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Free City Generator: Spiteforge

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So today I have been poking around on the Free City Generator from the The Warhammer Community  site. (https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/09/26/make-your-own-free-city-the-easy-way-sep26gw-homepage-post-4/)

I love random tables, (I guess it’s why I am a chaos player!). So I sat down and started rolling some dice to build a Free Cities of my own. Now I decided that this would help me develop the ideas for the fallen capital of the shrouded fens, and the home of the Cohort of Bloodied Brass.

This is what I rolled up,


  • Name: (56) Spite (12) Forge.  Spiteforge
  • Realm: I didn’t roll as I knew It was going to be in Ghur.
  • Size: (4) Town.
  • Inhabitants: (3 Rolls)- (3) Duardin, (1) Humans, (6) Seraphon(?)
  • Distinguishing Features: (3) General Novelty (3 rolls)
    • 24- Master Craftspeople.
    • 16- Great Armory
    • 54- Lingering Chaos Catastrophe.


So I am going to try and work this into a single story that works for a truly free city (Not one under the yoke of the forces of Order!).  The single issue I have is the seraphon.. but using creative license I will call this Deamons!

So pushing this together I form this story.

Spiteforge is a settlement made by the warbands of Chaos as a base for their campaigns in the realm of Ghur. A Group of fallen Duardin work infernal forges, stocking a great armory; from these forges smoke fills the air, mixing with the ever-present fog, breading thick sulphuric smog. This smog limits visibility, and keeps the town under eternal darkness. Within this darkness daemons dwell striking out at the weak and forgotten on the streets..

I think that works well for an overview for my warbands home.



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