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  1. Well, the BDSM stuff also match the definition of the Malign Portents Slaaneshi Lord : https://malignportents.com/story/the-scent/
  2. With the articles about Slaanesh last week, it's possible we'll see announcements for Slaanesh preorder tomorrow. For AOS we still have the Forbidden power expansion to come too, so IMO it's gonna be : Slaanesh - FP expansion - Looncurse - Warcry.
  3. So Slaanesh and Warcry between now and May ? HEAVEN (I mean, HELL !)
  4. They precisely said on Facebook it wasn't that. It's either new spray cans, an airbrush or a whole rehash of the paints range.
  5. It was on the "hostiles" sprues with all the others, alas.
  6. Regarding the 8-9 existing factions. If GW indeed support the game like Kill Team, we can hope as mentioned to get boxsets of existing units with at least a new plastic character. I'm still not convinced the symbol top right is Stormcast. The other symbols are all already associated with an existing race, but this one, while clearly Azyrite, never was shown to represent the Stromcast faction : not on the SCE kits boxes, not in the Battletome, not on dice, even not on the Firestorm campaign rosters. SO to me that means this symbol refers to the Devoted Of Sigmar : they would fit the skirmish scales better than Stormcast, and the lone lightning bolt makes me think of the Excelsior Warpriest robes design.
  7. Thanks for linking the interview ! I like the fact WFRP's role in worldbulding WFB is recognized here ; and the idea that it made the World-that-was "smaller". That should be useful for the Mortal Realms too, knowing that in contrast with what was said in the interview, they are not and never were infinite (as shown below).
  8. So after a few hours of sleep and a good day of work, what can I say... I love the Keeper Of Secret. The two heads are good. First I thought it was a bit too stiff (...) and symmetric, but the video and the alternative head shows its qualities. Syll'Esske (Xerxes&Herald) is very good too ; that eastern theme is excellent, always thought it would suit Slaanesh well. The Masque is nice, nothing breathtaking but nice anyway. The scenery, the endless spells and the two ... things with the mirror are really bad. Goofy and weird, not in a good, daemonic way, just (young child) toy-like. The Judgments of Khorne are fine, but those... Brrr. Do you think we'll get Mortals too ? Khorne didn't got the Skull Altar and the Bloodmaster teased before the night of pre preorder..... Let's hope !
  9. First (from the right) : - Gutbusters or Bonesplitterz ? - Daughters of Khaine - Soulblight - Gloomspite - Idoneth - Ironwajz (or common Greenskinz) - Fire Nighthaunt ??? - DEVOTED OF SIGMAR ???
  10. O M G Warcry looks AMAZING. - So the Warbands are modular (compare the pictures, the second and the first trailers) !!! - They are non-Chaos Warband at launch ; I though they might be "rules-only" warbands, but then the Order symbol isn't entirely Stormcast, and there isn't enough Soulblight models already to create a warband with the current model line, so that must mean NEW MODELS TOO. - Fyreslayers Battletome at last ! The invocations are really cool, the scenery is PERFECT. - The Looncurse box with Sylvaneth vs Gloomspite tells us already what the next Batteltome is : it's tree time ! - The WHU Kharadron Overlord Warband is nice. The baloon guy is probably the inspiration for the RPG cover art. - Forbidden Power looks nice too. Less goofy Endless spells are always a good thing IMO, and next fluff chapter : perfect. - SLAANESH ! Love the theme. Not convinced on the Endless spells and the little girls with the mirror thingy, but the rest, especially the Keeper and NOT!-Xerxes are awesome. Love the eastern theme (again). GOOD NIGHT FRIENDS
  11. On the French side of things, I've heard : Fyreslayers 2.0, Slaanesh and Slyvaneth for the next 3-4 months... - The Fyreslayers were apparently due November last year (I think it "just" means new battletome, terrain, endless spells, and why not (COMPLETE GUESS, based on the Realmslayer cover artwork), a new Gotrek ??) - Slaanesh is obviously coming this year (according to WarCom, different clues, etc.), but as we discussed with @NurglesFirstChosen I think it's STD/Everchosen/Darkoath first. Then I'd love to see Slaanesh before them - so I can complete my quartet of plastic Greater Daemons We had rumors already for Slyvaneth (alongside Ironjawz), and we have the underworld warband coming soon, so why not...
  12. Well the crown itself has clearly industrial "feet", and is full of plasma glowing cables. It would be easy to convert it to AOS (corrupted Realmgate ?) removing the too "technological" parts, though.
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