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  1. Is it the bad moon that also told you so ? Something going on with Gordrakk laying siege to Excelsis (not Azyr) is absolutely confirmed in the fluff. The way GW works, aka dropping hints to build toward advancing the narrative arc, means that there will be a book or a supplement about this event, the same way Lumineth or Wrath of the Everchosen were teased before release. The rumor of DoK vs Slaanesh Mortals, that is yet unconfirmed. But between rumor engines and existing release patterns (like GW updating old, AOS1-era Battletomes), it's quite likely will see something for DoK at least soon (not counting the already revealed Beastgrave and Warcry warbands).
  2. Pretty sad... But that mean PA is almost done (only Pariah left), and July (between 11 and 25, i.e. the rumored release date for 40k 9th edition) is still quite far off. SO it means we'll surely see something for AOS in-between, like a one-week release for SoB or the LRL boxset
  3. (emphasis mine) No, this is very well said. 1. Political wars end up creating conflicts were none were originally present. "You are politically Right, I am Left, fine I don't care - the only thing that matters here on TGA is that we both hate Elfes (okay, okay, or both love 'em)". 2. No matter what group or ideas are put to the front, there will AUTOMATICALLY be "collateral damage". It really is the only thing that can happen, as we are all diversely minded. And it's very very sad for a community such as ours, that had to grow in a quite hostile environment in the post WFB-death era. And OF COURSE, some political views are better than others, but A) that's STILL not the place to discuss this, and B) nobody can say that GW or TGA aren't open, respectful, and welcoming to everyone. And GW didn't wait the terrible event that caused their last Statement on Facebook to start making their games more inclusive and interesting for new hobbyists : since 2015-16 at the very least with Warhammer community being created online or a more diverse cast of models / artworks / story for every games being presented, etc.
  4. I would love it too, but I think that if we get something LRL related in addition the GHB, it will be the Battlebox only. OR they'll put everything together to gain more space for ending PA in 40k ASAP......
  5. Okay, my own letter to the Mods and Admins of this community : 1. Warhammer Is For Everyone. It's a game and a hobby. As GW said, a more diversified cultural offer for it is GREAT. And despite our many differences we ALL share values of common decency and respect around here, even if we all have our own conceptions and temperaments. 2. In a bleak world, full of serious political, societal or familial issues, Warhammer is for most of us our "fun escapism" hobby. It's a bit of fresh air and fantasy in an often tragical reality. Even if you are good minded, do NOT try to inject the hobby with ideological concerns that violate the spirit of openness, inclusivity and escapism of the hobby : Warhammer isn't reality, don't try to drag it back to it. 3. Bringing politics in, however well intentioned you are, will achieve nothing but create conflicts, discords and push to an ideological arms race in the community. We will all lose from this. We have enough arguments already about rules and models looks to add more about OFF TOPIC subjects like someone trying to use a monstrous death to push its ideas about ethnicity-based quota in business (I cannot understand how, in the 21st century, people still believe in races, i.e. a pseudo-biological ideology heavily linked with a certain WWII regime - we all are human beings and skin colors should not be your criteria to judge someone). TLDR : PLEASE STOP POLITICS POLLUTING THE HOBBY Of course people can start blogs and forums about politics in wargaming, but this is NOT what our community is for.
  6. It's because it was labelled as such in older editions of Warhammer, the Chariot was designed under WFB ruleset (and releases pattern design). Also Cape + Big Horns = High ranking commander in Warhammer (also : Big pauldrons and tall Hats).
  7. Of course. And all the releases like the 3 remaining PA, Lumineth, the WHQ Zoat, are ready to launch in warehouse across the world, so there are no reorganization needed whatsoever. They just have to release more a week and be done with it. We already saw weeks with tons of preorder, just like the recent Engine Wars one.
  8. I see many ramblings on here and other places (like Hasting's comment on War of Sigmar) about a new Warhammer Quest game.... WHAT OF IT ??? Between Warcry and Underworlds, I don't think my heart could take so much glorious worldbuiling sculpts in (if they are as good as the Blackstone fortresses ones, that is).
  9. I would love that, but with Warhammer Underworlds and Warcry, there are already many potential suspects for great, very unique looking weapons As @sandlemad showed with the different Vampires model, that rumor engine is clearly Soulblight ! ... Which means the OTHER "sword" rumor engine is either FEC or another type of Vampires.
  10. All those guides on the Aqshian Cities Of Sigmar are EXACTLY what I wanted !!! I will surely get the Starter Set, Cities Of Flames and the Anvilgard one ! I hope we'll get cities maps like in Warhammer Quest : Shadows Over Hammerhal ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
  11. @JReynolds what is happening ? Is it BL that stopped the collaboration ??
  12. Oh how I loved Tarmurkhan and Warhammer Forge ! It will be via Forge World but probably mainly in plastic, as Necromunda, Blood Bowl and a good part of the Heresy range are in plastic yet made by FW - with upgrade packs and Characters add-on in resin. (With the new factory GW created in Nottingham recently, FW will perhaps mainly produce plastic kits, in 2-3 years times ?!).
  13. @Emmetation another tidbit for the FAQ / Update (feel free to ignore if I missed the answer) : P. 164 (of the Soulbound PDF) : the part about "flowers from Southern Shyish", and in general about compass and directions in the Mortal Realms : As you did with the Azyrheim calendar, it could be good to integrate a paragraph somewhere about how directions work in the Mortal Realms. On a "2D" map like The Great Parch one, north means edgeward (direction Cotha), south means coreward (direction Vanx), etc. so no problem. But I'm not sure one can say "flowers from Southern Shysh" - or that would refer to a concentric area around the core of the Realm, or the central area of the Realm itself. Which now is occupied by the Shysh Nadir...
  14. @Emmetation some little bits for the FAQ / update : P. 201 : the second paragraph before "Sigmar's Storm" : the part about Khorne smashing down Aharmanentia from the sky is missing. The paragraph makes no sense as is, as it starts by introducing the doom of the Agloraxi but stops with the mages blasting a Khorne army with laser. The crucial part (Khorne's revenge-by-uppercut) is missing. P. 338 ; Troggoths clearly belong to the Greenskinz Hordes, but the Dankhold Troggoths shouldn't be labelled (IMO) as "Greenskinz" themselves. As Greenskinz are those creatures (Orruks, Grot, Snotlings, maybe Squig) described as sharing a fungal nature in Orruk Warclans Battletome p. 4 (last paragraph). I'll write here if I found other parts in editing / interpreting the lore that feel incomplete or incorrect. Of course some may just be my own interpretation, as YOU are the creator and lore master. Anyway your book is truly a GREAT work, worthy of the God-King himself, not only with the rules but with the great lore introduced or expanded upon in the book.
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