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  1. NinjaDetective

    Dread Solstice

    Think we've done enough now that the best our enemies can hope for is a phyrric victory. I vote skull personally though.
  2. NinjaDetective

    Dread Solstice

    I have a fair bit of painting points i havent been able to claim yetshould i save them for last week? For this week i agree that the hints were nagash has a way to trap souls that are in shyish so he is probably trying to sucker the other forces in.
  3. NinjaDetective

    Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

  4. NinjaDetective

    Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    You pick the order of abilities when its your turn
  5. NinjaDetective

    Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    A stupid question, but if you roll locus of shyish does the opponent have to dispel twice? Im lretty sure its no cause it seems too overpowered otherwise
  6. NinjaDetective

    Competitive Death - Where do we sit?

    What are people opinions of death at lower points values than 2000?
  7. NinjaDetective

    Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    If you are playing grandhost as allegience it wouldnt be since nagash as general make morghasts battleline
  8. NinjaDetective

    Malign Portents

    I thought shadespire was in the realm of death
  9. NinjaDetective

    Malign Portents

    But dependng on the size of the realms eventually could be a billion years. So effectively infinite
  10. NinjaDetective

    Malign Portents

    Grave looks like it says isabella. Isabella von carstein Vlads coming back
  11. NinjaDetective

    Next Death Battletome

    I guess its a bit if wat deathrattle needs to funtion as a faction and what we want. I thinj we need a lich tyoe wizard/priest model, a buff character and some shock troops, in my opinion neither black calvary or grave guard hit hard enough. Would like -krell to come back as a new mortach. A behemoth of some kind, maybe A monster like a bone giant or a big war machine made of bones. Would actually g8nd undea syormcast yo be interesting, but nit sure they would fit deathrattle.
  12. NinjaDetective

    The Rumour Thread

    But i already started cobverting skeleton farmers after the first trailer...
  13. NinjaDetective

    Starving Shadows

    Thats the last one for Realm of shadow for now.
  14. NinjaDetective

    Starving Shadows

    The Silent Shadow (MOURNGHUL) The Silent shadow stalks the lands of Ulgu, it moves silently between forest and through barricades. Often the only evidence is a destroyed town or wagon , the rare tines survivors are found they tell tales of a silence descending over the area, where no sound can be heard, soundlessly the Shadow descends and begins its feast, some survivors tell of friends and comrades carried off by it to an uncertain fate, others that all defences and barricades proved useless, as it passed though even the strongest walls as if they weren't ven there. No one knows why it attacks or where it came from, some say it is a force of nature others conjured by a mad wizard or working for The Smiling man. The only thing the stories can agree on, is that it is hungry.
  15. NinjaDetective

    Starving Shadows

    Shadow Bride (Tomb Banshee) There is a story of a ypung bride to be wed to the towns nobles son, however on the day of the wedding he called it off, with no explanation. In espair she begged for an explanation but he would not tell her. Eventually driven the madness by the whispers of the townsfolk. Swearing to find happinessshe left the town and sought the laughing man to be her groom. Finding this to be hilarious he agreed and she joined him in the shadows. She is still out there seeking out any who would betray there love.