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  1. GLORIOUS !!!☠️ Well I love the End Times Nagash, Arkhan and Morghasts aestethic, it seems it's the main inspiration here in terms of existing models (the gems, the armor trims), with a few design taken from illustration in the Malign Portents book and Shadespire / Nightvault, and nice Middle-Far east influences ! I hope the rules will let us use normal Skeletons (at least the basic ones) alongside the new range ... at last my dream of a Death Skeleton Legion (a bit like Necron in Fantasy) will be fulfilled 😈 (...looking forward to using Apocalypse movement trays and Contrasts paints to tackle all those bones....)
  2. Well, nowhere is said they are bigger than a tower with mechanical legs ? And there is probably several sizes. Don't forget we already have things like Steamtanks (or the FW Landships). GW already makes big kits like the Baneblade, and China-made kits like the Loonshrine are quite large. Pictures for example : Different sizes :
  3. Am I alone in thinking a Cog-fort (appearing in multiple publications about Free People since 2016) would be an excellent faction scenery ? With a few options like banners (in various aelfic, azyrite, ghyranite, etc. styles) it could fit almost all existing armies (as it's a "Cities Of Sigmar", not Free People as a whole Battletome)...
  4. There is a Warhammer Preview in 4 hours there. Nothing said it's a 40k only event IIRC... (There also is a WP at Warhammer World this week-end but it's for the 40k Apocalypse event so I'm less sure for this week end).
  5. So, the last 3 "known" Warcry Warbands are almost here : https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/07/28/coming-soon-warbands-enforcers-and-more/ Can't wait for the Aqshy and Eightpoints ones to be teased !!! We should see Orruk Warclans, Cities of Sigmar and Ogor Mawtribes quite soon, then (assuming WHU : Beastgrave is for this Fall)
  6. I for one am (almost) sure the Tithe of Bones and the Pact-then-Feast of Bones won't have anything in common (apart the use of the term "bone", that is ). - The first one is the next chapter in the Soul Wars narrative, probably a new Death army themed around Skeletons and Bones Constructs (so a reaimagination of a few Deathrattle and Tomb Kings tropes, hence the ziggurat and eastern music from the trailer, and the earlier "TK" rumors from Thomas Lyon). It will be teased by a few videos in the same style as Malign Portents (IMO it's the same graphic artist), Part I : Necropolis being the first one. It will be lead by a huge Skeleton, the Death Entity from Lake Lethis (the one from the Forbidden Power artwork posted here many times, not a character from WFB). It will match a few Rumor Engines we got recently. - The second one will be a boxed set with two armies like Looncurse, Carrion Empire, etc. with the Ogor Tyrant. It will herald the release of the Destruction Battletome : Ogor Mawtribes (soup between Gutbusters and Beastclaw Raiders). It's very probable we should get another "new" army in this set, or at least a new character / kit for an existing AOS 2nd Ed. army.
  7. So yeah interesting-yet-intriguing day. When is the next Preview Seminar ? At least Gencon 2019 is in 10 days, apparently : https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/05/14/a-summer-of-warhamer-eventsgw-homepage-post-3/ (the article doesn't mention a preview seminar, but then for the ATC neither and yet we got a Warcry war band revealed there.....)
  8. Yes, I mean : nothing from the Old World that I know of either in TK or VC lore looks like this giant Skeleton-with-runes that is so powerful even Sigmar is afraid of seeing escape his prison from the Age of Myth (this fluff comes from Forbidden Power, it's an interesting book really). EDIT : a larger view of the monster in question. See how big and skeleton-y it is !
  9. Guys... "The Tithe Part I : Necropolis" is - as stated in the article - about the big Death Entity (who speaks in the trailer) from Forbidden Power, the one that...
  10. What connection do you get between the Feasts of Bone (coming, apparently, after the broken "Pact of Bones"), and the follow up of Forbidden Power, "the Tithe Part I : Necropolis ?" But the use of the word "bone" I see none... IMO one is a tease of the new Ogors Battletome or a boxed set (which still left the opponent unknown - if it's not Death than it's probably Seraphon), and the other is the next narrative chapter of AOS coupled with a new Death army lead by that big monster : Also this may be a representation of the Everwinter (with MAWS in it) coming to a city, probably the Ogors Battletome cover
  11. I fear the Warcry video is the Cypher Lords "How to Paint" video... (as the other two war bands released today got theirs). But yeah I'd really like to see a reveal for the Spire Tyrants (if only to calm the STD crowds - inc. myself - a bit !)
  12. If the Ogors also get a tome soon-ish*, we only have four Battletomes left (Seraphon, Tzeentch, Kharadron Overlords and of course Slaves To Darkness) to have an up to date AOS 2nd edition range of armies ! It's kinda great. Then can Hysh Aelves, Wanderers from Beastgrave, new Death, and hopefully new AOSified Humans come out ! (without forgetting to mention GROTBAG SCUTTLERS). *Feast of Bones makes me thing of a boxed set like Blightwar or Wrath & Excess, tho... Who could make a good opponent ? New Death ? Seraphon big dinosaur ?
  13. RE : Cities of Sigmar tome... They could very well expand common, AOS humans later with, for example, Devoted of Sigmar (if they aren't in the book, that is !) - just like Nighthaunts followed Legions Of Nagash pretty closely !! EDIT : And how about GW release some CITIES OF SIGMAR scenery that aren't ruins ???
  14. Well the Cities of Sigmar is interesting but kinda not what I wanted for common, Order humans in the Mortal Realms... At least it's the SoW : Firestorm book updated (by Josh Reynolds yeah ) - I'm really eager to read it for the good fluff and world building, even if I wanted more than the adapted paint schemes (new proper AOS models like the Excelsior Warpriest from WHQ Silver Tower or AT LEAST plastic City-themed upgrade sprues)... The Orruk book was to be expected (but I would like to have the Greenskinz Boar riders in it...)... STRANGE DAY
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