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Posts posted by HorticulusTGA

  1. 1 hour ago, Zamik said:

    While it wouldn't exactly be a comeback per se, I'd like to see Valkia get a new plastic model. I mean, she's carrying around the head of a Slaaneshi daemon prince for a shield, I'm sure she'd have something to say to this Newborn.

    Yes, me too

    Something along the line of : "sorry oh glorious Lord, I will convert to Slaanesh effective immedia... Oh hello Shallaxi"

  2. 7 minutes ago, Thaliontil said:

    The text from the first card (and what can be read in the last one) seems to support this theory,

    Note that that chitin / Bone armor could be an artefact, like the Katophrane relics...


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  3. 7 minutes ago, KingBrodd said:

    A new Kurnothi Warband perhaps? Is that one of the Silent Ones being used as armour?

    What if the Silent People are a parasitic race of Chitin armors, taking hold progressively of its host ?

    Looks like the "armor" is growing on that poor Kurnothi (on each cards form right to left - it's the same Blightking dying in each card). 

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  4. On 11/27/2020 at 9:26 PM, Garxia said:

    After a lot of fighting with the forum, many 504 ERROR messages and almost giving up, here it is: The Final Edit.

    I have added the last story (DIG DEEP) and fixed a few formatting errors.

    Now, onto Broken Realms, that has had a spectacular start with great stories and and huge and cool lore advancing.

    Do you want to add the Forbidden Power stories before Broken Realm ?

    IIRC one of them at least ("the Hammer god") should herald something from BR :) 

    EDIT 1 : @Garxia here they are https://www.warhammer-community.com/soul-wars/  

     They also may be 1 or 2 in White Dwarf, I'll go check : 

    EDIT 2 : so there are 9 fictions on WarCom (link above) and 3 in White Dwarf : 

    - WD January 2019 : Deadly Venture

    - WD February 2019 : The Thirsting Blade

    - WD March 2019 : Empty Graves

    EDIT 3 : Also, unrelated, general AOS short stories in White Dwarf (September 2016 to November 2020) : 

    - WD May 2019 : The Curse Gold-Grudge

    - WD June 2019 : Reignition

    - WD August 2019 : Blood Hunt (Warcry story)

    - WD October 2019 : The Duality Of Vengeance (as @Enoby said in another thread IIRC) is maybe a kind of prequel for the new Slaanesh Twinsouls unit...

    - WD November 2019 : Hunger Pains

    - WD January 2020 : Red Prospects

    - WD February 2020 : The Death Of Dakkbad Grotkicker

    - WD April 2020 : The Great Cycle (Beastgrave story)

    - WD October 2020 : The Beasts within (Beastgrave story)

    - WD November 2020 : Trouble Brewings (Warcry / Bugmansson story)

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  5. 16 minutes ago, xking said:

    I know that,  but clearly it's hinting at far more.

    Examples ?

    (Except the very obvious Tyrion and Sigmarites future releases, maybe Devoted with the Azyrheim Crusade, or a Warhammer Quest set in Calumnexis ?).

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  6. 2 minutes ago, xking said:

    What do you guys think the end of forbidden power means for broken realms?

    (end of FB)

    Well, FB spawned Ossiarch Bonereapers which spawned Wrath of the Everchosen. 

    The "military might of Hysh" line also kinda spawned Lumineth Realm-Lord. 

    And FB first mentioned Gordrakk and the Siege of Excelsis story arc, so there is still that :) 

  7. Called it, we'll have a Soulblight Vampires Warband for Underworld :P😍:P

    ... I guess 2-3 Vampires Lords / Ladys each armed with rapiers and such ? ... 

    Then Bonespliterz or SPIDER FANGS ? And Ossiarch / Idoneth, great : it fits with all the Rumor Engines we've had so far !

    It ALSO means the Sigmarite Rumor Engines are either for AOS proper or Warcry :D (or maybe a new AOS WHQ) !

    Glad to have them all in the next 6 months !

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  8. 14 minutes ago, The Brotherhood of Necros said:

    The next short story is out!

    (Although I’m still waiting for my preordered copy of Broken Realms to dispatch!)  

    Nice one, tho I hoped it would be for Slaanesh ;) 

    Also :




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  9. 1 minute ago, KingBrodd said:

    Aelf? Cities of Sigmar? 

    That, or Vampire Swordsmen, to go with the other sword's hilts we've seen recently. 

    Vampires like Manfred have been shown without sleeves. 

    Tho this one seems more clean than the other.

  10. 35 minutes ago, Nezzhil said:



    As we expected the Covid-19 delayed Old World and at least it was not cancelled. We were receiving an update every month and after the lockdowns, and the news disappeared from the horizon. But it is back again.

    .... Next year. Rip. 

  11. 1 hour ago, ReynakZhen said:

    Sylvaneth are not Aelves though.


    Well yeah, indeed they are not. 

    - But the Tree-Revenants and the Spite-Revenants are partially made form Wood Elves souls.

    - Their Godess was an Elf.

    - Their faction name end with -eth like current Aelven factions. 

    So the confusion is often made. And GW themselves (at least the WarCom and White Dwarf teams) are not always clear on their terminology. 

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  12. The Decadence & Decay Rumor Engine is probably a Chaos Warriors from the Slaves To Darkness Warhammer Underworld warband.

    Remember the Daemon-face Shield ? Quite sure it will be from the same set.

    StD do not have a WHU team yet. And I don't see as big a release for StD as a Multiparts Chaos Warriors kit happening now.

  13. I forgot the Lelith model teased recently.

    I think the 40k models teased in a recent Preview video (Orc, Lilith, Sisters of Battle and Nurlge IIRC) will just be single Models coming along their new 9th Ed.  40k Codex. That was the case for the Nurgle model (new Lord of Virulence). So this week-end GW will surely announce more Codexes, the Xenos one could be Dark Eldar (and the cover could be the one teased yesterday on Facebook). 

    But I am still confident we will see a Decadence (Slaanesh)-themed, AOS-related Chaos release. 

  14. 10 minutes ago, Lord of the Isle said:

    There are pros and cons to both ideas, yup.

    Vampire - fits with specifics of van Brecht’s character and history. Begins to involve Death.

    Malerion - further explains and expands ongoing aelven epic. More relevant to general godhood / realms scheme of saga.

    Not entirely sure which I want to be true more

    (there’s also the very left of field candidacy of Be’lakor but he would have to be up to something very elaborate)

    Well I think Malerion, God of Shadow, wouldn't just sneak in a prison like this. Even if he is shadowy, he is also very powerful. So if he wished Van Brecht free, he would have just stormed the city, or send in his agents.

    For Vampires, don't forget the fluff explain how Van Brecht has sworn to see his whole lineage destroyed because of the Soulblight Curse. Maybe a lost parent wished to help him but they are certainly not in good terms. 

    Be'lakor is the best candidate IMO : he has bat wings (that had maybe been teased in a Rumor Engine), is usually seen spying and sneaking around alone with his shadow magic abilities (he let Manfred free from his prison in the End Times), and could very well want to undermine Morathi (for domination of Ulgu) and the forces of Order. He may also had blazing eyes (like in a recent artwork ; and like the Chaos Furies).

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  15. 17 minutes ago, JackStreicher said:

    Yeah, the whole devinity in AoS is a mess. In reality they‘re just strong heroes, I don‘t see what qualifies any of them as a god? They‘re not hard to kill, they‘re not powerful enough to defeat armies on their own...

    imo a definition of what Godhood means in AoS is required.

    You may want to read the two White Dwarf articles Phil Kelly did on this very topic then ;D 

    You'll find them in WD June 2019 and July 2019 :) 

    He specifically explain how godhood work in AOS (aka similarly to all Warhammer settings), with Elemental gods (like Chaos or Gorkamorka) and Ascended ones (like powerful heroes once Mortal that, by fate or magic, ascend to a new status - i.e. a whole bunch of the Incarnates from the End Times) - all are still empowered by their followers or the consumption of souls. 

    Also the AOS Core Book p. 111, the Illuminations of the Gods, about Faith and Omniscience (or not).


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  16. Just now, BaylorCorvette said:

    The Chaos reference may just be regarding Death Guard for 40k and the "Decay" portion of this event/title. 

    However, I am extremely confident that the next Broken Realms book is going to be Broken Realms: Slaanesh. We know the next Age of Sigmar collectors coin is for Slaanesh. So I guess it just depends on how frequently they are going to release a BR book. Monthly? Every other month? etc.



    The coin is another hint at a Slaanesh release coming soon. 

    And the WarCom video insisted on BOTH decadence and decay being of interest for Chaos fans.

    I don't think the Death Guard release will get something else new. Everything was already previewed on WarCom, except maybe a Combat Patrol Boxed Set. Decay probably refers to something else., like Zombie.

  17. 4 hours ago, Nezzhil said:



    We can almost confirm that Decadence is the Drukhari release in the near future.

    99.9% sure (thats 666 the other way around) that it's a part of the Broken Realms 2 : Slaanesh book cover. 

    They said on the WarCom Sunday Preview video that "specifically Chaos Fans" had to look upon the Decadence and Decay preview, so this almost rule out other Species like Dark Eldars. 

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  18. A new preview ? YES.

    For WHU, we should 100% see the full Seraphon warband, mayyyybe another one ❤️ 

    For AOS, Mortal Slaanesh and the Newborn, i.e. Broken Realms 2. 

    For 40k, I don't know, but surely not Nurgle : we have seen the new Lord and the Scenery sets in great details on WarCom already. So maybe.... EMPEROR'S CHILDREN ?

    We also should see what what that Zombie thing Johann was fleeing from really is. Maybe the "Decay" part, if it's indeed a Zombie ? For WHU ?

    Anyway as always : BRING IT ON !

  19. That article on WarCom last night was a bit weird.



    - Did Morathi definitely succeed or not ? Is she really a Goddess right now ?

    - Did some Aelf souls espace with her ? Aenarion maybe but who else ?

    - Is the Newborn really Slaanesh ? I thought it was clear it was its child.


    Anyway, going by the last picture, maybe the next book is about Teclis' reaction !

    And the last paragraph certainly means something SPECIAL is going on with the Orruks ;) 


    So, we've heard that a quite "small" Slaanesh 40k release was coming, that may only includes new Noise Marines and Daemon Fulgrim. 

    What  if GW decided to introduce a Daemon Primarch-level equivalent in AOS (in terms of powers) ? They could make a kit for a Slaanesh entity that could be built either as the Newborn in AOS (we'll probably get a better name) or Daemon Fulgrim in 40k ?

    We already know they are both winged, unique (aka "named" characters) and more or less bigger in stature than a .Greater Deamons....

    Traditionally, Daemons sell to both games (even the Soul Grinder). That could also explain the delay between Magnus, Mortarion - and Fulgrim and Angron (we also know GW can rework kits as, apparently, the Glottkin design started as the first version of the plastic GUO)...

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  21. 4 minutes ago, michu said:

    Shadowstalkers are Morathi's faction, that's true. But in that article there was really word "Umbraneth" before correction.

    No, I  was F5ing the page to see the PreOrder, they never had the "Umbraneth" mention. 

    It was a guy on 4chan who edited the page the same night and took a picture of the screen. The same narrative comes back regularly on /aosg/.

    And the whole "Umbraneth" thing was that it was meant to be Malerion's faction, which it isn't. And Daughters Of Khaine won't be changing name. 

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  22. Guys.

    "Umbraneth" is a ***** fake.

    Malekith did not fuse with his dragon. 

    Umbraneth was also a 4chan scam. Khainite Shadowlstalker were always linked to Morathi, even BEFORE the WarCom page announcing the pre order. (Of course we'll get a Malerion faction, maybe ending in "-eth", but it won't include Shadowstalkers, as they are 100% Morathi faction).

    Also @Doko, as @Lord Veshnakar explained, Alarielle did nothing. The rift destroyed Seraphon.



    In BR:Morathi, it's either a Vampire or Be'lakor helping that Stormcast Lord.

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