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  1. I believe in cases like that it’s the player whose turn it is who choses the order so your bounders would mortal wound first.
  2. A loonboss one shotted Arkhan? I assume you mean the 300 point one on mangler, not the 70 point base one. Yeah that can happen, but to do that on the teleport he had to make a 9 inch charge and roll well on his damage, there's lots of things that can do that. Bounders, yes, are probably slightly undercosted. That said I had neither of those units in my list so I dont know why you're singling me out like that.... In my experience there's other armies that are way more broken. I won't name them because this isnt the thread for that and I dont want to start a flame war
  3. Tournament went well. Went 2-1. 2 major wins against Legion of nagash and flesh eater court, both on the back of hand of gork mouvement shenanigans. I love that spell. Both times the fanatics wrecked face too. Once killing 16 ghouls, once taking 9 wounds off Arkhan. The loss was against stormcast when I failed to cast a single spell over 3 turns. I don't think I've ever rolled this bad before! All in all a fun day of gaming.
  4. Fungoid (general, hand of gorked) Shaman (great green spite) Loonboss 40 stabbas 24 sguigs 5 fanatics Morks mighty mushroom 1k on the nose And every single casting roll failed first 2 turns. I really needed the mushroom to go off to thin the herd of witches coming at me.
  5. Got to test my 1k list against DoK. I failed sooooo many casting rolls. Hopefully all the bad luck is purged out of those dice and I do better tomorrow because if I'd been able to to thin out those hordes with magic before they got to me things would have been less painful.
  6. 1. Yes, as long as you have at least 3x20 clanrats (though you’d want more, I played 2x40 and 1x20 the other night and I’m thinking 3x40 is going to pretty much always be my core going forward) 2. The head is pretty though to do, but the right arm is very easy. What I did was pick the warpseer head because I like it better and magnetized the globe and punch blade. They both share the big glaive weapon so that’s easy enough.
  7. I’m taking the gitz to a small 1k point tournament this weekend. It’s going to be on 4x4 boards and I know there’s going to be horde lists, DoK and plague monks, amongst other things. I think I’ve settled on this list: Allegiance: Gloomspite GitzLeadersLoonboss (70)- General- Artefact: Spiteful Prodder Fungoid Cave-Shaman (90)- Lore of the Moonclans: The Great Green SpiteMadcap Shaman (80)- Lore of the Moonclans: The Hand of GorkBattleline40 x Stabbas (260)- Pokin Spears & Moon Shields24 x Squig Herd (280)Units5 x Loonsmasha Fanatics (140)Endless SpellsMork's Mighty Mushroom (80)Total: 1000 / 2000Extra Command Points: 20Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 106 the plan is to hand of gork the squigs into the enemy’s backfield and use the grots as a tar pit in the mid board. Then cast the mushroom where it’ll do the most damage and try to snipe characters with the green spite and the spiteful prodded. Use the fanatics to delay charges. Thoughts? I was tempted to bring bounders and a mangler but I’m concerned they’d get overwhelmed by hordes.
  8. Keep in mind you get three in the box and they’re pretty big. Not cheap but by GW standards not overpriced.
  9. Airbrush magic, mostly. I started with the stone part with various vallejo air greys and added a quick drybrush of terminatus stone. Then I airbrushed the green vortex, starting from vallejo game air dark green, going to a very pale yellowish green, airbrushing the swirls in. The wooden parts are just a dark brown basecoat airbrushed on with a dryad bark dry brush. Took me about 3-4 hours to get all three down. Edit: Agreed on the warp fire throwers. Two of them were great but I'd want to add another to the list, maybe even 2 more. The current meta is pretty horde heavy it feels and they're a hard counter to it, if you can keep them safe from getting sniped.
  10. Had a very interesting game vs Flesh eater tonight. My list was : Allegiance: Skaventide Clawlord (100) - Mighty Warlord Command Trait: Savage Overlord Grey Seer on Screaming Bell (200) - General - Trait: Master of Magic - Artefact: Skavenbrew - Lore of Ruin: Death Frenzy Warpgnaw Verminlord (320) Warlock Engineer (100) - Lore of Warpvolt Galvanism: Chain Warp Lightning 40 x Clanrats (200) 40 x Clanrats (200) 20 x Clanrats (120) 1 x Warpfire Thrower (70) 1 x Warpfire Thrower (70) Warp Lightning Cannon (180) Warp Lightning Cannon (180) Doomwheel (160) Warp Lightning Vortex (100) Total: 2000 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 0 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 159 Ended up losing 24 to 26 in a bloodbath of a game. Few observations, in no particular order: 1. there's a lot to remember in this book, I forgot a bunch of rules (though I'd only had the book in my hand for 24 hours so that's to be expected) 2. Flesh eaters hit like trucks. Ghouls with 5 attacks each with rerolls is not nice 3. The Warpgnaw is way overpriced for what he does. Shame because I love the model. Guess I need to paint another verminlord (probably a warpseer) 4. Warpfire throwers are the bomb. Roasting 30 ghouls in one round of overcharged shooting was hilarious 5. Gnawhole movement shenanigans are quite powerful. Only reason I kept it so close is I used it to threaten his back objectives 6. Warp lightning spell seems very overpriced for the wounds that it did. 7. overcharged warp lighting canons are awesome. I think I want to add a third to the list 8. The Doomwheel did very well for me that game but I rolled well above average. As "skaven" as it is I dont think its worth taking at 160 points. 9. Screaming bell did fine, but I think I'd go with a seer on foot and a warpseer instead, save some points. If you feel like it you can watch a stream of the game on twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/canhammer_tv A short form batrep will be on youtube at some point soon too.
  11. Is the screaming bell usable now? It’s one of my favourite models but it’s rules were soooo underwhelming for the points. Edit: never mind I found it. It looks like it will be useable! Battleshock immunity within 13 inches is huge!
  12. Its worded as “any” so it does not stack.
  13. I wouldn't do it either, but they are bravery 6 + 1 for their own "reassuring presence" so really you'd need to lose 2 and roll a 6 for battle shock to make a third run away so it's not really a huge concern. (barring any bravery debuff).
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