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  1. I really wasn't interested in Gargants, but the Warstomper looks really cool.
  2. I think this is probably likely. Have any of their units been revealed to be dual kits yet? I’d be surprised if they didn’t have any.
  3. Done. Yeah rumour thread, but I thought leaked images before official release were out of the question on here? Correct me if I’m wrong. If leaked images are allowed more fool me for coming on here before 2pm.
  4. Haha, you called it a preview to the preview mate, not a leak, I didn’t know whether it was official or not.
  5. So these images are officially released? Where?
  6. FAQ says range and visibility for units garrisoning a sky vessel is determined to and from the vessel.
  7. I’m in exactly the same boat as you and begrudgingly built my balloon boys as endrinriggers. It doesn’t make sense to me that engineers with tools have better warscroll than soldiers with weapons. Wardens in my mind should have the better range on their pistols. And the +1 hit on charge could arguably be a warscroll ability rather than tied to Zon. Even with those 2 buffs I expect most people would take the Riggers, but there’d be some thought about it first. I’m sure they’ll get a little love at some point and I’ll be happy to buy more when it happens.
  8. What was your list? What other Baraks have you used so far?
  9. Thanks for the help! 750 points is only 2 Battleline so are they likely to drop that and the battalion to fit more Kurnoth? No it's in the UK.
  10. Hi Guys, I'm starting an escalation league and there's a few people taking Sylvaneth. What can i expect to come up against in a 750 point list?
  11. Frigates can’t take the bouyancy aid, I think you mean Iron Clads but there’s no need for that Endrinwork with only 10 Thunderers, they can hold 15 and still fly high. You’re also not getting 2 Iron Clad escort wings in 2000 points, one is 1070 points and that’s with 5 thunderers.
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