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  1. I agree with this, I’d actually be more inclined to buy other factions lore books too if that was the focus.
  2. There’s a whole thread for TOW, could we keep the discussion there instead of in two places? Every time I see this thread is updated I think it might be something that’s actually related to AoS
  3. Sigvald was released from a mirror taken from Shadespire by the KO. The newborn is described as having a great winged form I believe. Warcom link with reference to Sigvalds mirror: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/11/27/sigvald-the-magnificent-is-back-and-hes-brought-friends/
  4. I agree, it’s a small detail really but the fact it has an open mouth brings brand new personality to the steeds for me. Have we ever seen them with open mouths in art. I’m also trying to think of a scheme but I honestly love the purple. I was thinking of potentially sort of gold silk, with dark skin tones though. I don’t think I’ve seen metallic paints for fabrics before but I think it could work well.
  5. Glisette from the dread pageant has a glaive like the Slickblade Seekers, and she’s the same style as the archers so it’s possible? There’s the palanquin, which the stone man RE doesn’t seem to fit to me based on the tome. I think that’s it though, the Palanquin will be the ‘mounted character’ I think. Maybe that could be a dual kit though? I’m fully sold now, going to buy into Underworlds for the first time for the Dread Pagaent. Maybe the Direchasm book has some lore bits? Edit: Just seen people saying no dual kit. shame, but the release does seem pretty stacked so understandable.
  6. The new Slaanesh mortals look far too good. I’ve still got a KO army to finish, and I bought a Khorne SC during Black Friday to start, but in true Slaaneshi I’m being tempted by the Dark Prince. I just don’t think I can say no.... maybe just a little force.
  7. I’ve been reading a lot of 40K lore recently and have been wanting to start an army, so I grabbed the app thinking it might hold my hand a bit because I know nothing about 40K listbuilding. It didn’t take long for me to give up. First thing I noticed was you can’t set your faction and pick from available units within it. You have to search for each unit you want to add, you can’t even search the faction name, a search of ‘Tyranid’ gave me a unit or two that actually had the word tyranid in the name, but that was it. Then never mind Detachments and the overwhelming amount of options that increase points etc. I didn’t even bother looking into that because what’s the point if the app makes something as fundamental as adding units finicky. I’ve found entry into 40K really difficult in general. I like some factions based on lore etc but so much of the ranges for anything except SM look really dated. Even new sculpts for some factions are inexplicably poor. I’ve had a hard time even deciding which faction to start with because I don’t want to dump cash into an old range that must surely see an update not far in the future.
  8. Sorry @Salyx just another quick one, would you consider dropping crushers for more knights and / or faster screens? (Flesh hounds, marauder horsemen?)
  9. Again, thanks so much for this! The Bloodbound SC is a must then whichever way you look at it.
  10. I really appreciate all this! Lots of food for thought. I hadn’t checked out the flayed rules but I will do. despite investing heavily in skull crushers you’d still go pilgrims instead of stampede?
  11. Playing around with Gorepilgrim + Brass Stampede lists at the moment and i just can't get the points to work, ended up with the below. No Karkadrak, but a Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount and a Lord On Jug. I could drop the Lord on Mount for a cheaper hero then add another 10x Reavers but i like his command ability. Or maybe to get the Karkadrak in: I'll keep playing around
  12. Looking for a bit of advice while i plan out what to possibly buy. Is a mostly mounted list viable at all? Knights, Mighty Skull Crushers, possibly Marauder Horsemen? Something like: Chaos Lord On Kharkadrak Lord On Jug Secrator Slaughterpriest Slaughterpriest 10x Knights 3x Skullcrushers 3x Skullcrushers 5x Flesh hounds 5x Flesh hounds 5x Flesh hounds +350 points to play with? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Got a link, they seem to be 15% off like any other tome?
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