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  1. ... And I am more with @Whitefang for the Seraphon "debate" : Between Malign Portents (Dying Star) and Warcry (Tome Of Champion 2019) - and the general tone or "feel" of AOS since Malign Portents, more detailed and grounded - it seems to me that the Seraphon will be what they always should have been : Creatures of flesh and (cold) blood, infused with Azyr might, and wielding the magical technology of the Old Ones (like Space Ships, seen since the End Times and their first Battletome). Recently Phil Kelly also said on Twitch that there are battles between Seraphon Space Ships and Tzeentch Silver Towers in the Aetheric Void. Also, as much as I like Josh Reynolds' writings about the new Cities, and his world-building of mid-early AOS, I think he takes some freedom with two aspects of his takes on AOS' lore, his "cosmic" views of the early Mortal Realms and the nature of the (non-Chaos) gods. Those have a bit evolved since AOS2 ("cosmic horror" or godbeasts or big monsters, cf. Forbidden Power or the Beasts Of Chaos Battletome, etc.). For example in a recent WD article, Kelly makes the difference between Elemental and Ascended gods, an important distinction IMO, which is kinda absent from Reynold's work, but work fine for almost all GW settings. So I don't think it's safe to base ones view of the cosmic part of AOS world-building only on him. TLDR in those matter - and Seraphon - I'm inclined to follow Kelly (from the Studio) over Reynolds (from BL)
  2. There is no Nurgle, Slaanesh, etc. cards either. But Seraphon ARE in the Tome Of Champions 2019, so they'll have cards, but in the next wave.
  3. Sorry, Tzeentch called. WE and only WE rule the Magic phase !
  4. The first three paragraphs, yeah, but I am talking about the last one - which refer to the current Storyline of Gordrakk going to Excelsis with siege engines (with a Godbeast skull mounted on one).
  5. Between Forbidden Power, that Hammergrod short story, the Cities of Sigmar and Orruk Warclans books, and now this, the "Fall Of Excelsis*" supplement is 100% confirmed. *I hope the city itself survives though !
  6. Well, TOW was described as the Antiquity of AOS the same way HH is the Antiquity of 40k (also, it's general look is more like our greco-roman Antiquity while grimdark 40k is more like our Middle-Ages). And there is no doubt the World-that-was (past tense) / or World-before-time is in the past of the same Timeline as AOS - but as you say, I think there is a lot more time than 10000 years between the End Times and the start of the Age of Myth ! 😜 100% with you with the dated looking kits. But there are plenty of 7th- or 8th Edition WFB kits that are good enough for TOW, even some older ones (that are also fine for AOS too, like the Dryads). We could also say that every kits with dynamic / "over the top" poses from 8th Ed WFB and the End Times are to stay in AOS (even if their archetypes totally fits in WFB), while more static ones can go back to TOW. The lack of communication between the Sales direction, the AOS studio and the Specialist department is hugely problematic though. I get that Sales dictates most of GW's choices, but for example the High Elves squatting during the CoS release (yet now more comprehensible given the coming of the redesigned Light Aelves) - where even whole subfactions absent from the rules where present in the fluff - was hugely problematic. GW have enormous plastic, good looking ressources for TOW in terms of models in the form of the better looking modern WFB kits, it would be a shame if they don't use them (even if, as I said, I also want new Old World models too !!).
  7. I totally agree with AOS and TOW's respective places in GW's games. But I was talking about TOW getting back models that were designed for its own setting. At no point at all I would imagine some models from AOS going to TOW. But WFB-designed models - currently used in AOS while not having proper replacements - going back to their original setting via TOW would be right IMO, because : 1. by doing this GW would (re)use resources they already have if they don't change scale (saying that while hoping for lots of new TOW sculpts !) and 2. it would force GW to distinguish further AOS and WFB/TOW in terms of looks and general aesthetic. My main concern is that what would be the point of, say, a Clanrats kit designed for rank & files square bases (the current one), and a new Clanrat kit designed specifically for AOS (how could they be different ? Different poses like the Underworld band ? Broken stormcast masks on the base ?) You see my point / problem... As said above by @Ggom, if you look at the general feel of the settings, the details, the lore, 40k (moreso post Great Rift) and Horus Heresy have quite distinct aesthetic and feels and themes, while playing on the same archetypes. I love GW for that and hope they will did it for AOS / TWO too.
  8. For GW to create a distinct enough aesthetic with TOW - without changing the scales from 28mm (AOS) to 25mm again (LOTR) -, they will have to deal with the many kits that are currently used in AOS (but designed for Fantasy). I could see those going OOP before TOW launches, only to be re-released with it. - LoN / FEC : Skeleton Warriors / Zombies (if they are still around) / Ghouls ; - Gloomspite : Night Goblins, Spider Goblins ; - Sylvaneth : Dryads and some other Wood Elves-era tree spirits ; - Bonesplitterz & Ogors : almost their entire ranges - Beast Of Chaos / Skaven : almost their entire ranges ; - Cities Of Sigmar : Dark Elves (with / without Daughters Of Khaine because "dynamic poses") / Phoenix Elves / Wanderer Elves / Ranger Elves / Dwarfs / Freeguild & Co. ; - Few units / Characters for the other ranges, including Slaves to Darkness and other Chaos factions. --- GW could : use the same models for both games. And sell Square Bases packs next to round bases. GW should (😜) : transfer the WFB kits to TOW, and should keep releasing new "full-AOS" armies like Idoneth or Ossiarch. Finally, they should release remplacement kits for Dryads and the like but truly AOSified. (But then, for example, the Skaven Underworld warband is totally fine for WFB. I've been musing over using the new Ogor Hunter and the Grot Wolf riders for a WFB Skirmish campaign set in the Dark Lands.......).
  9. The Ritual is great. Maybe a Forbidden Power scenario ? Or one in the Ossiarch or Stromcast books ?
  10. Thank you A LOT Runebrush for those informations ! The confirmed square bases and your impression toward more similarities with the Horus Heresy in terms of structure and format fills me with hope. ....But to be frank, from an AOS point of view, I think the announcement was a bit early in comparison to were AOS is now. i. First of all, we don't have maps nor timeline for half the Mortal Realms (Azyr, Ghur, Ulgu, Hysh). The universe is in this aspect only half developed at this point. ii. The RPG isn't even out yet (well, we have news for a Q1-2 release 2020, so...). That is said with hopes it will contain lots of world building. iii. And they don't have released a proper Order Human faction yet (still hoping for a Devoted Of Sigmar / Order Of Azyr revamp, or some Warcry human-Order season, or expanded Warhammer Quest). I know they still have 2-4 years to accomplish that (and the first true step was taken with that wonderful Malign Portents website and video, and then the new Core Book). Only then will AOS be established enough and sufficiently distinguishable from WFB (in terms of world building) for me to truly welcome The Old World back
  11. At last ! Glad to have some news and expected dates. Looking forward to the Aqshian citizen artwkors and how Brightspear is presented !!
  12. I personally collect every battletomes and narrative supplements, and am a huge Chaos player (I also have some Nighthaunts and Ossiarch Bonereapers). In terms of fluff, the book looks great, as it is centered around 2 armies I really like. With Disciples of Tzeentch, Kharadron, Pointy Aelves, etc. coming before summer 2020, I feel like there are enough things coming to keep me interested forever into AOS. Yet I don't want on top of that to have to buy monthly Narrative supplements like Psychic Awakening, who really are poor story-wise (I've read them all). But then I understand they represent a road to 40k 9th edition. What I find best is more spaced supplements releases like Vigilus I and II, or Malign Portents (which was IMO, with the website, video teasers, harbingers, global campaign and short stories, a MASTER piece). Speaking of the current story arc started in MP, @RexHavoc did you read Forbidden Power ? It is second chapter in the Soul Wars after the events introduced in the 2nd Ed. Core book (and the Battle for Glysmforge booklet in the starter set). It looks like it's just what you wanted too, as it look pretty similar to what WotE will be. Anyway, 2-3 Narrative supplements centered around the same story arc (the Soul wars) per year sounds perfect to me. Also, let's not forget that so far, in the vast "Soul wars story arc", MP spawned the Soul Wars chapter in the Core Book, which spawned Forbidden Power, which spawned both the Ossiarch stories of conquest (which lead them to attack the Eighpoints as it will be expanded upon in WotE) AND spawned the Gordrakk attack Excelsis story arc. I'm quite sure, as other have speculated here, that that last bit will end up as another Narrative supplement in 2020 (like "the Fall of Excelsis" or something). So plenty of things to get excited upon this year
  13. Oh. Hysh Pointy Aelves. Today really was a GREAT day. Can we expect Seraphon and the Giant at LVO 24th January ? I guess the Pointy Fairies will be revealed at Adepticon end of March...
  14. What makes you think that ?? We only got 1 Soul wars supplement per year until now. Malign Sorcery 2019 (in a way), Forbidden Power 2019, Wrath of the Everchosen 2020. Maybe a "Fall of Excelsis" book is coming too this year, but with Seraphon, Gargant and Hysh Aelves the year looks like more new armies (as hinted at by @Whitefang recently) than "1 Month / 1 Supplement And No Codex" style 40k is currently getting.
  15. And as @HollowHills pointed out, leaves things open the Gordrakk vs Excelsis story arc ! Hopefully we'll see things like maps and rules for playing in the Eightpoints landscapes (like in Soul Wars : Forbidden Power, with the Underworld of Styggx and Lethis). I really like those narrative supplement, and as a big Warcry and StD fan, I'm very happy to see EVEN more background and rules for the Eightpoints and the Varanspire. Also, that cover. Oh my Dark Gods, it's excellent (maybe that would explain why the StD book was kind of short on new materials...... ). Finally, those Ogor Hunter & Co are great, would fit fine in Ghur and in the Old Word (east).
  16. Indeed. Don't expect anything more than a teaser for a Battletome / Supplement alongside the Underworld Ogor Hunter team. We should get something about Seraphon / Gargants / Hysh Aelves / maybe a Siege supplement in 2020 at least (but don't expect it today!) And don't forget we have the Las Vegas Open from January 24th to 26th. And then Adepticon from March 25th to 29th. It will be the "biggest Warhammer Preview ever" as an article on WarCom said, because they increased the seats number.
  17. So tomorrow (Saturday) is the Ogor Hunter & Co. for Underworld, going by the leaked banner picture floating around from B&C
  18. well, it's great ! Not a fan of the dice but happy that they exist. The spells are nice but the kit bashed LoC heads I really wished to see a Cairn Flux tho !
  19. Hm, no : the War Of Bones (Nagahs vs Skaven then mortal blow by Archaon) happens AFTER the closing of the gates of Azyr. It take like 1-2 century to Nagash to get defeated and to retreat to Styggyx (not sensing that Katakros is entombed here because of the magics hiding the Stormvault).
  20. It's a BIG lore problem since the very first day of AOS tbf (I guess it is intentional) : what happened first, the Battle of the Burning Skies, or the Nexus Wars ? Here is my take : The Nexus Wars are a series of different events on a long period of time, which includes the Betrayal of Nagash and the taking of the Shyish Arcway (leading Sigmar to rampage in Shyish and slay Katakros with Ghal Maraz). The Battle Of the Burning Skies happens toward the end of the Nexus Wars. Sigmar lose his hammer, retreat to Azyr with refugee and close the Gates. That wouldn't explain how Nagash was present at the battle, after the War of Heaven and Underworlds. It is sometimes said that he "commits very few of his armies" to the battle. Maybe Sigmar convinced all the Gods (including Nagash and Gorkamorka) to fight ONE last time together with him. I would very like a "Time of Legends" series of books like the Horus Heresy to explain how the Age of Myth turned to the Age of Chaos, like that Khorgos Kul novel.
  21. Re : Rumor Engine A grot boot on the back of Ghazgkul armor ?
  22. Well the way I read it, "an old ally" refer to a person / entity, not an a faction / army. So I can't see it being a reference to the (soon to arrive given the FAQ and WW rumors) Disciples Of Tzeentch. Then the entity trapped in Lethis ended up being Katakros.... AND HIS LEGIONS. So yeah, could be a new army. (And Kairos ? Why not name it, he is already around, and not that big of a deal for Archaon who already has an Exalted Lord Of Change (Kiathanus) and 9 Gaunt Summoners bound directly to his service)
  23. Well that would be forgetting all the fluff about how good Nagash is at fighting with his Sword. Yet he was vanquished. Archaon also did out-magic and out-plot him, so he wins on the non fighty side of things too 😈
  24. Well, seeing how good the Chaos Maraudeurs are now, I am totally going to buy the double box of Splintered Fangs and convert them (with Hellstriders, Forsaken and Chaos chariot bits) to look like dismounted Hellstriders, then paint them in a sufficiently convincing Slaaneshy theme into 20 marked Maraudeurs.
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