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  1. What would people say is a good army to learn airbrushing with? only caveats are it has to have a start collecting box, not a massive model count and is not Stormcast or nighthaunt thanks!
  2. Hi guys! So I have been planning on digging out my Khorne daemons our for a while, get them rebased and sorted for use in AoS and 30/40k. I am looking forward to seeing what the new book brings especially if we can get some daemon specific stuff (I do have some mortals but, y’know!) I have a couple of princes & heralds, skulltaker, about 60 letters, skull cannon, 10 hounds with karnak and 9 bloodcrushers so I think a good base to start. (Would like to get at least one Bloodthirster but time will tell!) I would like to see the daemons get something to use the terrain feature and get the “spells” (shudder!) on to the board. And maybe a touch more survivablilty for the letters to get them across the board
  3. HunterB

    Duardin Miners

    On the topic of miners and carts... Initially I thought it would be 10 miners + 1 cart. The rules say the unit may have a cart unlike the other upgrades that state one model may be/can be. but if you enter the unit into the Azyr builder in the app and add a cart it stays as a unit of 10 models so for matched play I would say it is 9 miners + 1 cart
  4. any news on a release date? (I cant watch any of the videos etc at the moment)
  5. HunterB

    Duardin Miners

    thats cool, I knew they were still around as they are in the App and stuff just was not sure if they counted as a Legacy unit or not.
  6. HunterB

    Duardin Miners

    Hi, Am I missing something? I could have sworn the miners were still around for Order armies but looking in the GA:O book I cannot see them there. They are still in the App though. As they have the Dispossesed and Duardin keywords can I still pick them in a GA:O army for matched play? Thanks
  7. the units mentioned above are in the "legacy" warscrolls if I am not mistaken. For competitive play I would sugest maybe avoiding those units as some tourneys may not allow them, especially as new books come out. Speaking of which there are Duardin coming soon (Septmeber?) if the rumours are to be believed. Expanding battleline units would be a good way to go, as they make up a required chunk of your force you want it to be resilient (and allow you to push towards the upper points limits in the GHB). Have you thought about building towards a Warscroll Battalion? Good luck!
  8. I have had one encounter with them, ended up wiping them out to an ogre but it was tough going. Managed to get the charge in on the Stonehorn with my Magmadroth and was quite lucky in the first round with all my attacks hitting, wounding and no saves passed, the halving damage is a nasty ability though! If it was not for that first turn I do not think I would have faired quite as well and probably gone on to lose. It is going to be interesting working out the counters!
  9. Surprise that Order is winning overall? No. Conspiracy? No. I think sometime looking at this on a smaller scale is more interesting, as mentioned above there are several stores that are either really close or have swapped Alliances etc. My store was a close call between Order and Chaos for a long while but suddenly Death took over (pretty much soley to TK) and are still holding on although Order are making a final push it will be close, Destruction have always been 4th but are slowly gaining a bit on Chaos that has been bumped to 3rd. There was mention that a lot of games have been witnessed on round bases not many on square indicating a lot of new stuff used/new players come in, there may be something to this but equally well I know a lot of long time players that have rebased at least one army to rounds
  10. Personally I just want more Dwarves! At the moment my force is built around the Dispossesed with Fyreslayers. There have been many ideas bouncing around since the lead up to the final WFB Dwarf book that still seem to have some traction to them so things like bear cav and golems sound feasible (and really cool!) For the Dispossesed I think it will be a case of sticking with what is already available like the hammerers/longbeards and the Ironbreakers/Irondrakes boxes but maybe with a new box for the thunderers and quarrelers as they are not available at the moment from what I know (that and they are a very old kit now)
  11. Hi, I am Andrew based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. I am currently playing Fyreslayers/Dispossesed Thanks!
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