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  1. Professor Clio

    Ironjawz painting blog

    I know some people find it goofy, but I love the yellow scheme. And after painting skaven and night goblins for a year a little colour is very nice!
  2. Professor Clio

    Introduction, resources and Ironjawz advice

    At 1K points you could go for: Megaboss Warchanter 3x goregruntas 10x brutes 10x ardboys 1x rock lobber That's 1K on the nose and while you lose the big threat of the cabbage you gain board control options, still have some speed with the gruntas and the 10x brutes are going to make mincemeat of anything they run into if you keep them close to the megaboss and give them the warchanter buff. Alternatively you could swap out the rock lobber (I'm not sure a single one of those is necessarily worth it) for a moonclan grot shaman for shielding the big unit of brutes and the odd curse of the badmoon.
  3. Professor Clio

    Introduction, resources and Ironjawz advice

    At 1K points the cabbage might be too many eggs in the same basket. It'll murder stuff but you might have too few bodies for some scenarios. I think a foot megaboss and more bodies on the field might be more balanced. At 1500 and up it's the better choice though.
  4. Professor Clio

    Ironjawz painting blog

    Megaboss ready to join the green tide! Next up some gore gruntas. Sadly those might have to wait until after the Christmas travel is over.
  5. Professor Clio

    Ironjawz painting blog

    Finally Decided to tackle last year's ironjawz battleforce. The first 5 brutes were a lot of fun to paint. Really great models with lots of detail. After painting hundreds of clanrats and goblins I decided to paint this lower model count army to the best of my abilities. I'll be posting up my progress here to keep myself motivated. Next up: the Megaboss!
  6. Professor Clio

    Tell us your Christmas Projects!

    I'm finally painting the ironjawz battleforce I bought last christmas. I probably shouldn't have bought the tzeench one this year too...
  7. Professor Clio

    Wounds On Maw-krusha's Strength from Victory

    If he gains it before he took a wood he's now at 15/14. Then if he takes wounds he goes down a profile per wounds taken, not per % of starting wounds
  8. Professor Clio

    Is the squig gobba the answer to Ironjaws problems?

    I have two I'm almost done painting. Really looking forward to testing them out in a game. They're also really neat models.
  9. Professor Clio

    Skaven List

    Spite of dawn gets you 2 battle line units of clanrats. Allowing you a legal 1k list for matched play. You'd need a third for 2k. It's a great deal, especially if you find someone to split it with. I used 3 halfs of that box to build up my own army. Got me all the clanrats I needed, and more for a ridiculously low price (for GW).
  10. Professor Clio

    Skaven List

    Or just get three units of clanrats and then get skaven units from whatever clan you want. You'll be playing under "chaos" grand alliance then, but verminus doesnt have alliegance abilities anyway.
  11. Professor Clio

    New spiderfang grots venom clan box

    Yes. You can make any version you want.
  12. Yep. Free upgrades are a big problem. There's literally no reason to take him over his squig wielding counterpart.
  13. Professor Clio

    Let's chat Skaven tactics

    Call me an eternal optimist but I just can't see GW not giving a faction this popular some love in the short to medium term.
  14. Professor Clio

    Let's chat Skaven tactics

    As promised: quick battle report from today's first GHB 2017 game: Battle plan was scorched earth. Opponent was SCE. All in all it was an very fun game that I lost 14-13 only because he managed an 11 inch charge into an objective on the bottom of the last term. That said the army feels even more underpowered now without the verminus clawpack and the crown of conquest . The bell was worth its points, the staying power alone for 200 points is fantastic but the wheel did nothing. Tthe only reason I was even in the game was some hot dice and smart positioning to grab objectives and destroy them in enemy territory with greater weight of numbers. Even with 100 rat bodies on the table my army melted very quickly without killing many SCE. So as much fun as the game was I'm tempted to box it up and use my other armies until such as time as we get a book with skaven abilities/artifacts.
  15. Professor Clio

    Let's chat Skaven tactics

    mmmm, there's an idea