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  1. Any seraphon news. Like does the fact they are getting allegiance abilities in ghb2019 mean their book is way off. Any idea on points changes for them?
  2. I have changed army again lol. It will be beasts of chaos for me this time. I will update with some pictures later. Looking forward to the first game Sunday night.
  3. But the KoS makes you fight at the end of the combat phase on a 2+. So most of the time gets to fight twice before being hit back
  4. Mate it's your model. I would have no problem playing against it in a tournament. The important thing is you tell your opponent before the game starts. Obviously you may get so trouble with the ultra competitive players that think their some kind of tactical genius because they won a game of aos😂. Some models are very expensive and so some people magnetise weapon options/ some lack the skill to do that and so build what they like the look of.
  5. First off I agree with a lot of people that command or special weapon options on a unit should probably be wysiwyg as some have abilities which may change the game. However when it doesn't really effect anything other then range (think of skinks with javlins or blowpipes) then im happy for the opponent to tell me before the game. some people take it way to seriously . my friends GUO is modelled with Rotigus's head but normal weapons for the guo because it looks cool and the model is expensive. Are some of you really telling me he cant use that as either model so has wasted his money lol
  6. Don't know if I could play against someone who didn't remove their own mold lines. I prefer to play people you know who are actually involved in the hobby 😂
  7. Do ungors and gors in a depraved drove count as battle line in a slaanesh army. I think they do as it would be the same as slaanesh marked chaos warriors but the azyr app says invalid due to not enough battle line
  8. Question for those with the new keeper model. Is the head as big as the head on the fane of slaanesh ?
  9. I don't mind if the new book nerfs them abit . I am just bored of the current book , after all it is the oldest book still being used. with regards to summoning I guess we will see what happens in the slaanesh book . If theirs stays the same then I think to complain about seraphon summoning is abit silly
  10. Although bonesplitterz could do with an update , they should start with the older battletomes or armies that have no battletome. before you say it I know bonesplitterz is kinda old but they do have a proper allegiance abilities and items and spells. there are older tomes that need an update first
  11. Can you ally in a mournghoul into a legion of blood army. Legion of blood states you can take nighthaunt as ally but the faq says you cant take one in legion of nagash army ish I guess legion of blood is?
  12. Not to get anyones hopes up but there is a seraphon paint set up for pre order along side a khorne one. We know Khorne is next so maybe a book is coming. Although there is also a nurgle paint set and a standard chaos one so who knows
  13. I had said about seraphon aswell. maybe we should message Warhammer community on facebook that someone is leaking then they may show us something 😂
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