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  1. I don't mind if the new book nerfs them abit . I am just bored of the current book , after all it is the oldest book still being used. with regards to summoning I guess we will see what happens in the slaanesh book . If theirs stays the same then I think to complain about seraphon summoning is abit silly
  2. Although bonesplitterz could do with an update , they should start with the older battletomes or armies that have no battletome. before you say it I know bonesplitterz is kinda old but they do have a proper allegiance abilities and items and spells. there are older tomes that need an update first
  3. Can you ally in a mournghoul into a legion of blood army. Legion of blood states you can take nighthaunt as ally but the faq says you cant take one in legion of nagash army ish I guess legion of blood is?
  4. Not to get anyones hopes up but there is a seraphon paint set up for pre order along side a khorne one. We know Khorne is next so maybe a book is coming. Although there is also a nurgle paint set and a standard chaos one so who knows
  5. I had said about seraphon aswell. maybe we should message Warhammer community on facebook that someone is leaking then they may show us something 😂
  6. Do you guys think the gorbeast from the chaoa charoit is too big to convert into razorgor
  7. The rumour engine is clearly seraphon. Its the radar screen from their starships
  8. So can a slann dispell endless spells from anywhere on the board. I know he can when its cast. Im talking about when wizards dispell them in their own hero phase using a spell slot.
  9. They are falling into one of the things that killed fantasy. There are still armies with no books and books that need an update. If theres a another rule change so soon it may make newer books obsolete then there will be more books that need doing. When aos 2.0 came out they should have done what 40k did and release aload of temporary updated books for most of the armies
  10. Some re do of old battletomes have been rumoured for end of jan beginning of feb. Although this was from a gw store manager (not my source) so take the whole salt shaker lol
  11. With regards to the seraphon maybe both will be in the book. Like the beasts greatfrays , you could choose to be celestial demons and gain the teleport ability or choose to be physical and get another ability
  12. Having looked at it again I think your right. Still the patterns are similar
  13. I wouldn't say not even close. The smaller part of the shield where thet are closer together its very similar other the the curves.
  14. So managed to get some 105x70 bases for the chariots. Dont think I can use the chaos chariot as a conversion as the bases are tiny
  15. Not my model but look at the shield similar pattern. Although the spiky parts are more curved in the rumour pic. So maybe seraphon underworlds warband
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