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The Cohort of Bloodied Brass: 1000pt List




So today I want to talk about army lists once again. This time my 1000pt list for the league. I am trying to get my 750/1000/1250pts list together at the same time so I can try and get these level games sorted as soon as I can.  My real life job has me working away from home a lot so when I get a chance to get to the table I want to be able to play games.

As such this list is not exactly what I want but it is the models I have painted at the moment.  




Aspiring Deathbringer – General: Command Traits: Great Destroyer - (Bloodaxe and Wrath Hammer)


Daemon Prince - Deamonic Axe, Wings. Artefacts: Daemon Weapon.

Bloodmaster, Herald of Khorne



40 x Chaos Marauders – Axes and Shields. Mark of Khorne.

5 x Blood Warriors – Goreaxes and gorefists

Bullgors – Twin Axes

10 x Chaos Warhounds



Once again I plan on running this list using the Chaos Allegiance, as until I hit the 1500pt level the Khorne one provides little benefit.

The addition of the Bullgors is to provide another source of rend in the list. Just with the -1 rend some of the more worrying units become a bit easier to shift. The Bloodmaster is ok for what he is and will bring mortal wounds to the party. I think I would like to change him out for a Bloodstoker as he can help buff a lot of my units (Bloodwarriors or even the Deamon Prince are good targets) A Khorgorath could even been fun to add more big guys to the list.


What would you add for 80pts?


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