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  1. Gonna say ogor. Looks similar to the two handed weapon the old tyrant had if I remember correctly. Maybe the new butcher?
  2. Or stick some spare rockets in the end and you got yourself a cool rocket battery😉
  3. If wait is your first activation you can technically use 2 abilities. For example. Choose a beastspeaker (untamed beasts) spend a double to make rocktust prowler attack. Then wait. When you come back to her she can then spend another double on onslaught for instance.
  4. Hordes are tough especially legions of nagash. I played against them with a 7 man nighthaunt warband (15 models in the legion list. I got lucky by having 2 rounds with quad 5s for reap like corn with my grimghast. As he was so bunched up it hit nearly every Skeleton. Had it not been for that I would have no way to win. Don't let the 3 inch move fool you they can be quick with van hels ability
  5. So get the pick the game up at midnight. Have played some demos but not really read the rules properly. I heard 2 conflicting warband sizes. One was 3 - 15 the other 3-20 Cam anyone please tell me the correct one for matched play
  6. My issue is warbands like this that can take 55pt models. Take 10 and that's only 550 points. You still have 450 left. Chuck in a leader and more 55pt models and you can have a lot of models. Now I know what your thinking they are only skelies with 8 wounds each. But say you run a warband with 7-8 models it would be very difficult to beat these horde warbands as you have nowhere near enough attacks to kill them all /outnumber on objectives.
  7. Thanks guys. I've seen the ones here. Just waiting to see the legions of nagash ones now
  8. Have they all leaked? I've only seen ironjawz, dok, nighthaunt and flesheaters so far
  9. Don't forget that the skaven and flesheater books dropped with the box set. The only reason sylvaneth book didn't drop with looncurse was because of the shipping issue. So my guess is book will drop when the box does
  10. So have they released a time table of what's getting previewed and when or will it all be shown at 9am
  11. Where did you see about the untamed beasts please. I followed the leaks at imgur but didn't see anything about them there (just how to play)
  12. Yes I think this makes it definitely OK to do now cheers
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