser: Totem Hero: Kit E Model: An Orruk armed with Clubbin’ Stikks and a big drum. He attacks with his Clubbin’ Stikks in melee. He greatly raises Bravery around him, and can ‘add’ another 10 orruks to a nearby unit for the purpose of model-count dependent abilities. Zottchoppa Boys: Battleline Troops: Kit F Model: Orruk Boys armed with Zottchoppas that crackle with energy. The Zottchoppas deal D2 damage each. They give +1 to the casting rolls of Wizards within a certain distance of the unit’s leader for every ten orruks in the unit, but if the wizard rolls doubles, then the unit takes d3 mortal wounds from WAAAGH energy feedback. You can only have 1 unit Zottchoppa Boys contributing in this way. Comes in swarms of 10 to 50, and the leader gets an extra attack along with being the focal points for the unit’s abilities. Zottbow Boys: Ranged Troops: Kit F Model: Orruk Boys armed with bows n’ arrers. Wizards close to the unit’s leader gains +2 inches to the ranges of their spells for every 10 Zottbow Boys in the unit, but again, if that wizard rolls doubles, the unit takes d3 mortal wounds. You can only have 1 unit of Zottbow Boys contribute in this way. Comes in swarms of 10 to 50, and the leader has more attacks in addition to being the focal point of the unit’s ability. Zquig Chargers: Battleline Cavalry Troops: Kit G Model: Orruk Boys riding mutant wolf-like squigs that crackle with energy. They attack with the Boys’ Zottspears and the Zquigs’ Shocking Teeth and Claws, both d2 damage. After charging successfully, roll to see if the unit they charged suffers d3 mortal wounds. They are very, very fast, and come in mobs of 5 to 20, of which the leader gets an additional attack. Shockboys: Elite Troops: Kit H Model: Big Orruks that are completely crazy; they’re actually former Warbosses that got too much of that Waaagh Energy! Their movement is random, and they count as wizards. They can cast and unbind one spell a turn, but only know the two basic spells. Interestingly, if they roll doubles on casting a spell, the unit closest to them suffers D3 Mortal Wounds from excess Waagh Energy. They attack in melee with Energy-Infused Slams, which deal mortal wounds on a to-wound of 6+. Comes in angry mobs of 3 to 9, of which the leader gets an additional attack. Avatar of Gork: Behemoth Monster: Kit I Model: A giant orruky monster made out of concentrated Waagh! Energy, and is very chaotic. Da Smashy One. Attacks with Mighy Slams and an echoing ‘Eadbutt. When the ‘Eadbutt hits, energy arcs to the closest enemy unit and deals d3 mortal wounds to them. Cannot begin the game on the field, and instead must be summoned by your wizards! Summoning an avatar counts as a spell, and you get +1 for every wizard in your army plus an addition +1 for every 10 non-Wizardy Orruks in your army. In addition, gives every wizard in the army access to two new spells while he’s out on the field. One spell heals the Avatar of Gork, while the other spell makes a friendly Weirdhedz unit immediately pile in and attack in the Hero Phase. Avatar of Mork: Behemoth Monster: Kit I Model: A giant orruky monster made out of concentrated Waagh! Energy, and is very chaotic. Da Cunnin’ One. Attacks with mighty slams and Waagh! Lightning. Waagh! Lightning has a better chance to hit against Heroes. Cannot begin the game on the field, and instead must be summoned by your wizards! Summoning an avatar counts as a spell, and you get +1 for every wizard in your army plus an addition +1 for every 10 non-Wizardy Orruks in your army. In addition, gives every wizard in the army access to two new spells while he’s out on the field. One spell heals the Avatar of Gork, while the other spell teleports a unit to somewhere at least 9 inches away from an enemy. Avatar of GorkaMorka: Behemoth Monster: Kit I Model: A giant two-headed orruky monster made out of concentrated Waagh! Energy that gets summoned if you blow past the Casting Roll while attempting to summon an Avatar of Gork or Mork. In addition to more Hitpoints, can Slam many times in melee and ‘Eadbutts like the Avatar of Gork AND shoots Waagh! Lightning like the Avatar of Mork. Can’t begin the game normally, like the weaker avatars. Either you can try and blow past the casting roll for the weaker avatars, which does not need for you to have the Avatar of GorkaMorka as points spent in your army, or you can try to summon ‘im like the weaker avatars, albeit with a higher casting roll. This second option requires that you have spent points on the Avatar of Gorkamorka. In addition, he gives all Weirdhedz Orruk Wizards in the battle access to four spells while he’s in the battle: One spell heals the Avatar of Gork, the second makes a friendly Weirdhedz unit immediately pile in and attack in the Hero Phase, the third spell teleports a unit to somewhere at least 9 inches away from an enemy, and fourth spell adds 2d6 wounds worth of Orruks to a unit of your choice. Kind of a big deal. Command Traits: Your commander gets one of these: Commander gains the ability to heal d3 wounds a turn. Commander adds 5 to a nearby unit for the purposes of any model-count based abilities. Commander, if a wizard, gets to choose an additional spell from ‘Even Moar Spellz’ (see below. If the Commander destroys any unit completely, they get to pile in and attack again. Any wizard close to the Commander gets +1 to cast a spell. When the Commander rolls a 6 on the to-Wound roll, he gets to roll a die to see if the closest enemy unit gets a free mortal wound, courtesy of the Waagh! Energies. Shiny Gubbinz (Artifacts): 1 hero, +1 for every battalion, gets one of these. Strange Choppas: One of this hero’s weapons gets to deal d2 more damage. Someone Else’s Skull: Once per game, when this hero would be reduced to 0 wounds, ignore the wounds from the attacks of the unit that would have done this. Annuver Me (Magic Mirror): Allows the hero to teleport up to 6 inches away after moving (but can’t teleport closer than 9 inches to the enemy unit). Explody Crystals: Once per game, can be tossed for mortal wounds against an enemy unit a certain distance away. Anti-Arrow Amulet: Ranged attacks targeting this hero get -1 to hit. Totem of Directin’: This hero can voluntarily give up his attacks for the round to give another unit the ability to reroll ‘1’s on melee attacks for their attacks. Even Moar Spellz: For one of your wizards, +1 for every battalion. Da Stompin’ Of Gork: The wizard casting this moves his full movement plus a bonus from a die. He can move through enemy units while doing so, and any enemy units he moves over will take some mortal wounds. Da Plannin’ Of Mork: Your next roll to disband a spell automatically succeeds, but it still takes up a dispanding slot. Crushinator: Deals mortal wounds to an enemy unit. Roll a die, on a 6, do it again. Rinse and repeat. When Zquigs Fly: Give a friendly unit flight and a bonus to move. Da Best Spell: Select one target friendly unit; it gains a bonus to movement and +1 to wound for the rest of the game. Raw Magick: Select any spell known by any wizard on the battle and immediately attempt to cast it (this spell has no normal casting value). Alternatively, you get to activate a Predatory Spell now. Battalions: Waagh! Band: 1 Waagh-Raiser + 2-6 units of Zottchoppa Boys: Every unit part of this battalion within a radius of the Waagh-raiser get a +1 to hit. Winds of Waagh!: 1 Wildspark Shaman + 2-6 units of Zottchoppa Boys: You may reroll the die roll for the Wildspark Shaman’s casting once. Yer Basic Waagh!: 1 Weirdhedz Warboss + 2-6 units of Zottchoppa Bous + 1-4 units of Zottbow Boys + 0-4 units of Zquig Chargers: Units that are part of this battalion get to reroll ‘1’s on the ‘to-wound’ roll. Circle of Power: 1 Big Storm Shaman + 1-3 Wildspark Shaman + 1 Luck-Seer: Spells cast from units part of this battalion do not count against what kinds of spells you’ve already cast this turn. Portals to Power: 1 Avatar of Gork OR 1 Avatar of Mork OR 1 Avatar of Gorkamorka + 1 - 3 units of Shockboys: For the purpose of summoning the Avatar (whichever one it is), every 3 Shockboys who are part of this battalion give +1 to the casting roll, but do not contribute to the model count for non-Wizard Weirdhedz Orruks. Original Document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NQaEOfJOkND3BZMaibEx2MwTuUqa1u_Viv1NqEWTaoQ/edit?usp=sharing
  7. HiddenElephant

    Your Faction Ideas?

    Hmm, for Spideyfang Grots? How's about... Grots with grappling hooks and rope that can tie up people and bind them down. Spidey Swarms, along with Shamans specializing in summoning and controlling these swarms. Grots that wield poisoned weapons made from the Spideys. New Spidey Rider kits, with an option to build Jumping Spider Riders.
  8. HiddenElephant

    Custom Faction Concept: Citycrusher Gargants

    Thanks for the feedback! I've updated this faction a little bit just because I was pokin' about on the forums and saw what other people wanted. I added in two new unnamed units. One wields a great club and is armor, and would be one of the hardest-hitting units in all of existence. The other, from the same kit, wields a tower shield and can go plowing through enemies. I've also given the faction a named character, who is an amalgamation of the primary melee hero and the wizard hero, and can cast more spells. I suspect that she'd be 500 points, if not more.
  9. HiddenElephant

    Your Faction Ideas?

    Just yesterday I was actually working on the concept sheets of the 'Crystal Duardin' and the 'Zkyriggerz'! I may post them if I fully complete them. But I actually have a bit of a big problem. The Crystal Dwarves, as I wrote them, are a bit like the Kharadron Overlords. They're both factions more advanced than other factions, albeit in different aspects, with a designed 'Armor Galore' look. Though I did base the Crystal Dwarves off of an element, I'd say the more important thing when making a Custom Faction is its race. Namely, how is it different and unique from other factions of the same race? Right now, Fyreslayers are based off of the Slayers and Martial Prowess that the Dwarves had - they feel like Dwarvish versions of Barbarian Archetypes. Kharadron Overlords, meanwhile, convey that technological aspect of the Dwarves. But the Crystal Dwarves do the same thing, so I don't see much reason to continue them further. I do like the 'Ancestral Dispossed' ideas, as it's directly based off of concepts of Dwarven Ancestry and Epic Stonework. That's some basics we all know about the Dwarves, and it makes for a good faction basis. Meanwhile, I've... actually had a similar problem with my 'Zkyriggerz'. They're those Grot Sky Pirates everyone is in love with. What's their deal? Well, they're sky pirates, and they ride around on giant vespoids, with different variations doing different roles. They also have a good number of War Machines, including a few small ones whose sole purpose is to explode. But those wasps, while I love the concept, is very similar to the Spiderfang Grots, especially seeing how both have a poisoned attack that could deal mortal wounds. It's not the whole faction, thank goodness, because there's interplay with the War Machines and the faction's other units, but it still cuts a bit too much from the same cloth.
  10. HiddenElephant

    Your Faction Ideas?

    I forgot to mention this (and I have no idea how to edit posts on this forum), but I actually had two more ideas. The first was Extra-Magical Orruks. Like as if you had an entire faction of Weirdboys. Crazy, insane, with a good chance of your troopers spontaneously combust and plenty of lightning going around for anyone, it's one of those truly absurd ideas. The second was Unbound Elementals for Destruction. Originally conceived as beings of raw energy and entropy from the very fringes of the Mortal Realms, who sought to destroy them to create an ideal habitat for themselves. Not going forth with this one; it's basically those new Eternal Spells given an army book.
  11. HiddenElephant

    Your Faction Ideas?

    Oh, I've had a few. I've got a Gargant faction concept list posted in the Destruction Forums, and also did a short bit for an expanded Firebelly faction. I've been meaning to do a faction concept list for Sky Grots as well. But other ideas? Crystal Duardin: Based in Hysh, but found anywhere crystals and gemstones grow. Use crystals for everything - magic batteries, barrels for light rifles, force shields. The more crystals, the merrier. Nihil Cults: Death-aligned living humans who have devoted themselves to Nagash for various depressing reasons. Led by Necromancers, have in-faction Zombies, count on destroying the bodies at least twice.
  12. HiddenElephant

    Custom Faction: Suneater Tribes

    Hey, this reminds me of when i tried to expand the Firebelly concept! Of course, I didn't do it as in-depth or as complete as you did, but hey, it's the thought that counts, right? I've got the Google Doc right here, in case you want to look at it: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aZkKyMR-yqhMop00Qb_47KCYGr3GPQYNnzuHc59a9VQ/edit?usp=sharing
  13. I've got ideas. Too many ideas. This is one of them. It's a faction of Gargants (Giants) who go around and destroy cities. Pretty simple concept. However, I haven't 'rulesd-it-out'. This is just a large set of concepts that can be developed further. Beware of a few jokes, I couldn't help myself. (Updated 5/28/2018) Fluff Concept: The Citycrusher Gargants are a race of Gargants with a profound hatred of the cities built by the smaller races. Where this hatred stems from is hard to say - some believe it’s that the Gargants do not like what Cities do to the landscape, others believe it is out of jealousy. Whatever the reason, the Citycrusher Gargants thunder across the lands to bring ruin to all cities - regardless of allegiance. Citycrusher Gargants organize themselves into loose tribes, typically lead by the women. They are highly nomadic by nature, always moving and never truly settling down. Unusually for a Destruction Faction, they are not stupid. At least, most of them aren’t. They don’t like fighting with each other, and when tribes meet, they will typically trade knowledge and boast of their accomplishments. In addition, they delight in convincing the followers of Gork and Mork to join their rampaging crusade, not that it’s hard. However, they can often be frustrated by the idiocy of the orruks and the grots, are unnerved by the ever-hungry ogors, and despise the Aleguzzler Gargants - that last one in particular seems to only fuel the Citycrusher Gargants’ resentment. Why play this faction? You like playing as the Adeptus Titanicus and Adeptus Custodes in Wh40K. You like paying 60 bucks or more per model. You don’t want to move around several 20-man groups every moving phase. You enjoy stepping on other people. Faction Overview: Weapons have high reach, Rend and damage, but lower To-Hit odds. The Gargants can struggle to hit things smaller than they are, but when they hit? Well, not even armor will save you. Good Mobility: Legs longer than Ogors’. Good Ranged Attacking capacity from throwing rocks and things at the enemy. Don’t mock it when the rocks weigh 300 pounds plus. Almost exclusively behemoths. They have favorable damage charts, with Move, Rend, and Damage going down very slowly, but even losing one unit can sting. Ideal Faction Aesthetics: Celtic Barbarians. They have very little in the way of metal (comparatively), and use it all for their elite and leaders. Their weapons are often wood and/or stone lashed together. They wear jewelry fashioned out of stones, and in fact are expert stone carvers. Gold and other fine goods, thought of as the trappings of the City-Dwellers, are used as trophies; great warriors have display poles where they string up the bodies of defeated knights and captured works of art. Alliance Ability Concepts: Army of Giants: Allows for easier times capturing objectives in objective-based scenarios, and lifts the restrictions on Behemoths when building a force. Realm Shakers: Allows for the faction to destroy terrain and remove any effects it may have had. Whenever they destroy a terrain, or completely destroy a Unit, they gain a Devastation Point. Devastation Points are spent to ignore the effects of a damage chart on a model for a turn, and therefore are hard to come by. Unit Concepts: Gahl’ra Mountain Breaker: Character Hero, Kit A Model. A unique Gargantess, and a major political force within the faction. She wields a special spear and a unique shield, but also has the floating stones of the Earth Maiden option. She attacks in melee with her Spear, Stomps, and Shield Smashes, and attacks at range with her Floating Stones. She ignores the rend of attacks made against her. She is a Wizard that can cast and unbind 2 spells a turn. Her innate spell draws a line from her to a certain distance away, and any enemy units that line crosses will take Mortal Wounds. Her innate Command Ability grants a target Gargant Unit to make more attacks in Melee for the turn. Uniquely makes the Mountain Guard Battleline. Earth Maiden: Magic Hero, Kit A Model. A Gargantess surrounded by floating stones. She attacks with stomps, and throws rocks as a ranged attack. Can only cast/unbind one spell a turn. Her innate spell allows one unit to ignore the rend characteristic of whatever is attacking them. Beast Mistress: Support Hero, Kit A Model. A Gargantess wielding a spear with a Mountain Hawk on her arm. She attacks with the spear and stomps in melee, and uses the Hawk to attack from a range. She increases the bravery of Gargant Beasts and Cloud Hawks by being around them. Grants Gargant Beasts Battleline Status. War Mother: Combat Hero, Kit A Model. A Gargantess wielding a spear and a shield. Attacks with the spear, stomps, and shield smashes. She ignores the rend of attacks against her. Natural army commander whose command ability increases the to-hit odds of Gargant allies within her radius. Ruinstone Bearer: Anti-Magic Support Hero, a Totem, Kit B Model. A Gargant carrying around a carved monolith that he can squash the enemy with, as well as the customary stomp attacks.. The monolith also has the additional effect making it harder for enemies to cast spells within a radius of the model. Stoneroarer: Musician Support Hero, Kit B Model. A Gargant carrying around a giant horn that he blows. Squashes and kicks the enemy with hands and feet. Effectively acts as an army-wide musician by allowing charges to be rerolled and adding distance to a charge naturally. Pulverizers: Melee Unit, Kit C Model. Gargants carrying a large melee weapon that could be a pick, a hammer, or even just a club. Attacks with stomps and their weapon. Gain a bonus to hit against monsters and war-machines due to more equal footing. In groups of 1 to 5, but has no formal leader. Battleline with Citycrusher Faction Allegiance. Avalanchers: Ranged Unit, Kit C Model. Gargants carrying stones used for throwing in a bag. Attack with stomps and smashes in melee, and can throw boulders as a ranged attack. Get a universal bonus to hit against war-machines; demolition is their specialty. Special feature: If they kill at least 1 model with their melee attacks, they can make 1 immediate ranged attack against another unit, ignoring the unit they are standing next to. In groups of 1 to 5, but has no formal leader. Earthshakers: Special Attack Unit, Kit C Model. Gargants that have been magically enchanted, but carry no weapons. They attack with stomps and smashes. Any unit within a certain radius of them suffer an Armor Save negative as the area around them shakes from enhanced vibrations caused by their stomps. In groups of 1 to 5, but has no formal leader. Catastrophics: Elite Unit, Kit D Model. Gargants wearing crude armor pounded out of the armor of their foes and wielding long Greatclubs. They attack with their Greatclubs and by Stomping and Smashing. Their blows are incredibly powerful; if they get a 6 on the to-wound, then their damage gets turned into mortal wounds. In groups of 1 to 3, but with no formal leader. Mountain Guard: Elite Guarding Unit, Kit D Model. Gargants who wear crude armor pounded out of the armor of their foes and wielding massive tower shields. They attack with their Tower Shields and by Stomping and Smashing. If they are standing close to a Hero Model, there is a chance any attack directed at that Hero Model will be directed to them instead. In addition, when they make a charge attack, they can always travel the full distance and move over enemy units. Units they ‘move over’ are pushed away from them and must roll to see if they take mortal wounds. In groups of 1 to 3, but with no formal leader. Gargant Beasts: ‘Cavalry’ Unit, Kit E Model. Appear as prehistoric mammalian monsters with large, toothy crocodilian heads. They attack with their powerful snapping jaws. Get a bonus on the to-wound roll during a charge. The Pack Alpha gets an additional attack. In groups of 3 to 12. Cloud Hawks: Fast-Attack Flying Unit, Kit F Model. Quick, flying hawks the size of men that attack with their ripping beaks. They can start off of the battlefield initially and come on later, like several other units. Also have terrible bravery, and are not very tough. The Cast Alpha gets an additional attack. In groups of 5 to 20. Command Traits Concepts: Given to the commander. Basic +1 Wounds Basic Enhance Command Ability Radius/Range Increased To-Hit versus Heroes Increased To-Hit versus Monsters Increased natural Armor Save. Heal wounds after killing X models. Magical Artifacts: A special doohickey for 1 hero and every hero for every battalion used. Trophies of Destroyed Kingdoms: Bonus to hit Heroes and War Machines. Spell-Eating Shield: This hero can unbind 1 more spell per turn, or unbind 1 spell per turn as if it were a wizard. Ancient Lens: To-Hit bonus with Ranged Attacks. Skulls of Fallen Armies: 1 weapon (chosen at start of battle) gains an additional attack for every 10 models in target unit. Statue of Victory: Bravery Buff Radius. Landforged Crystal: Ignore the effects of terrain. Lore of the Earth Concepts: A bonus spell for the wizards. Feet of Clay: Target enemy unit, they lose a lot of speed. Rubble-Flinger: Target enemy unit, deal damage, do more damage if there are more models in the enemy unit. Upheaval: Target non-flying enemy unit, move them a certain distance as you see fit. Crushing Weight: All flying units within radius of caster lose Flight for the turn, which results in a huge speed debuff - some might not be able to move! Skin of Stone: Target friendly unit gets to reroll failed armor saves against attacks w/o Rend. Unbreakable Form: Target friendly unit or self. In exchange for speed going to the pits, all wounds taken are halved, rounded up, akin to the Stonehorn. Battalion Concepts: Trinity: 1 each of Earth Maiden, Beast Mistress, and War Mother: Gain a Devastation Point during the hero phase of the models part of this battalion are within a certain distance of each other. Hunting Party: 1 Beast Mistress + 2-5 units of Gargant Beasts + 0-4 units of Cloud Hawks: Units part of this battalion gain a To-Hit bonus against the enemy unit that the Beast Mistress hits with her Mountain Hawk. Roar of Falling Empires: 1 Stoneroarer + 1-3 units of Pulverizers: When charging, units part of this battalion roll 3 dice and drop the lowest. If rerolled, all 3 dice are rerolled. Tremble of Crumbling Cities: 1 Ruiner + 1-3 units of Earthshakers: Enemy units within a radius of this unit get a penalty on their To-Hit rolls for all weapons. Rocks Fall….: 1 Earth Maiden + 1-3 units of Avalanchers: Units part of this battalion deal mortal wounds on their ranged attack if they get a 6+ on the To-Wound. Titanic Rampage: 1 War Mother + 1-3 units of Pulverizers: All units part of this battalion can run and charge in the same turn. Gigantomachia: Trinity Battalion + Roar of Falling Empires + Tremble of Crumbling Cities: Begin game with 3 Devastation Points. Also, get congratulated by Games Workshop for buying that many gargants. Original Google Docs Edition: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1V93UjDL1_-2uY8f0o1Ckt6uugfia8y77u3rqhNfXrjY/edit?usp=sharing Thank you for checking this out. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.