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  1. But i already started cobverting skeleton farmers after the first trailer...
  2. Thats the last one for Realm of shadow for now.
  3. The Silent Shadow (MOURNGHUL) The Silent shadow stalks the lands of Ulgu, it moves silently between forest and through barricades. Often the only evidence is a destroyed town or wagon , the rare tines survivors are found they tell tales of a silence descending over the area, where no sound can be heard, soundlessly the Shadow descends and begins its feast, some survivors tell of friends and comrades carried off by it to an uncertain fate, others that all defences and barricades proved useless, as it passed though even the strongest walls as if they weren't ven there. No one knows why it attacks or where it came from, some say it is a force of nature others conjured by a mad wizard or working for The Smiling man. The only thing the stories can agree on, is that it is hungry.
  4. Shadow Bride (Tomb Banshee) There is a story of a ypung bride to be wed to the towns nobles son, however on the day of the wedding he called it off, with no explanation. In espair she begged for an explanation but he would not tell her. Eventually driven the madness by the whispers of the townsfolk. Swearing to find happinessshe left the town and sought the laughing man to be her groom. Finding this to be hilarious he agreed and she joined him in the shadows. She is still out there seeking out any who would betray there love.
  5. The Jailer (Black Coach) If you are sentenced to Jail then you will have the pleasure of meeting the Jailer. He transports his prisoners to serve their sentences, where is unknown, though no one has wver truly wanted to know, as he travels the roads the wailing of the damned can be heard, I wouldn't reccomend a jailbreak though as mercy is not a virtue the Jailer has, but patience is.
  6. Shadows of Judgement (hexwraiths) Traveling the winding roads of ulgu us dangerous, one of the reasons for that danger are the judges. These beings travel the roads seeking the guilty, lije motha to a flame they track their quarry, seeking to mete out justice, or at least what they consider justice. Whatever your crime just hope for the death penalty and that they dont deem it worthy of imprisoment.
  7. The Lonely Shadows(spirit hosts) Often seen accompanying or directly after a vust of he smiling man are the lonely shadows. These morse creatures are seen in groups sobbing silently as they search for new 'friends'. Many rumours of there origins exist, some saying the smiling man created them from the soyls he claims, others that they simply follow in his wake knowing that he will lead them to more people. If you see a black tarlike shadow you can be sure there coming, and though they are always lonely, they are never alone.
  8. In the realm of shadows there are many myths relating the the "starving shadows'. Here is acollection of sone of the more common. The Laughing man (cairn wraith) Believed by many to be a leader of sorts the laughing man is spoken of in hushed tones, with many believing that even mentioning his name will summon him. Those who have been unfortunate enough to encounter him speak of his mirthless laugh, as he goes about his grim buisness of collecting more fuel to create shadows to join him in his joy. Oddly he always leaves some survivors to spread his name.
  9. This will be the last post for Dr Nicklestein for now as I have got the force up to 1000 points im going to start the next realm, Nighthaunt from the realm of shadow.
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