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  1. My friend is starting age of sigmar with beastmen and I was wondering if anyone could help me make a 1000 point Brayherd list for him. So far he has the start collecting box, unit of centigors, unit of bullgors, and an extra Bray-Shaman. Thanks so much for the help! Any tips and build advice is appreciated : )
  2. I was gunna bring hand or gork or whatever cuz of the random movements of most the army
  3. I have a game against flesh eater courts and 1000 points this Saturday and was hoping for some feedback on my list. Also not sure which artifact to take. leaders- loonboss on mangler -300 points -fight another day Fungoid cave shaman- 90 points battleline- cave squigs (x12) - 140 points cave squigs (x6) - 70 points other units- bounderz (x10) - 200 points bounderz (x10) - 200 points 1000/1000
  4. If wonky actually played with 1000 points but I’m trynna step my game up. I mean the blunders get to reroll move rolls to make up for there small movement and everything has a six inch pile in as well as being all one drop
  5. This is my new list. What are y’alls thoughts? Da%20bad%20loonies.pdf
  6. Is it just me or has it not gone live yet in the US?
  7. Do we know when there gunna be in stores yet??
  8. Wow, those look unbelievable. Like omg. I never even thought to do that. And I’m not going to use them once I get more moonclan units. There only there because that’s what I have to fill out 1,000 pts.
  9. Still very much a wip but I’m getting there. The new release tease has me workin extra fast
  10. Thank you soooo much for the tips, your a life saver! Literally! You have just saved countless little gob’s lives. Also, I saw your grot conversions. I too am going for an armored grot look and they are very inspiring. What are your thoughts on fanatics as a unit? Thinking of picking a few up
  11. I like the idea of at least one as I have 40 already and then maybe changing out the other battling requirements for squigs.
  12. I’ll answer the questions one by one . The goal of my army is to be fun and wacky. I started playing due to the total war game( I’ve never actually played just the animated models inspired me) and sales I’m especially is near and dear to my heart. I guess I’m limiting myself as I hate orks and won’t run them. The meta has a lot of death, Nurgle, and Khorne In it I don’t feel like any unit didn’t pull it’s weight, the spider boys and big big spider were a bit underwhelming however that may be due to personal errors in play. I want to get a whole lot more of everything and run a super grot horde but am waiting for the new release to get anything else thank you sooo much for your time the help is super heartwarming!!
  13. I have 2 squiggling herders (plus the one from the zarbag box) 7 cave squigs (plus the 2 from zarbag) zarbag could be a grit shaman if I need an going to get the fungus Snazzgar guy but for now I don’t have him
  14. Hero...? Hq? (I play 40k so that’s the terms I know) zarbag (80pts) skarsnik(warboss with big squish and moon prodder) general (100) arachnarok with spider shaman(280) battleline 20 grots with spears (130) 20 grots with Spears (130) other zarbags gits (80) 10 spider riders(100) 1000/1000
  15. Been playing sigmar for the first time and having some trouble being stomped in games. If I post my list could someone give me some feedback!! -thanks
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