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  1. It's because it was labelled as such in older editions of Warhammer, the Chariot was designed under WFB ruleset (and releases pattern design). Also Cape + Big Horns = High ranking commander in Warhammer (also : Big pauldrons and tall Hats).
  2. Of course. And all the releases like the 3 remaining PA, Lumineth, the WHQ Zoat, are ready to launch in warehouse across the world, so there are no reorganization needed whatsoever. They just have to release more a week and be done with it. We already saw weeks with tons of preorder, just like the recent Engine Wars one.
  3. I see many ramblings on here and other places (like Hasting's comment on War of Sigmar) about a new Warhammer Quest game.... WHAT OF IT ??? Between Warcry and Underworlds, I don't think my heart could take so much glorious worldbuiling sculpts in (if they are as good as the Blackstone fortresses ones, that is).
  4. I would love that, but with Warhammer Underworlds and Warcry, there are already many potential suspects for great, very unique looking weapons As @sandlemad showed with the different Vampires model, that rumor engine is clearly Soulblight ! ... Which means the OTHER "sword" rumor engine is either FEC or another type of Vampires.
  5. All those guides on the Aqshian Cities Of Sigmar are EXACTLY what I wanted !!! I will surely get the Starter Set, Cities Of Flames and the Anvilgard one ! I hope we'll get cities maps like in Warhammer Quest : Shadows Over Hammerhal ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
  6. @JReynolds what is happening ? Is it BL that stopped the collaboration ??
  7. Oh how I loved Tarmurkhan and Warhammer Forge ! It will be via Forge World but probably mainly in plastic, as Necromunda, Blood Bowl and a good part of the Heresy range are in plastic yet made by FW - with upgrade packs and Characters add-on in resin. (With the new factory GW created in Nottingham recently, FW will perhaps mainly produce plastic kits, in 2-3 years times ?!).
  8. @Emmetation another tidbit for the FAQ / Update (feel free to ignore if I missed the answer) : P. 164 (of the Soulbound PDF) : the part about "flowers from Southern Shyish", and in general about compass and directions in the Mortal Realms : As you did with the Azyrheim calendar, it could be good to integrate a paragraph somewhere about how directions work in the Mortal Realms. On a "2D" map like The Great Parch one, north means edgeward (direction Cotha), south means coreward (direction Vanx), etc. so no problem. But I'm not sure one can say "flowers from Southern Shysh" - or that would refer to a concentric area around the core of the Realm, or the central area of the Realm itself. Which now is occupied by the Shysh Nadir...
  9. @Emmetation some little bits for the FAQ / update : P. 201 : the second paragraph before "Sigmar's Storm" : the part about Khorne smashing down Aharmanentia from the sky is missing. The paragraph makes no sense as is, as it starts by introducing the doom of the Agloraxi but stops with the mages blasting a Khorne army with laser. The crucial part (Khorne's revenge-by-uppercut) is missing. P. 338 ; Troggoths clearly belong to the Greenskinz Hordes, but the Dankhold Troggoths shouldn't be labelled (IMO) as "Greenskinz" themselves. As Greenskinz are those creatures (Orruks, Grot, Snotlings, maybe Squig) described as sharing a fungal nature in Orruk Warclans Battletome p. 4 (last paragraph). I'll write here if I found other parts in editing / interpreting the lore that feel incomplete or incorrect. Of course some may just be my own interpretation, as YOU are the creator and lore master. Anyway your book is truly a GREAT work, worthy of the God-King himself, not only with the rules but with the great lore introduced or expanded upon in the book.
  11. Oh so you like Epic things ? ++ @Sleboda has been thrown into the Shyish Nadir ++
  12. BloodBowl is already an amazing sources for conversion but I can't wait to see what TOW will bring us in terms of possible creations for AOS !
  13. As I said in the very post above, Hysh's Realmsphere being the sun of the Mortal Realms doesn't prevent the existence of other celestial bodies. It's just that they do not function as generic suns for all the Mortal Realms, only for portions of them, and in usually strange ways (like chained Ignax). And if older fluff contradicts the new, updated AOS2 one, the later will take precedence, of course.
  14. Uh. There never were references to "each of the realms suns" whatsoever. About the linked orbits of the two Realmspheres, it's not just "metaphysical", it's really two Realmspheres in the Aethierc void that shed light or darkness on the other Realms. Phil Kelly said it here in the video : "And as the Realms Light, Hysh, is in front of the Realm of Shadows, that forms day for the Realms." It also p. 80 of the Core Book, and p. 110 explains that Hysh's light reach all the AOS cosmos.
  15. The sun is now Hysh for the other Mortal Realms. That retcons other explanations for the night and day cycle in the Realms. But of course some backwards druids can still believe Aqshy to be their sun, but its just their belief and not the common belief in Ghyran. Also that doesn't prevent the existence of other sun-like celestial bodies (like Sigendil or Ignax when it was still chained). But as an AOS1 reference, I think we can treat this belief as non-consequential for the wider setting.
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