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  1. Uveron
    The initial plan for the league was that it would be divided up into 6 rounds. Each round lasts a month, and has its own point’s value. At the start of each month parings would be decided and you play one game. Quite the traditional set up.
    But then I started having issues pop up:
     A number of players let me know that they would have months they couldn’t play.  A number of players wanted to play more than one game per month. Some players had little to no experience playing AOS. To help with these issues, I decided that with 12 players I could plan 11 rounds and everyone would play everyone, buy grouping these games into pairs I would set up a system that monthly I would put out a list of 14 games, with everyone playing two games on this list. The players then could play the games in any order. The to help with the issue of players needing the odd month off, I decided that although new parings would be put out each month they would have two months to schedule and play the game.
    Everyone liked these plans so I moved forward to starting the parings. I decided that the first round I would pair by hand. I had a good idea on what pairs would work well together. For example I have one player who has a box of models but doesn’t know even how to build an army, so I paired him with the guy who has been running mentoring games at the local GW store.
    But then I got to the second round, and I was stuck. So I did some googling and discovered a site for golf tournaments [http://golfsoftware.com/tools/schedule/golf-pairings-generator.html ] using this I was able to produce a fixture list for the whole league.
    I went to the pairings generator, selected Golfers play in 2-somes, 12 Golfers, 11 events. It then generated me a matrix of parings that had everyone playing each other. Tee’s became Games and Events rounds. I then matched my round 1 parings to the event 1 line, so each player got a number and then I was able to produce a fixture list for the whole event.
    Then inspiration struck, to make the system even more resilient to changes in people’s lives I decided to publish the whole set of parings at once at the start of the league.  Games could be played at any time, in any order. But had to be done by a deadline, because of this I ended up with the following schedule.
    Round 1 (750pts) - Suggested Game Date - 10/1/2017 - 10/31/2017, Game Deadline - 12/1/2017 Round 2 (1000pts) - Suggested Game Date - 11/1/2017 - 11/30/2017, Game Deadline - 12/1/2017 Round 3 (1250pts) - Suggested Game Date - 12/1/2017 - 12/31/2017, Game Deadline - 12/1/2017 Round 4 (1500pts) - Suggested Game Date - 1/1/2018 - 1/31/2018, Game Deadline - 3/1/2018 Round 5 (1750pts) - Suggested Game Date - 2/1/2018 - 2/28/2018, Game Deadline - 3/1/2018 Round 6 (2000pts) - Suggested Game Date -3/1/2018 - 3/31/2018, Game Deadline - 4/1/2018  
    Finally as a method to secure myself against attrition should someone leave the event, then the games against them become ‘Wild Card’ games and can be played against anyone! (Even people who are not in the league or club) the wild card player cannot score points for themselves in this game
    To deal with the fact it’s likely that players will play a differing about of games; three paths to victory in the campaign are laid out.
    The CHAMPION - The player who has the most Champion Points. Champion points are the total points divided by the number of games played. (Providing 6 more games have been played, less than that the champion points will be one 5th of the total points) BEST GENERAL- The player with highest total points. Best Grand Alliance- shared by all the players in the Alliance, this will be scored on Champion Points. (will also be the score that drives the story being written)   
    Feedback? Thoughts?
  2. Uveron
    So the first month of the league is over, all but 4 of the games have been played. (72% Completion Rate). Two players have max points; only one player who’s played hasn’t won a game!  Currently Chaos is leading the event, and the rest of the factions are about equal.  I cannot be happier with the uptick in Age of Sigmar play in the group. 
    I got to play a pair of games. The first was against an order list based around the old high elf army. It was the players first game of AOS so I tried to play nice, but even so I the game was a bit one sided. Not going to do a blow by blow of this game.
    The second game was against a death army, playing battle of the pass against a more experienced player. His list was a Unit of 40 Skeletons, 10 Grave Guard, 1 Wright King, Necomancer and Tomb Wraith. (I think that was the whole list).
    On one flank his Grave Guard, Necomancer and Wraith moved up the table on the other the Skeletons and Wright King made their move up the table they were met my army also broken into groups. The Deamonprince, Wolves, And Blood Warriors moved up one flank to meet the Grave Guard, the Marauders and Aspiring Deathbringer moved up the on the flank towards the Skeletons. (The Blood secretor sat on my objective in my territory.
    The units collided in turn 2.  But the Death Army failed to important charges (the Wright King, and Tomb Wraith), and my Blood warriors also failed. The Graveyard destroyed the wolves, but the Demon Prince put out enough damage to wipe of the squad. In the fight of the large mobs the Skeletons didn’t close well and they only killed 8 of them; in return the marauders and the Aspiring Deathbringer took out over 20 of them. In battleshock phase the Grave Guard and Skeletons were removed.
    In the turn 3 the mop up was conducted, the with the game being called before initiative was rolled in turn 4.
    Over all quite happy with the performance of the list.. will talk about it more in a future post.

  3. Uveron
    So this week I was able to get up my local game store and get some games in. (Sadly not league games) but I gave me an opportunity to take some photos  Due to the large number I took I have hid them behind Spoilers to make it manageable. 
    Aspiring Deathbringer!
    Chaos Hounds! 

    Chaos Marauders!! 
    Blood Warriors (pre-Snowbase)!! 

    The Full Warband!! 

    Temple of Skulls!! 
  4. Uveron
    I thought I would take a moment to talk about battlefield terrain. A key part of the Dark Shadows campaign pack was a page that described the battlefields of the Fens of Albion.  I thought that I should try and recreate the table for the campaign. A number of these items will require me to spend time working on building Terrain for the tables.
    The Battle Fields of the: ' Shrouded Fens’.
    When setting up the Terrain for a game of age of sigmar using the Time of War: Ghur: ' Shrouded Fens’ rules it is recommend to try and uses Terrain features that match these following list.
    A Myiscial Ruins: more than one section of Ruins representing the remains of the fallen kingdom. Fetid Swamps and Morasses – Areas of Stagnant Pools and Rotting Vegetation: This feature should not block line of sight but is considered Dangerous  in all weather conditions    Small Lakes– An area of open water. These are Impossible to cross. Broken Moorland – Rocky outcrops and bushes.  Fen – A area of water and odd tree.. Should not block line of sight but will slow charges. Woods  
    Additional features like Rivers and Hills are also good, but the key thoughts are to provide Terrain that will not block line of site but slow movement down.
    I am going to try and work on building Terrain for the league.
    It should also be noted that because the factions actions within the Shrouded Fens, areas which have more traditional battlefield aspect can be found.  
  5. Uveron
    Today I shall focus my attention on the final list I want to have available to me my 1250pt list. Again like my 1000pt list it’s not exactly what I want but it is the models I have painted at the moment.  And I do not play with unpainted models!
    Aspiring Deathbringer – General: Command Traits: Great Destroyer - (Bloodaxe and Wrath Hammer)
    Daemon Prince - Deamonic Axe, Wings. Artefacts: Daemon Weapon.
    Bloodmaster, Herald of Khorne
    40 x Chaos Marauders – Axes and Shields. Mark of Khorne.
    5 x Blood Warriors – Goreaxes and gorefists
    20 – Bloodletters
    Bullgors – Twin Axes
    10 x Chaos Warhounds
    I plan on running this list using the Chaos Allegiance, as until I hit the 1500pt level the Khorne one provides little benefit.
    So currently this is the same as my 1000pt list with the edition of a block of 20 Bloodletters. These along with the Bloodmaster gives me a second unit to aggressively score objectives with.  But it does leave me with 30pts left over..
    I have to the end of the year to get guys painted so I could add 30 Blood Reavers, or any of the other hero’s from the AOS starter box!
     What would you add?
  6. Uveron
    Deep in the city of Spiteforge the Deamon Prince Krythvæhlt resides. It was by his blade that the kingdom fell, and in the bloody revolution that followed he gained his ascension.  Over the century's his fortunes have waxed and waned. Once a rival champion of the gods took control of the city though guile and treachery. Krythvæhlt was imprisoned, chained a deep vault. after years of imprisonment his boiling rage gave him strength to break the chains and have his revenge.
    To the day the he still wears the collar that imprisoned him, as evidence to others that his rule cannot be stopped
    Today I wanted to present the leader of the Khornate forces:  The Daemon Prince Krythvæhlt!
    He Is one of my favorite models in my collection, as he includes a number of very subtly conversions. Items of note are
    A Iron Collar from the Juggernaut Kit, the use of a ‘head plate’ from the Juggernauts to make a ‘buckler’ on his offhand.  The uses the ‘head’ from the 40k defiler kit for the brass mask.   I then used a second shoulder pad from another Deamon Prince kit, and some small icons  to it this gave him a more armored look.   I plan to add a bit more detail to the base, I have been adding greys, snow and grass to my Khornate army making look like a snowy steppe..  

  7. Uveron
    So today I decided that I should talk about my planned list for the 750pt level of the league. I will be using the Chaos Allegiance, as the Khorne one provides little benifit in smaller games (less blood tithe points available) 
    Aspiring Deathbringer – General: Command Traits: Great Destroyer - (Bloodaxe and Wrath Hammer)
    Daemon Prince - Deamonic Axe, Wings. Artefacts: Daemon Weapon.
    40 x Chaos Marauders – Axes and Shields. Mark of Khorne.
    5 x Blood Warriors – Goreaxes and gorefists
    10 x Chaos Warhounds
    This list works with the basic plan, the aspiring Deathbringer walks in the Marauder block along with the Blood Warriors. The Bloodsecrator sits behind the shield wall giving them the attack buff. The Warhounds and Prince move on the flank.
    The plan is to walk the wall into the opposing player and then hit them in the rear with the flanking forces.
    Thoughts, Feedback?
  8. Uveron
    In the age of Myth within the realm of Ghur, the vast kingdom  once stood. Mighty Lords protected the land from the monsters of the realm and with these heroics they kept peace. With powerful spells, arc-magi tamed the very sky’s, making a land of eternal spring free from storms. Sprawling farms and crowded towns of artisans produced goods and wealth. Many legendry heroe made this Kingdom their home.
     To prove their power, great tournaments were regularly held; slowly this marital pride drew the attention of unwelcome forces.  At end of the age of myth one hero of the Kingdom became renowned for his skills at arms, having fought a tribe of giants an on his return to the capital a feast was held. At this feast, he was to be given the blessing of the king, but as he approached the throne, he drew his Blade and slayed the king, claiming his skull for the Lord of Skulls. This started a mass slaughter across the Kingdom, as Khornes fury was unleashed, and the hero’s men turned on the citizens of the kingdom.
    The champion who slayed the king then formed a new empire that worshiped the Blood God, the capital became the base from which barbaric warriors  would be dispatched, led by leaders looking to appease their dark gods. It did not take long for the fallen champion to ascend this path to glory, and ascend to daemonhood.
    The forces of chaos, do not build stable empires and shortly after his ascension the empire that he created fell. With the infrastructure of the land destroyed, the land itself warped into a barbaric and forgotten place, the magic’s that once kept the kingdom a paradise corrupted, to cause endless rains and winds. Where once well drained and cultivated farmland existed, now fens and forested marshes exist. 
    But within this land, the Exalted Champion still sits in his throne, and the forces of chaos still travel to his dark city to seek his favor.  He frequently will lead these forces of chaos out into the fallen kingdom and beyond.  This force is known as the Cohort of Bloodied Brass.
    The Cohort of Bloodied Brass is my personal army that I will be playing within the escalation campaign, and will represent a Khorne Aligned force I will be running. At the time of starting this league my collection are a number of demonic units that I started collecting when AOS first was released. I quickly found that an army of daemons was lacking character, so inspired by the Blades of Khorne book I started looking to add some mortals units to the collection.
    A few years ago I built a Renegades and Heretics army for my 40k chaos collection, and I had a lot of spare parts left over. So I went raiding and was able to put together 40 Chaos Marauders that will be one of the core blocks of my army. I also acquired the Bloodbound half of the AOS starter set in a trade with a friend giving me even more mortals to add to my collection.
    All this together means that at the start of the league I have the following:
    Khornate Demon Prince   20 Blood Letters 1 Skullcannon 1 Khornate Soul Grinder 2 Bloodmasters 3 Skullcrushers 1 Chaos Sorcerer Lord (Allie)  
    I then in a flurry of activity painted the following in the last month. 
    40 Chaos Marauders (well 35, I have 5 to finish in the next few days) 3 Bullgors (allies) 10 warhounds (allies) 1 Bloodsecrator 5 Bloodwarriors I still have to paint the rest of the stuff from the AOS Box, and I will also be adding other things to the stack as I find money to spend. In future posts I will talk about my planned lists and why I like some units over others. As always feedback is more than welcome! 
  9. Uveron
    As described in previous posts that when I started collecting my blades of Khorne army I raided my bits box’s and found parts to build a regiment of 40 Marauders.
    I have been using them in practice games in the run up to the league and I have decided that they are a hidden gem for Khornate players.  
     The following is my rational for them:
    They are the cheapest massive regiment available as a battleline choice. When supported with a Bloodsecrator they have 1 less attack that Bloodreavers, but a better save. Because of the smaller base size compared to reavers it is more likely to be able to get more models into combat. Because of the ‘Barbarian Hordes’ Ability it is likely that the marauders will hit and wound more.    
    So because of that I think a block of 40 Marauders should be a battleline unit of choice for blades of Khorne Army’s.  In my practice games they have provided a wall of bodies that have secured the center of the table absorbing the enemy’s attacks. They have done this for a minimal investment freeing up points for more exciting units.    
    I have also tested running this Unit as the focus of my army, supporting the block with a Bloodsecrator, Aspiring Deathbringer and an Allied chaos Sorcerer Lord. This gave the unit +2 Attacks, +1 Amour Save, (Re-Rolling 1s ).  This squad was putting out 60+ wounds a turn, and for a cheaper price than 20 bloodleters. 
    As always feedback is more than welcome! 
  10. Uveron
    So with my last post I built the idea of the city of Spiresforge I thought I would share some photos of my Chaos Marauders, henceforth known as the Spiteforge Raiders.
    I built these guys from a mix of marauders both on foot horse. Catachens, and empire flagellants.
    One of my favorite little conversions I did was use the grenade arm from the carachen set as a arm holding up a shield in an aggressive way. One of the chaps on the front rank is holding his shield up as he takes a swing with his Axe.    

  11. Uveron
    I discussed how I organized my initial parings of the league on a few posts ago.
    Well yesterday I was contacted by another member of my gaming club who wanted to join the league, he had wanted to talk to me about it last week but had a family emergency that had taken priority.  So I sat down and tried to work out a way to place a 13th player into my league.
    The current system had 12 players playing 11 games and playing everyone.  With 13 players this math’s doesn’t work as well. After some long thought I weighed the idea of adding another round to the game. But this would have meant that 10 of the players would end up playing someone twice..
    What I eventually decided that in each round I would randomly select two of the original 12 players to play the newcomer and add this to the ‘fixture list’.   Now this was going to leave one player who the newcomer never played. As chance would have it one of the original 12 players has just had a baby, and was worried that he wouldn’t be able to play all of his games with the restrictions of the league. So I decided to pair them both together in a special ‘wild card round’. The game could be of any size and needed to be done by the end of round 6.  
    I think this is the best way to solve this complex issue. Does anyone have a better plan?
  12. Uveron
    So I wanted some feedback on how I am scoring the games of the league. 
    These are my objectives: 
    Reward players to play with painted armies  Reward players to play as many games as they can Do not punish players who cannot play all games To deal with this mixed bag of objectives, I established two paths to victory.  And I will be giving awards for the player who scores the most points, and the player who scores the best average point. 
    At the end of every game I will award the following points: 
    4 points will be awarded for a major victory.  3 points will be awarded for a minor victory.  1 point will be awarded for a draw.  0 points is awarded for any type of loss.  1 extra point will be awarded if photos of the fully painted army are posted to the club Facebook page (2 extra points will be awarded for a ‘battle host’ game)  The Average points score will be calculated by dividing the total points scored, Providing 6 more games have been played, less than that the Average points will be one 5th of the total points. 
    So looking for feedback;  If you were doing this would you score points differently? If so how? 
  13. Uveron
    So today I want to talk about army lists once again. This time my 1000pt list for the league. I am trying to get my 750/1000/1250pts list together at the same time so I can try and get these level games sorted as soon as I can.  My real life job has me working away from home a lot so when I get a chance to get to the table I want to be able to play games.
    As such this list is not exactly what I want but it is the models I have painted at the moment.  
    Aspiring Deathbringer – General: Command Traits: Great Destroyer - (Bloodaxe and Wrath Hammer)
    Daemon Prince - Deamonic Axe, Wings. Artefacts: Daemon Weapon.
    Bloodmaster, Herald of Khorne
    40 x Chaos Marauders – Axes and Shields. Mark of Khorne.
    5 x Blood Warriors – Goreaxes and gorefists
    Bullgors – Twin Axes
    10 x Chaos Warhounds
    Once again I plan on running this list using the Chaos Allegiance, as until I hit the 1500pt level the Khorne one provides little benefit.
    The addition of the Bullgors is to provide another source of rend in the list. Just with the -1 rend some of the more worrying units become a bit easier to shift. The Bloodmaster is ok for what he is and will bring mortal wounds to the party. I think I would like to change him out for a Bloodstoker as he can help buff a lot of my units (Bloodwarriors or even the Deamon Prince are good targets) A Khorgorath could even been fun to add more big guys to the list.
    What would you add for 80pts?
  14. Uveron
    A few days ago I posted about my poking around on the Free City Generator from The Warhammer Community site.
    As I said I love random tables and shortly after I finished working on Spiteforge I decided I should build a free city for the order players to have as a home base, and a target for the forces of chaos to assault. But then inspiration hit me, one of my players pointed out that he didn’t like the fact that the team scores were based on the grand alliances. We currently had 8 order players, 4 Chaos, 1 Death and 1 Destruction. So I sat down and decided to split these into 4 teams
    Chaos Players would be united under the banner of Spitesforge. The Stormcast and Fireslayers would unite under the banner of the Tempest’s Redoubt. The Kharadron Overlords, Aelfs and Death unite under the banner of the Dragonstar. Finally the Ironjawz and Seraphons are not under any banner but seek to drive all the settlements out of the shrouded marshes.  
    These teams have their own internal conflicts, for example the city of Dragonstar is unaware that Count Henrik, and his men who use the city as there base are the vampric leaders of an army of the dead. 
    Dragonstar is a city that has formed around a large Realmgate. Initially settled by Aelves they set out to restore the farmland of the shrouded marshes. After large harvests the Kharadron overlords established a trading post, trading these fresh goods bringing wealth to the setlement. The Town quickly grew into a city and became the launch pad for many who wished to explore the shrouded marshes, defended by the Order Draconis a population of Duardin and Humans soon started residing in the city.  The city’s leaders all agree that Dragonstar will be new capital of a kingdom.
    Tempest’s Redoubt: is a fortified encampment of Fyreslayers, from which they raid the shrouded marshes on the hunt for ur-gold. Recently a stormkeep has been added to the settlement as the Stormcasts add additional fortifications to the encampment, as they use it as a base to push their campaign against chaos into the shrouded marshes.    
  15. Uveron
    So today I have been poking around on the Free City Generator from the The Warhammer Community  site. (https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/09/26/make-your-own-free-city-the-easy-way-sep26gw-homepage-post-4/)
    I love random tables, (I guess it’s why I am a chaos player!). So I sat down and started rolling some dice to build a Free Cities of my own. Now I decided that this would help me develop the ideas for the fallen capital of the shrouded fens, and the home of the Cohort of Bloodied Brass.
    This is what I rolled up,
    Name: (56) Spite (12) Forge.  Spiteforge Realm: I didn’t roll as I knew It was going to be in Ghur. Size: (4) Town. Inhabitants: (3 Rolls)- (3) Duardin, (1) Humans, (6) Seraphon(?) Distinguishing Features: (3) General Novelty (3 rolls) 24- Master Craftspeople. 16- Great Armory 54- Lingering Chaos Catastrophe. ==
    So I am going to try and work this into a single story that works for a truly free city (Not one under the yoke of the forces of Order!).  The single issue I have is the seraphon.. but using creative license I will call this Deamons!
    So pushing this together I form this story.
    Spiteforge is a settlement made by the warbands of Chaos as a base for their campaigns in the realm of Ghur. A Group of fallen Duardin work infernal forges, stocking a great armory; from these forges smoke fills the air, mixing with the ever-present fog, breading thick sulphuric smog. This smog limits visibility, and keeps the town under eternal darkness. Within this darkness daemons dwell striking out at the weak and forgotten on the streets..
    I think that works well for an overview for my warbands home.
  16. Uveron
    As I mentioned in the introduction post the league will have a strong narrative element. I plan to be provide my players a number of tools they can use to add this to the games. None of these ideas are going to be mandatory, due to the difference in experience of the players in the league.
    The first of these ideas is a custom time of war for the campaign. The idea for the Shrouded Fens came from the descriptions of Albion from the dark shadows summer campaign of 2001. This campaign was ran at the height of my teenage years and I still own a copy of the campaign booklet.
    I played with the idea of re-using the whole book, and I may at some time work on the missions within the book and turn them into battle plans for parts of the story.  But one of the most memorial things in the setting was the charts for weather. So I sat down and decided to rebuild the system for AOS. I have listed it below and would love to hear feedback.  And other ideas for ways to make the campaign more thematic.
    Time of War: Ghur: ' Shrouded Fens'
    Legend speaks of a lost cash of treasures that were hidden in the region at the end of the age of myth. A number of armies are marching on this region, to either locate this horde or to stop others getting it.
    Games played in the Shrouded Fens may use the following special rules with both players agreement
    Changing Weather: Most of the in other realms time battles are fought in fairly good weather.  This is never the case in the shrouded marshes, rain and fog is near constant. This is represented by the following ‘weather table’. At the start of the game the weather is a light drizzle (3). At the start of every game turn roll a Roll a D6. Then apply the following results to the weather table.
    1-2: + 1 to the weather number, 3-4: No Change, 5-6: +1 to the weather number
    Weather Number
    Current Weather
    Driving Rain and Gales
    Sheets of bitterly cold rain lash, gales blow arrows and bolts all over the sky: Flying Movement is at half normal rate (movement on ground still allowed). All shooting attacks are at -1 to hit. All units suffer -1 moral due to the extreme conditions.
    Light Drizzle and Fog
    Wraiths of Mists shroud both forces, the air is heavy and damp: All shooting over 18” are at -1 to hit. All charge moves are at -2”.
    Light Drizzle
    All the troops are a bit soggy and there is much grumbling, but there is a war on!: Everyone expects rain in the Shrouded Marshes. No effect.
    Heavy showers periodically soak the armies, though it does nothing to halt the killing; Treat all Scenery as ‘Deadly’.
    Torrential Rain
    The Skys open and the armies are drenched, Black powder is damp, bow strings stretch and the troops themselves are sodden and miserable:  All shooting attacks are at -1 to hit. All units suffer -1 moral due to the extreme conditions
  17. Uveron
    Within the Relm of Ghur, the land of untamed savagery there is area known as the Shrouded Fens. A vast land of Fens, forested swamps, peaty bogs, grassy Marshes. This whole area is nearly continuously covered in driving rains, dense fogs and Gales. But deep in these wild lands stories are told about relics of the world that was, cities of gold and forgotten knowledge.  Since the start of the Age of Chaos, servants of the dark powers have been clashing with the Orruks, of the Ironjawzs for control of the Fens. 
    With the end of the relmgate wars, other forces have started to look to the Shrouded Fens as a resource to exploit. A band of noble Aelfs have recent been seen sailing the wide rivers of the marsh in slender and resplendent ships.  Duardin Fyreslayers led by the King Ulric "The Burning Axe" have set out on a quest to recover a source of ur-gold from deep within the marsh.  The ever venturous Kharadrons have been seen scouting the marshes. Sent to drive out the forces of chaos from the realm two great storm hosts and the Seraphon have been sent to cleanse the realm. But old grudges and divided purposes will drive these factions to battle themselves. Finaly even the legions of the dead have been dispatched under the leadership of Henrik Von Carstien. 
    Welcome to my Blog detailing my experiences with running an escalation league for my local gaming club.
    About Me:
    At the start I will quickly introduce myself. I have been a wargamer since I was a teenage getting into Warhammer 40k around 1997. And Warhammer fantasy battles shortly after I played until around 2005. 5 years later I had immigrated to the USA, and was happily married, looking for something to do with my spare time I returned to the hobby.  The focus has been again primarily on 40K, as it’s the main game played in my local area, but I have allways had a passion for Warhammer Fantasy and shortly before the end times I started playing, and have been playing AOS  on and off since its release.
    My Local group that Iam apart of has been most 40k all the time. But since the release of GH2016 I have been trying to build interest in Age of Sigma, and then last month asked my local cub if they wanted to try an escalation league.  I got around 14 people who said they were interested so I spent last month planning out the league.
    This blog is for me to share my experiences, both with the running of the league. But also with my own activity’s within it.  
    About the League:
    As a Narrative driven gamer, I wanted the league to be more than just a table of fixtures and results. I wanted some story, so taking inspiration from the old Warhammer fantasy dark shadows campaign I created a setting for the wars. (The fluff introduction to this post).  I loved the dark shadows campaign, and with little bits of story that I plan to write I think that it will work as a setting for the league.
    Objectively the league isn’t about working out who is the best AOS player in the club. The Aim is to “The objective of this event is to encourage the members of club to get some games of Age of Sigmar against each other, and meet and get to know one another”
    Setting this league up has been an experience, and I thought it worth talking as much about that side of things as my own personal involvement with the league. I haven’t decided how I am going to divide up these posts. But my next post will be on how I organized the parings for the league.  
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