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  1. HorticulusTGA

    Wrath and Rapture

    I thinks it's going to be a big book for Khorne and Slaanesh daemons in AOS (and / or maybe 40k too ? But Realm of Chaos have the daemons codex and no 40k logo on the NOVA article). With maybe a new boxed set, but surely new Chaos Daemons models : - Khorne Flesh Hounds (per attached pic and old rumors) - Slaanesh Fiends (per attached pic) - Slaanesh Keeper Of Secret & N'kari (per old rumors*) *like a new and not so old rumor from Lady Asia : https://war-of-sigmar.herokuapp.com/bloggings/3240 etc. Between that and Blackstone, I'm quite pretty excited :'D
  2. HorticulusTGA

    The Rumour Thread

    About the "Slaves to darkness + Beastmen" chaos release, it must be said that between the old Hordes of Chaos, Beast Of Chaos and Storm Of Chaos trilogy, and that recent BB release, it's quite an established GW tradition to have them together :
  3. I must say after seeing the bull, and the way it is described both on Facebook and on the Live blog, I am REALLY intrigued..... The way GW puts it, it's clear it's a Faction-specific Endless spell ; which fits the Shadow of Hashut spell description from @Kirjava13's post here : https://www.tga.community/forums/topic/217-the-rumour-thread/?page=586&tab=comments#comment-248763 And it's true the main "Studio" fluff always contained hints or direct mentions of the Dawi Zharr (in Realmgate Wars, etc.), in addition to Forge World and Black Library. In fact, there is now as much hints and mentions of Chaos Dwarf in the new Core Book (p. 40, p. 96,) than there was for Kharadrons in AOS 1 "main" book. I'd say : yeah it's a Forge World army, but then look at the Adeptus Custodes codex.... It's so strange, so "out of the radar".... Probably Beastmen / Darkoath.
  4. HorticulusTGA

    The Rumour Thread

    Well maybe just read the posts before and after the one you quoted ? LLV and Thebiggesthat are discussing the meaning of a whatsap message, with LLV saying he believes the author of said message predicts a Grot reveal today, while Thebiggesthat disagree.... Nothing "literal", sorry. Pointing at (proved) rumor people for their misinterpretation / imprecision - when the "rumor game" itself, as @Overread said, is a business of uncertainty - is quite pointless.... At worse it makes you look entitled and only drives the rumormongers away... I'm still sure we'll get Grots as the next AOS army
  5. HorticulusTGA

    The Rumour Thread

    Wow wait a minute. LLV never said there would 100% be a Grot reveal today : he said that, given the fact the army is coming this September / Fall, there should be news between this WHF-EU week-end and Nova Open in 2 weeks. More precisely about the seminar, he interpreted something from a WhatsApp conversation, which Thebiggesthat, another trustworthy rumormonger, interpreted in a different way : so there was never any confirmation of a MASS reveal for AOS today. Frankly, I did not expect anything on AOS from WHF after Soul Wars. Alas It's clear GW shifted focus once again on 40k with Kill Team and on Specialist Games with Adeptus Titanicus... --- I'm still glad we saw that intriguing Fire Bull endless spell (Chaos Dwarf ? Chaos Undivided ? Beastmen ? Another "generic" Endless spells set ?). I expected that with its season 2, WHU would change setting : the "Nightvaults" name is interesting. Still sounds like a Shyishian underworld ! What I'm more excited for is the Nurgle Rogue trader band, and above all the Nurgle football team : great Marauder / Warrior conversions ahead, and as Lady Atia announced for Blood Bowl : PLASTIC PESTIGORS ❤️ EDIT : apparently the day is even done yet ; the live blog is still updated and I'm wondering if we'll see anything Middle Earth related (but the new logo...)
  6. HorticulusTGA

    The Rumour Thread

    I guess it's the rumored "Gorkamorka" boxed game we discussed earlier : Announced in March 2018 by those French sources, along with Codex ; Space Wolves.
  7. HorticulusTGA

    The Rumour Thread

    Well then I'll believe you ! I'more excited by squigs than TK honestly And some Flesh-Hounds pets isn't bad either ! Thx again !
  8. HorticulusTGA

    The Rumour Thread

    Thanks @LLV and @Mr. White for those new rumors ! Things are getting quite exciting once again SQUIG IT ON EDIT : @LLV Regarding the TK rumor, I think the info from Rob is not entirely correct (I guess he's you friend / one of your "contact" ; I really like him and was sad that he left GW, but that's not the point) : As @Enoby and @Turgolhave said, GW is commercial first, so the problem with TK was 1. low sales and 2. hard to copyright. And forgetting to write rules has nothing to do with (still) selling the kits (or squatting them - Warhammer Legends is the exacte opposite) ; GW could have reintroduced them later in the fluff with adapted rules. No, IMO the problem was commercial and IIRC an older, seniorer GW guy told precisely that on a Ask Me Anything session : But as you said the AOS launch was a terrible mess and it's understandable that Alan Merret "left" / was fired after that. (Now if you tell me that another source of yours recently corroborated the "Rob rumor" I'll believe you 100% 😛 but I'll still believe Pirinen first).
  9. HorticulusTGA

    The Rumour Thread

    I'm glad we're having more rumor lately, thanks @LLV and the others ! IMO we may also see Legions of Nagash style books for Destruction and for Skvaven. I think Skaven Eshin and Devoted of Sigmar are in for a future releases too. They both have new artworks / many fluff appearances in both old (1st ed. "Core Book", Realmgate Wars) and new (Malign Portents, Core Book and recent Battletomes) background. - For Eshin : they have spies in Azyr, intel about Slaanesh, keeps in Ulgu, etc. ; and a new AOS model, the Silver Tower Deathrunner. And Hastings (!) recently said on War of Sigmar he knew some Skaven kits were done (in the Ad. Titanic thread IIRC). - For the Devoted Of Sigmar ; they're also in since the first "Core" Book, have a new model in Silver Tower too, they've seen action during the Realmgate Wars and are all over the most recent fluff (Malendrek origin story in Glymmsforge have him lead three "squads of mounted Warpriests" before turning undead, incredible artworks in the Core Book and Stormcast Battelteom, etc.). Also the Order of Azyr. Maybe Silver Tower was a first "test / tease" release for new armies, like the Harbingers in Malign Portents. --- My guesses for this edition : - Already rumored factions : Grot Moonclan, Chaos Darkoath (maybe mixed with some beastmen like that blood bowl team), Chaos Slaanesh, new waves for Ironjawz (maybe Sylvaneth, Idoneth, Fyreslayers and probably Stormcast) and new scenery. - Strongly fluff hinted factions : Skaven Eshin, Devoted of Sigmar - later : Light Aelves of Tyrion, Shadow Aelves of Malerion. - Less strongly fluff hinted factions : Cog people / Golem kind, Grotbag Scuttlers sky pirate, (Fimir and Dawi Zharr, but that's FW). EDIT : also, more "magitek" Seraphon. A new tome may be due, and they are popular and still strongly there with Malign Portents and the Soul Wars. EDIT BIS : and new boxed games, like a new Mordheim / Hinterland, or a Spell Hunters stand alone game, etc.
  10. There is a lot of inspiration to be drawn from the Core Book chapters dedicated to Aqshy, Ghyran, Shyish and Chamon. For example, in Aqshy's Great Parch chapter there is mention of several tribes of old, notably the Direbrands, and some of their leaders like Varrus Blackfist (an ancestor of Vendel Blackfist aka Vandus Hammerhand) : see the Core Book page 86.
  11. HorticulusTGA

    The Rumour Thread

    @Gaz Taylor I've only heard the Gorkamorka rumor from those French sources who were quasi 100& right about everything up to June. And the wheel rumor engine. For me it's almost guaranteed..
  12. HorticulusTGA

    The Rumour Thread

    @Bloodmaster and @Ar-Pharazôn I thinks it's a "leak" from the BL HH books Slaves to Darkness ; one picture of Daemon Fulgrim vs (corrupted but still mortal) Lorgar, and one of Daemon Angron vs (corrupted but still mortal) Perturabo. It's still the common description of those two deamons primarchs, tho... nothing really new IMO. EDIT (for clarity) : the black and white leaked artworks represent the two primarchs in their common aspect, just like below :
  13. HorticulusTGA

    Why is it so hard to start AOS ?

    Well, @The Jabber Tzeentch posted the most important guide IMO, but this should help also (out soon in July) :
  14. HorticulusTGA

    Malign Portents

    Definitely. Make sure you've read the 50 Malign Portents stories before you start Soul Wars, though... (And the two other from White Dwarfs ; "Siniester Omens" and "Dig Deep" !) Then BL novels are to necessarily liked because of their "literary quality" per se, there are other factors like good world-building, Easter eggs, expanding on existing lore in meaningful ways, etc.
  15. HorticulusTGA

    The Rumour Thread

    Yeah probably about the rescheduling... And of course, the things shown today were great ! And the year we got so far was absolutely awesome. It's just that we usually have "real" news at those kind of events, and this time it's not the case. But I can't wait for SCE and NH Battletomes that's for sure