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  1. Me too. It's the Soulbound Corebook, the part about Ulgu.
  2. Yes and actually the new background look to be more meaningful than what we got in PA. BTW that excellent trailer really had a Game Of Thrones-y vibe to it, right A bit like if Morathi was Cersei Lannister about to blow up the temple.
  3. GREAT NEWS ! - The Clobbering short story IMO it confirms the Siege of Excelsis story arc will be the start of AOS 3rd edition. All books and articles about Destructions have recently shown a concentration of power currently taking place in Ghur. Looking forward to the next installment in two weeks then ! - Broken Realm : Morathi Really pleased with the advancing narrative, the variety of factions included and the new rules ! Potential bundles are cool too. For now it's a really close to Psychic Awakening in terms of releases, because we have the confirmation this book will come with 2 new models in a boxed set, and maybe bundles. P.-S. ; @michu from the Soulbound RPG, Mishåvn is apparently a Free City in Ulgu (a collections of boats linked together that can moves across the Penumbral Sea - a bit like the floating market of Bataar but litteraly floating this time ) I hope that means... A MAP OF ULGU WILL BE INCLUDED ❤️
  4. In regard to the excellent fluff in the SoB BT, I love how they explain that the regions around Excelsis (thx @xking for the pictures) is relatively stable in regards to other predatory continents, because Thondia is an "apex predator", so isn't easily disturbed !
  5. @Emmetation My group and I won't buy the physical Soulbound Core Book if you didn't corrected at least the paragraph p. 201 of the .pdf about Khorne and the Aglroaxi - can we have a confirmation please ? That paragraph just don't mean anything in English as it is right now. (For references : my posts p. 21 of this thread).
  6. Yeah... With maybe the exception of a Blood Bowl guy, who was already teased online around here. But if you look at the Direchasm box art already previewed you can guess every models teased this week.
  7. Yeah, Shu'gohl. The Amber steps aren't on the map alas. And no that forest isn't there, but Beastgrave and the Gnarlwood (from AOS day1) are !
  8. A NEW MAP !!! Love it. Mentions of Fangathrak, Ymnog, Mawpaths, Moudlerpit, and EXCELSIS itself ! It just lacks the crawling city of Slugol
  9. Hi @Emmetation ! Thanks for the news ! Did you get around the few oddities I pointed out p. 21 of this thread ? Mainly regarding "missing lore" in the original PDF, p. 201 (also a few "lore clarifications" pp. 164 and 338) ? Thank you
  10. There is no way the Coast of Tusks isn't on the map. Also we still have the story arc about Excelsis and Gordrakk (and unreleased artworks of the city itself) so there is hope !
  11. White Dwarf 456 (September 2020), p. 11. Phil Kelly's article about drawing maps is mostly about Hysh, but there is a never seen before mini part of the "Ghur Hinterlands" map.
  12. In the new white dwarf there is apparently a glimpse of map of Ghur ! ❤️
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