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  1. @silverstu @KingBrodd thank you for your kind words, it's good to be back to the Mortal plane spreading some new plagues. And I have to say, I'm mostly excited about the new Maggotkin book. The updated Sorcerer is very "nice" (even if I still want plastic Nurgle Herald on Palanquin / Epidemius and Pestigors. For the former there are hope for the 40k daemon book I guess). And Pierre Mortel's "Neverchosen" is my current favorite in terms of AOS comics. Also, the Warhipster on YouTube posted some new Nurgle Deamons painting tutorials in his Contrast+ method, which gave me strength to get back at it : Yes, and they are getting ALL the Monday reveals - that's ENOUGH Grungni, Malerion and Hashut factions need some teasing. We should get a teaser article or video around Christmas anyway, after the RE run. Hope to see at least the same as 40k 9th ed. with parts of Heroes for future Battletomes...
  2. Long time no see, TGA I SWEAR I read a rumor* a few days ago (here ?) saying the next dual boxed set for AOS would be Idoneth vs Fyreslayxers (that much we already heard), with one new Hero each side : an Idoneth Lady with the two swords in the back like the recent RE, and a new Fyrelsayers Hero with some kind of magmapike. ... That would fit today's RE ... P.-S. ; I'm sad we don't have more Chorf rumors, but at least the Warcry Red Harvest set indeed had new Chaos scenery made by those Hashut-worshipping duardin *EDIT : yep, a rumor passed on by @Indecisive on page 3113. It indeed seems plausible...
  3. No, the Iron Golem capital is in Chamon. The narrator clearly speaks about the Eightpoints and being under the Varanspire. Where we know chaos dwarfs have forges. So forge devices appearing in the trailer + my list of hints =... Well, just that Chaos Dwarfs may be part of the set (the other sides being spider things). But of course it's just interpretation from a meager teaser.
  4. Well I'd love to see those ! But people (including me) may think of Chaos Dwarfs because : they exist in Warcry already. they are mentioned in the existing lore ; notably they have bases and forges around the Varanspire - attacked by Katakros during Wrath of the Everchosen - and under the crust of the Eightpoints. the lava pumping machines from the trailer looks very Chaos-dwary (to me at least). (Spider) Grots (if any) and (Chaos) Dwarfs / Duardin are traditional ennemies. they get increasingly mentioned in the new lore too (Warclans tome).
  5. Well, speculation, the source being the trailer. It really looks like modular terrain, and it is standing out, like the Luminor Shrine was in the Teclis trailer.
  6. Well well disappointing BUT at least there are apparently new scenery coming with that Red Harvest thing ; those kind of lava pumping devices that are apparently modular... for the factions I can't see Varanguard on foot and Spiderfangs grots, but maybe. I'm leaning for chaos mutants worshipping spiders vs furnace kings Chaos Dwarfs.
  7. It's just an artwork from the new article, it is not on the boxe itself as far as I can see. Maybe it's from a wider picture inside the new rulebook ? In the same artwork (in the right corner) a kind of Zombie arm sprouting from the ground... So a new SBGL warband with Necromancer and Zombies ?
  8. Very nice, thank you ! So that means we'll see Necromunda, Warcry and 40k (as I think the toys figures aren't GenCon labelled).
  9. Do we know the GenCon planning regarding GW seminars there ? When is the next show ? Hopefully Warcry today and Necromunda tomorrow.
  10. We'll know quite soon I guess, as there is an S2D update in the next White Dwarf, and Bob from War Of Sigmar implied that the October Chaos Battletome would be Beast Of Chaos. And yet I still hope it's Nurgle.... (Either that or it will get FAQed when the SCE tome is released OR the Beasts of Chaos faction becomes - against all lore and logic - Destruction ). I'm sure that's the new Warpsmith. Exciting times ahead anyway
  11. Another one ? Well, maybe as in intro to a new unit then, that could be interesting ! I's hard to see but the rim of the base doesn't appears to be black like the recent underworld warbands, so... Maybe a White Dwarf or event exclusive Hero for KruleboyZ ?
  12. Everything here looks very plausible... Except the date (as early as 2022 ?) and the "core game" nature. But if by core game they mean things like LOTR or HH (i.e. huge battle systems handled by FW/GW, but aren't Specialist Games per se like BB or Necromunda), then okay. But as you say, a concurrent in terms of "flagshipness" and ressources, like AOS and 40k ? nah. EDIT : If the box is Kislev vs DAEMONS OF CHAOS .... .... I will be the happiest man on earth. Really.
  13. They are clearly smaller and leaner than the current Star drakes, so no they aren't enormous. For the big boss of their races (Star drakes are only cousin I know), that's ridiculously small...
  14. So that is all ? No more releases for KB and SCE* ? (* they got nice ranges but I expected... more).
  15. Well... Aren't they a bit small ? And no riders ? I guess that's a bit sad, or strange ? Also, the Hexfire box confirms most of those 4chan rumors were - again - false... But then Grimdark live tends to back some of it (the BOC range update) ?? I'm really confused by those two news I confess
  16. You're carving off WHAT ? ... Please remain at your current location, the Order of Azyr is on its way for a few.... hobby questions...
  17. Well noice, I guess I missed this one. Was it "hinted" by likes and such from a certain TGA user, or does it comes from somewhere else ? If the former, it can go with Reimagined Chorf and Skavens Eshin in the still-rumors-but-100%-happening list (Also, given the KB and SCE Battletomes comes in August, I count the Kruleboys Wyvern and the Stormcast Drakes as confirmed and soon-to-be previewed...) EDIT : regarding TOW and HH : Runebrush from his interview / chat with the FW designers told us they weren't working with the AOS team, so don't count on cross compatibility between ranges (other than same size and same Fantasy setting in loose terms, like you can use 30k custodes with 40k custodes without too much problems). If FW launches a huge HH plastic range (see the recent leaks), and Marines being Marines, I can't see the HH brand dying out (as it is right now apparently). So TOW (and I clearly hope it's entirely / mainly in plastic) will have to fit alongside it (production wise) in a few years...
  18. 2024 for TOW seems totally fitting with the original schedule and COVID delays. Between the new Horus Heresy starter set and those awesome DKoK models, FW original ranges seems to more and more turn to plastic (which is great, and bode well for TOW). I wonder when the HH starter set will be released, I guess October 2021 like the other HH boxed sets ? And speaking of DKoK, and being a huge fan of Warcry, that other new starter set and updated rules previewed for Kill Team look bloody nice. I hope Warcry get a relaunch next summer too (one year after 3rd ed. AOS, just like nuKT comes one year after 9th ed. 40k). And going back to AOS rumors, I salute the game going over 6 years yesterday, and cannot say how excited I am for those two rumored releases we got hints of those past few days : Complete reimagined / AOSified Chaos Duardin range Skaven Clan Eshin release (which I thought was very plausible since AOS1 and the assassin in WHQ : Silver Tower) We're apparently in for a wild ride those next years !
  19. @Nezzhil @Chikout @KingBrodd I HOPE Stormcast Eternals get both flying Draconic Cavalry AND and a new Dragon centerpiece (so yeah, two more units). We would then have a Thunderstrike overhaul for units in the four existing chambers : Knight-Arcanum for Sacrosanct ; Knight-Judicator and Gryph-hound, Stormstrike Chariot with Gryph-charger and Vigilors for Vanguard ; RUMORED Fyling cavalry and big dragon for Extremis ; the rest for Warriors Chambers ;
  20. I'm sure it will be pure AOS. I mostly want to see the new SCE Drake ! We should get an article about the preview this afternoon anyway
  21. I remember well the rumor hype going around Indomitus and the new Necron and Primaris ranges last year, with leaked pictures and arts "stolen" from the at-that-time new 40k website ... I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE MORE FOR SCE AND KRULEBOYZ, also give me drakes pls
  22. I sincerely hope so ... SO MUCH That would confirm the Thunderstrike SCE are a reboot of first wave (Warriors and Extremis chambers)
  23. It wasn't the same post, just the same-ish thread. The leaks about the release schedule is probably fake news, as is the description of the Sldugeraker and the Not!Wyvern for the Kruleboyz. Probably someone taking the opportunity given by the Core Book leaks to start a rumor / lie / whishlist ... __ The new Battlepack rules are really interesting ; I lost interest in AOS (ruleset) at the end of second edition and played only Warcry and Warhammer Quest. I really want to dive back in with 750 or 1000 points games now!
  24. Some explanation on Sigvald and Gluttos' fates in the latest Short Story (still going, then!) : @KingBrodd aaandit answers your question in the rumor thread
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